Missed abortion in the first and second trimester causes first signs and symptoms

Every young lady should experience the joy of motherhood, but it doesn’t always happen. Missed miscarriage in the early stages requires urgent implementation of abortion provokes serious complications in the reproductive system of ladies of childbearing age. This is a dangerous pathology, which in future becomes the premise of infertility.

The reasons for the fading of pregnancy

Stopping the development of the fetus for various reasons. At an early stage pathology characterized by asymptomatic, therefore to recognize its presence can only be clinically. In fact, it is a short period in the life of the patient is replaced by pronounced symptoms that require immediate hospitalization. In any case, the first thing shown to determine the cause of the fading of the fetus and to eliminate them, and then carry out a number of therapeutic activities. So, the following pathogenic factors:

genetic disorders in utero;

  • infectious diseases stage of recurrence;
  • complications conducted by the ECO;
  • infection with sexual infections during gestation;
  • the abuse of toxic substances;
  • later conception;
  • detachment of the ovum;
  • antiphospholipid syndrome;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • stress, emotional instability;
  • the presence of a number of chronic diagnoses (diabetes, atherosclerosis, and pathologies of the thyroid);
  • hereditary factor of miscarriage of the fetus;
  • physical and emotional overload.

At what period may be the stood pregnancy

Reasons why stops pregnancy, there are several, in this regard, the ladies from the risk group and must not only consult on the same topic with the local gynecologist even when planning his «interesting situation». It is important to prepare for the future motherhood to such a misfortune in the family has passed. Timing of missed abortion have several determining factors, but more often a pathological process starts at the obstetric 12-22 week. Later the risk of developing this disease are shown, significantly reduced, is replaced by the risk of prematurity.

How to identify missed abortion

To detect the problem at early stages of gestation the embryo is practically impossible, it can be done only by a specialist after a thorough examination of the future mom. The death of the embryo occurs suddenly, and the woman finds out in a few weeks when it comes to the planned admission to leading gynecologist. So on the topic of how to recognize a missed abortion in early pregnancy, there are many «gotchas.» Could use the extra time to monitor basal temperature, should pay special attention if the bottom of a stomach suddenly began to hurt.

Signs of missed abortion

Symptoms of progressive pathology in the early period were not precisely defined, an inexperienced mother may not notice it. After the death of the embryo, the inflammatory process increases, decreases quality of life, causing excessive bleeding and the need for urgent hospitalization. The occurrence of brown vaginal discharge and sharp pain eloquently that the child’s not well, increases the risk of miscarriage. Further symptoms of missed abortion frightening in its intensity, make it clear that there was a fetal death.

The first signs of missed abortion

Often frozen, ectopic pregnancy at the initial stage does not manifest itself, however, an observant woman will notice bad changes in General health. For example, she was alerted pulling feeling lower abdomen and the instability temperature. The first signs of missed abortion, in reality, can be as such:

  • the decline in performance, weakness;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • liquid discharge from the vagina;
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen;
  • a momentary cessation of morning sickness;
  • the decline in basal body temperature;
  • the disappearance of pain in the milk glands;
  • the beginning of menstruation.

Signs of missed abortion in early pregnancy

If girls began menstruating, while she is in consultation on the account, it becomes obvious that there was a miscarriage, you need mechanical scraping. Because the HCG level is falling rapidly, the test is negative. Treatment at home is impossible, is fraught with complications. Missed abortion in early pregnancy for some women is a true tragedy, so the patient can fall into a state of deep depression for a long time it turns out differently.

Signs of missed abortion in the second trimester

In the later period of the manifestation of the pathological process is expressed more clearly. Experienced mommy with experience does not even require a visit to the gynecologist to feel and understand abortion. Miscarriage occurs in 16 to 20 week obstetric, requires mechanical cleaning of the uterine cavity. Characteristic signs of missed abortion in the second trimester the following:

  • decreased tone of the uterus;
  • sensation of stone in abdomen;
  • the absence of nausea and other symptoms of toxemia;
  • the lack of pulling sensations in the chest, once swollen milk glands;
  • a feeling of weakness, lack of energy;
  • fainting;
  • stop heartbeat on ultrasound;
  • the cessation of fetal movements;
  • copious bleeding.

