Lamination of hair at home — tools and recipes with photos before and after the procedure

Nothing transforms the long strands of hair, as styling, contributing to their smooth and luster. However, hair is kept short, and the next day again you have to spend a lot of time on hair care. The procedure of lamination will help a woman to solve the issue.

What is the lamination of hair

The strands apply a special solution, which contain protein and vitamins. Laminated hair is shiny and healthy-looking. The film, which covers the hair shafts and protects them from the negative impact and improves the structure. This procedure adds volume, helps to get rid of split ends, tames frizz. Professional laminating for hair bio-lamination and Japanese ritual carried out in the salon. There are popular recipes that allow you to repeat the procedure at home.

Which gives the lamination of hair

Judging by the responses of women who underwent a procedure, it is not always achieved the desired effect lamination of hair. If the process has been not a professional, it is possible to achieve a completely opposite result. When the procedure is performed correctly, and the specialist finds out to each client an individual approach, the lamination helps:

  1. To strengthen the roots. Applied makeup will make the strands thick and strong, then even home-styling will look irresistible.
  2. To add volume. Immediately after the procedure, you will see how the hair became lush and manageable. The hair added 15% of the volume without adding cosmetics.
  3. Get rid of breakage and split ends. Over time, after use of aggressive cosmetics, the scales on the hairs are stratified, which leads to brittle and visual neglect. Applied film will make it better and healthier strands.

Lamination of hair — cons

The negative side treatments are also available. Cons of lamination of hair , when you use low-quality ingredients:

  • long strands are dried after washing;
  • effect quickly;
  • need expensive cosmetics for care;
  • unknown result;
  • constantly require updating.
  • the curl lasts a long time;
  • you can’t color your hair;
  • short result from 1 to 4 weeks.

Lamination of hair at home

To align strands, spending minimal amount of money, you can make gelatin at home laminating. The advantage of this method is the availability, because gelatin is sold in any grocery store. The duration of the procedure will take no more than one hour. Gelatin contains natural collagen, which is protein compound. It coats the surface of hair, forming a film that protects it from the environment. Homemade lamination of hair will moisturize and nourish strands with life force, making them bigger and thicker.

Lamination of hair at home gelatin

Independently to laminate the strands to look chic, at home. However, be aware that gelatin for hair sometimes cause allergies, so you need to check the mask for lamination to individual intolerance. Also need care and exact adherence to the recommendations in order to avoid disappointment from the first experiment. Step-by-step cooking mask and its application:

  1. The proportions of the mask for a short cut: 1 tbsp gelatin 3 tbsp. warm water, half a spoon of balsam. You will also need a shower cap (plastic).
  2. Gelatin powder, place in a glass bowl, and slowly pour a thin stream of water. Second hand intensively stir the mixture to avoid lump formation. Then the mass beat with a whisk and leave the lid to cool.
  3. The second stage of the procedure: wash your head with shampoo. Then the cooled mixture, add oil and mix until frothy.
  4. Apply mask with a brush on damp (not wet!) and not combed strands. The roots are not processed, so they have to retreat an inch. Gelatin mask apply a thin layer to the strands along the entire length.
  5. For optimal effect it is necessary to put on a plastic cap and cover with wrap head with a towel.
  6. After 40 minutes the mass can be washed off. It is better to use herbal decoction of chamomile, nettle, burdock root.

Funds for lamination hair

Leading cosmetic brands advertise their products for lamination. The composition of these products are usually proteins of soybean and wheat, vitamins, keratin, extracts of various plants and other active substances. The composition is selected for each type of hair individually. You can laminate the strands, if first caught the eye of the tool is to buy on online store. However not the fact that it is suitable and will not cause harm. In the cabin a tool for lamination of hair picks is a professional, so the responsibility for quality rests with him.

Hair dye with the effect of lamination

Judging by the reviews clients, the best tools that have the effect of lamination, it is paint. Firm Estelle, who belong to the Russian manufacturer, has released a new line of products at affordable price for home use. In addition to shampoo dye, paint Estel Celebrity contain the effect of glossing. Another products that do not contain ammonia – cream-paint Syoss Gloss Sensation, which also gives similar result. The Italian company offers dye the new generation line of FRAMESI ECLECTIC color lamination.

The composition for lamination of hair

Inside, the procedure is performed with high-quality drugs. One of the best is Japanese Lebel. This gel-like substance contains grape seed oil, proteins, peptides silk. Structure, besides beauty, has a therapeutic effect on the hair. An excellent result gives us product Paul Mitchell. It is composed of extracts of hops and chamomile, wheat proteins. This tool can be started in curly hair, coloured or dry. Popular compositions for lamination:

  • Hair Company;
  • Dikson;
  • Matrix PRO+;
  • Barex;
  • Constant Delight.

Lamination of hair at the salon

To the procedure was completed with benefit and without adverse effects, it is advisable to know how to choose from the many proposals, because the lamination of hair in the salon has multiple types:

  1. Classic. Strands coated with a protective film. Its ingredients help in treating, restoring the structure of hair shafts.
  2. Bio-lamination. Enveloped in a thin film hairs. The prefix «bio» indicates that the content consists of only natural components.
  3. Enrobing. In addition to the restoration, stain the hair. Means for glazing are semi-permanent bleaching powder paint.
  4. Kartirovanie. Back to life weakened, dull, thin hair. Keratin penetrates deeply, restoring the cuticle and the cortex.

The procedure lamination hair

Lamination of the strands of average length is from one to two hours. First, the master clears the head of a special shampoo, then deals a regenerating means, filling the spaces between the opened scales of the hair shaft. The next stage of the procedure lamination hair is a heating cap that fits over the head of the client, to help the nutrients to penetrate deep into the hairs.

After 15 minutes in the head cause oil and booster, which restore the structure from the inside. The last phase – the cold, which at 5 minutes is imposed means the closing of the scales. After that is applied directly to the laminate, which is aimed at the alignment of the structure. The strands instantly become silky and shiny. Next is the washing and drying of the head.

The price for lamination of hair

Service of lamination is different. You can find a hair salon that will do it for 900 rubles, and in the adjacent cabin, the procedure will cost 3500 rubles. A run-up of prices depends on the quality of materials used, the professionalism of specialists of the marketing policy of the enterprise. The average cost of lamination in the Moscow region varies from 1000 to 5000 rubles. If you laminate one bangs, the service will cost from 250 to 500 rubles.

Lamination of hair — before and after

The beauty of a woman depends on the state of its strands. Even the long curls do not become proud if they are dull, split, unkempt. To achieve the desired effect, you need to apply the services of professionals. View our before and after lamination hair. Perhaps the effect of such care will help you to make the decision in favor of this procedure.

Video: how do laminating hair

Feedback about the lamination of hair

Irina, 37 years

Professional laminating – the procedure is not cheap, so long studied on the Internet how to laminate hair at home. The main advantage: cheap leveling kinky curls. After applying the gelatin, my hair turned into a hard tow, that is barely brushed. Better go to the hairdresser for keratin straightening.

Karina. 20 years

After reading the positive reviews, ordered on the photo in the catalog online store set for lamination of matrix Pro a plus. The price is not small – 3400 rubles. Contraindications to the use of no. Immediately after the procedure the house was satisfied the hair was like it came out of the cabin. However, after 2 weeks they returned to their previous state.

Alina, 26 years

For several years, doing a mask with the effect of lamination on the basis of castor oil. My hair is always in perfect condition, and not spend a lot of money – I know how to care for them. Salon services and various Spa treatments are expensive and not always effective. Folk remedies, an action in no way inferior.

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