Growing strawberries at home in the greenhouse and outdoors — planting and care, harvest all year round

About the healing properties of strawberries even know the children. Palatability of red berries delight all without exception, but, unfortunately, in autumn and winter, buy this fruit is difficult and expensive. So the strawberries were on the table all year round, you can learn to grow it yourself.

How to plant strawberries

So in the first year to obtain a rich harvest, breeding of strawberry (garden strawberry) should begin with the selection of a site for planting. To do this, assign a Sunny place, well protected from the wind. The maximum allowed groundwater level from 70 to 80 cm, as a wet location will lead to the development of fungal diseases. Planting strawberries should be in the area, weeded, because to deal with them planted in the plants very difficult. High productivity depends on:

  • quality planting material;
  • competent landing;
  • selected varieties of grapes.
  • good predecessors (marigolds, petunias, dill, onion, garlic);
  • nutritious soil.

What is the soil like strawberries

To plant wild strawberries should be in already prepared soil. For full development, she needs slightly acidic soil with pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Berry prefers a large number of organics, but too high humus content (3%). Preparing soil for strawberries is making the desired amount of necessary fertilizers and substances, so then how to improve fertility will be difficult. The best solution is to start training in the fall because in the spring the soil is too wet. Berry loves good hydration, but too much water is disastrous for it.

Planting strawberries

The technology of landing is carried out on two schemes: the single-row (between rows and 0.7 m between plants 0.2 m) and multiline (the beds form a ribbon of planting at intervals of 0.7 m). Such methods help to reduce the development of diseases, to facilitate the cultivation of berries. That line was perfectly smooth, any scheme of planting strawberries involves the use of tensioned strands between pegs. In the marked places should make the holes depth along the length of seedling roots. To plant the strawberries it is necessary so that the neck of the root remains above ground level.

How to grow strawberries

When planting is necessary to correctly take away the seedlings, because it is the success of the harvest. A strong plant with an extensive root system will quickly root and begin to grow. Agricultural cultivation of strawberries is frequent watering, which will improve fruiting berries and get rid of the disease. The best result gives drip irrigation, especially if the strawberries growing in the greenhouse all year round. It is also economical option, if the cultivation of horticultural crops is business.

How to grow strawberries from seed

Experienced growers suggest before sowing the seeds carefully prepared. First, they need to soak in the snow or rain water which is daily required to change. When the seeds swell, they need to be spread out on a saucer with a soft paper, thin layer, top wear a plastic bag, then place in a bright place. Sun rays must not in the saucer to get to dry the moisture. When the seeds hatch by means of a match, they must be planted in a special box with soil prepared for planting. Growing strawberries from seed allows you to plant all year round berry.

How to plant strawberry seedlings

Before you drop seeds into the pot or rack, you must prepare the soil mix. Mix the wood ash, earth and humus in a ratio of 1:6:6. Sift it, soak for half an hour on the ferry, then pour the solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. The successful cultivation of strawberries seedlings requires a proper fit:

  • pour warm water prepared soil mixture;
  • match make indentations every 10-15 mm;
  • in each hole put 2-3 seed;
  • top slightly preporuciti the earth;
  • cover with plastic wrap, put in a warm place;
  • make sure the soil was always moist;
  • time of germination of seedlings after planting 2 to 4 weeks.

The technology of growing strawberries

In industrial cultivation of berries is traditionally used trapezoidal ridge, which helps facilitate the harvest. Method gives the roots the maximum amount of air is vital for good development of this culture. Methods of growing strawberries on the farm plantations and much more. This indoor and outdoor soil (greenhouse cultivation), hydroponics, crockery, bags. All the ways of growing strawberries are suitable for both personal use and for business, but the highest profitability in the greenhouse method.

Growing strawberries in the open ground

The cheapest and less risky way to open the strawberry business to put the culture in the open ground. There are many reasons: don’t need the construction of greenhouses or hydroponic plants. We only need to rent or buy a plot of land, planting green manure, and the following year to land the berries. The plant grown in this way, gives you a sweet, juicy fruit, therefore, to realize them very easily. Planting strawberries in the spring in the open ground has also disadvantages: seasonality (winter on the berries will have to forget), dependent on the weather, many weeds and pests.

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse

For greenhouse conditions are suitable for early, everbearing variety, because they give the maximum yield even at dense planting. Technology of the greenhouse cultivation is simple. For good result you need to observe the temperature, lighting and nutrition. A popular method of cultivation of strawberry in greenhouses – hydroponics. This method involves transplanting into the layer of organic substrate, which is placed in a pot with a nutrient solution. Hydroponic cultivation of strawberries is very popular among farmers because it gives many advantages:

  • berry growing organic;
  • easy to transplant the plant, so as not to injure the roots;
  • there is no need to buy special soil for transplantation;
  • completely absent of disease and pests;
  • the seedling does not need daily watering;
  • berry gets the required amount of nutrients, so yields a rich harvest.

Strawberry Dutch technology

The essence of this method – transplanting in the closed soil. It can be flower pots, crates, pallets, special bags or a greenhouse. To ensure year-round crop plants need nutrients, which droplets are supplied to each seedling. For the Dutch technology more suited remontant varieties: Queen Elizabeth II, the temptations, Ali Baba, a Forest tale and others.

The most popular way among fans – growing strawberries in bags. The cultivation of berries by the Dutch technology is carried out vertically or horizontally. For the second we use special plastic bags which are filled with substrate. They peretyagivaet with twine and hung or placed vertically. Then in polyethylene made holes for planting seedlings every 8-9 see

Vertical growing strawberries

Basket remontant and self-pollinating varieties of good fruit, so planting in the country, it is desirable to choose them. If the area of the garden is limited, and a rich harvest to want, then the most suitable option – strawberries, vertically planted. For this you can use any capacity: PVC pipes, bags, slates, flower pots, barrels, boxes and even old tires. This equipment is suspended on the supports, poles or tree branches. The pros of this method:

  • saves space on the site;
  • berry remains pure because of contact with the ground no;
  • fertilizers efficiently absorbed;
  • the beds adorn the land;
  • harvest is possible, not bending.

How to grow strawberries at home

Modern methods of gardening provide year-round cultivation of strawberries at home, not bothering to frequent trips on the country station. However, the distillation of berries for the Dutch method is not cheap. Financial and labor cost is comparable with the contents of the two aquariums with a volume of 100-300 litres with ornamental fish. We must start with the equipment room or the balcony of a life-support system, which will not have to worry about good lighting, pollination, and timely watering.

Care for strawberries

If you do not have a basket and not remontant variety, primary care is the timely trimming of whiskers and an occasional dusting. At home this can be done by using a cold Hairdryer, fan, soft squirrel brush for painting. If the room is not enough lighting from the window, it is required to Supplement the artificial light with the use of led lamps.

Care for strawberries, you need to constantly, especially if you use a vertical growing system. In this case, the appropriate method of irrigation is drip, which is carried out by placing the tank with the solution above, what is the capacity of the seedlings. The flow of power takes place through the tubes from the medicine dropper, which passed through many small holes in the ground.

How to get a good crop of strawberries

A fundamental factor to high yield is the choice of varieties. It is desirable to select, based on the climatic conditions and not due to television commercials or photos on the Internet. After the big berry is not worth chasing – as a rule, she has mediocre taste. The increase in yield of strawberries is dependent on the correct positioning of the beds. Strawberry will actively bear fruit, if earlier, the section has grown beans, carrots, beets and other desirable predecessors. Don’t forget about the fertilizer, fertilizing, and regular watering strawberries.

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