Missed abortion — the consequences

If the problem still happened, it is required in a timely manner to eliminate. Only the vigilance of future moms and quick solutions to a specialist can reduce the risk and the variety of postoperative complications. The delay could cost the woman life, to become the main cause of infertility is diagnosed in the future. Other unpleasant consequences of missed abortion is presented below:

  • difficulties in re-conception;
  • chronic problems a woman;
  • diagnosed with infertility;
  • health problems of a psychological nature;
  • deep depression.

Cleaning with missed abortion

Vacuum aspiration is performed if the fetus stopped growing and died in the womb. A woman may not feel, but is keenly aware of any signs of decomposition. To avoid mass infection of the entire body, shows a vacuum cleaning of the uterus in missed abortion. The procedure is simple, and the only event in the training is a pre-refusal of food (the operation is performed only on an empty stomach). In practice there can be another operation which is carried out in the presence of medical contraindications to vacuum aspiration. The sequence of actions is:

  1. The preliminary use of General anesthesia or injection of local anesthesia.
  2. Cleaning the external genitalia with special antiseptic solutions.
  3. The extension of the uterus with a medical instrument to facilitate surgical procedures.
  4. Vacuum pumping frozen (deceased) of the ovum.
  5. The subsequent period of rehabilitation under strict medical supervision.

Medical termination of missed abortion

If there are pronounced symptoms of fetal loss what to do, tell the doctor. The surface self and the realization of the dubious advice leads to death frustrated mom from blood poisoning. If pathology is identified in early pregnancy, medical abortion with missed abortion is the best solution in the current clinical picture. The procedure appropriate for the period of up to 42 weeks since last menstrual period.

To lost fertilized egg has left the body of the uterus, the patient will receive a potent hormonal drug Mifepristone and leave for a few hours under strict medical supervision. The woman starts spotting, indicating the removal of non-living embryo. Additionally, the doctor gives make prostaglandins, and then assigns control study – ultrasound. This is an opportunity to ensure that the uterine cavity is free from the source of pathology.

Treatment after missed abortion

Rehabilitation after medical abortion brief, and to plan «interesting position» again only after 6 months. Recovery after missed abortion and mechanical cleaning longer provides douching, taking the individual medications, conducting a number of laboratory studies. Period can begin in 23-28 days, but still supposed to be treated. This is important, otherwise this «mistake of nature» can be repeated again.

Tests after missed abortion

Blood and urine are the important biological fluids, which helps the specialist to carefully monitor women’s health. This is a good opportunity to stabilize the progesterone levels and provide hormonal balance to avoid fatal complications in the rehabilitation period. Also shown are thyroid ultrasound and laboratory blood testing for hormones at the insistence of an endocrinologist.

Histology after missed abortion carried out with the analyses on sexual infections, and the biological material is the body of the uterus is not birth to a woman. Statistics show that this is a laboratory test in most cases identify the etiology of the pathological process, to prevent abortion in the future.

Survey after missed abortion

If the embryo stopped developing and died in the uterus, it is removed surgically. The situation is unpleasant, and a woman needs to survive. In the future, such fatal event has occurred, you must complete the survey after missed abortion for further treatment and prevention. It is not only laboratory studies to identify pathogenic factor, but and ultrasound to examine the actual condition of the victim’s reproductive system. To take it regularly, especially the first 6 months after a forced cleansing of the uterine cavity.

How to avoid missed abortion

If frustrated parents by personal example faced with this problem, you must understand that in so-called «risk group». To repeated pregnancy could occur without pathologies, it is required to apply to several to narrow specialists for further advice. May require additional laboratory tests. So, after a failed gestation over time:

  • a geneticist will study the factor of inheritance specified by the ICD 10 code of the disease;
  • endocrinologist really appreciate the condition of a hormonal background of the woman;
  • the condition of the male body will determine andrologist;
  • the psychologist will assess the emotional atmosphere of the women after the tragedy, will remove the abyss (mental barrier) between spouses;
  • a leading gynecologist will prescribe measures to avoid missed abortion.

How many can you get pregnant after missed abortion

Doctors stipulate the period of 6 months when the woman is better not to become pregnant again, to complete a full course of medical treatment and emotional recovery. This is enough time to replenish lost strength, and to regain faith in a happy motherhood. In any case, before getting pregnant after missed abortion, you’re supposed to consult a gynecologist.

Woman, it is important to create a favorable emotional atmosphere, to complete a full course of physical therapy to pass all the necessary tests, to undergo cytogenetic analysis. If not to be particularly responsible for the planning period of pregnancy after missed abortion, a positive result on the test may be delayed indefinitely.

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