How to choose the right snowboard for beginners on height and weight?

Как подобрать сноуборд для начинающих по росту и весу?

Buying sports equipment, you should know what are the criteria to evaluate the equipment. Experts advise to think, whether it is planned to perform stunts on the way down, or Buda skating. This is the main criterion of selection, but there are others.

Which snowboard to choose?

The only true and definite answer does not exist. Each manufacturer produces boards with various fillers and the outer layer, to distinguish visually, can only expert, and therefore thinking which snowboard to choose, be guided by its value. If its price is less than $ 200, it hardly has a need for the comfort of qualities. The value of reliable modern equipment, suitable to perform tricks and descending from the mountains starts from 300 to 350 conventional units.

The types of snowboards, and how to choose?

There are four styles of downhill – freeride (downhill and jumps), freestyle (stunts), frikar (carve turns to change the direction of motion) and slalom (sliding on a trails). For each of them only fit a certain kind of Board, so before choose the right snowboard, decide on the style.

It is necessary to appreciate the form, because there is a universal model, they are narrow and have distinctive sizes front and rear. There are specialized, such as a twin pin, suitable for freestylers, or those who have a nose considerably longer than the other, used for freeriding. Narrow and elongated are applied by the adherents of pricara. On these settings, be sure to pay attention to.

Как подобрать сноуборд для начинающих по росту и весу?

How to choose a snowboard for height and weight?

Solving this question, too, need to focus on the riding style. There is a simple and intuitive way to choose the length of snowboard. Stand on a flat surface, grab the Board and abut the rear part of the floor so that it was parallel to the body. If its length reaches from the chin to the lips, it is suitable for freestyler, but when she reaches the zone from the nose to the eyes — useful for freeriding.

In order to determine how to choose the snowboard by weight, there is a simple way. Do the following, raise the Board at the end of one arm, if you can without a lot of effort, it suits you. We must consider that heavy equipment is difficult to endure, especially in the snowy slopes, so take the model to raise not strong enough, it is not necessary — in this case, it will be a little.

Как подобрать сноуборд для начинающих по росту и весу?

How to choose size of snowboard?

It is necessary to estimate and width equipment. To choose a snowboard according to this feature, remember:

  • The wider the Board the more stable it is, these options are suitable for beginners or those who ride only very rarely and not very confident.
  • Shoes should not climb over the edge more than 1-1,5 cm, otherwise they will significantly hinder movement.
  • The boards are «Wide» for those who have a very large foot size (45).
  • Как подобрать сноуборд для начинающих по росту и весу?

    How to choose the right snowboard for a beginner?

    If the person is only learning the basics of the descent from the mountain slopes, it is with special attention to the acquisition of equipment. There are simple rules explaining how to choose a snowboard for beginners that would be comfortable, reliable and not very expensive:

  • Do not buy the most expensive, best suited what is presented in the middle price segment.
  • The surface should be covered with a layer of graphite and polyethylene, is the best option for the combination of the sliding-durability.
  • Do not buy a narrow model, to learn from them.
  • How to choose a snowboard for freestyle?

    For this kind of suitable soft options, but they served a really long time, it is worth considering one more feature. Before you choose a snowboard for freestyle, rate your level of skill. It depends on what coverage the Board is preferable to purchase. For professionals and experienced athletes graphite are suitable for beginners and those who already have the skills, but not too confident — graphite-polyethylene.

    Как подобрать сноуборд для начинающих по росту и весу?

    How to choose a snowboard-child?

    You should be guided by the same rules as in the acquisition of equipment for adults. Should assess the child’s growth and width of the boards, and see on its cover, it is wiser to take mixed (graphite and polyethylene). Experts advise, before you pick up the kids snowboarding, to assess the stiffness of the boot. They recommend to give the child at least 15-20 minutes to walk around the store, so it will be possible to understand whether it is convenient sitting shoes. Often children refuse to Catania, just because of the fact that they did not fit the shoes, so slip on the Board fails.

    Before you choose a snowboard, look also fastenings. They come hard and soft, to assess their usability is only one way, you have to try and try to simulate movements that are performed across the slope (jumping, bending the knees, bending). If it feels uncomfortable, give up the purchase, not to spend money on something that will bring neither pleasure nor benefit.


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