Diet to reduce thighs the diet and menu for effective quick weight loss with video

If the problem area is the figure of the hips, you need to go on a diet, to choose the optimal training complex every day. Only a comprehensive approach to the problem will make the bottom of the miniature, elegant, attractive. Properly selected diet for the hips is the key to success.

How to reduce hips

Extra pounds is a problem of any generation, so there are so many ways how quickly to solve it. To reduce hip measurement, you need to follow a certain diet, to control the water balance of the body. Mineral water should be present in an amount of 2 liters per day. This volume activates the metabolism, prevents the deposition of fat. Not only is it important to drink water, but eat right, do not forget about the elementary exercise.

Diet for weight loss legs and thighs

If a woman unsuccessfully struggling with excess weight, the first thing should identify problem areas of the figure. If body fat is observed on the thighs and buttocks, you need something to do. Effective diet for weight loss legs and thighs provides for the following rules, which should be present in the life of every person concerned:

  • strictly adhere to a certain diet;
  • each time to determine the caloric value of daily menu (total and separately for each meal);
  • to balance the consumption of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins;
  • before each meal drink a glass of pure water, and after meal do not drink 40 minutes;
  • to adhere to an active lifestyle.

Diet cellulite on legs and butt

If on the buttocks appeared disgusting «orange peel» effect, for women it is a real tragedy. Do not despair, because diet cellulite is highly efficient, and provides a stable and long-lasting results in the shortest possible time. At home in the dietary products you can use citrus fruits, which have a pronounced ironjaws effect. Here is a sample menu for slimming thighs:

  1. First week. Includes two main ingredients – oranges, boiled eggs. Throughout the day you need to eat 4 measured the citrus fruit, and 2 eggs. Choose non-carbonated water in a volume of 2 liters.
  2. The second week offers the identical diet but in the daily menu, add a serving of buckwheat as a valuable source of carbohydrates to improve the condition of skin, hair, nails. Diet to reduce thighs to cook porridge without adding sugar and salt.

Diet for legs and thighs for a week

There are those forbidden foods, the use of which rapidly makes the hips more voluminous. If you do not exclude them from the daily menu, a positive result still will not. To reduce hips and buttocks in a week, you need to forget about the consumption of processed foods, ketchup, mayonnaise, spicy, fried and salty foods. In the category of «taboo» fall of the individual fruits, which fast carbs. Knowing these bans, very easy to pick up diet for a week, to achieve sustainable diet effect:

  1. Breakfast: give preference to vegetables such as carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers fresh. But zucchini and beets for variety, Sutra bake. Additionally, to eat an egg, drink a Cup of green tea as an antioxidant.
  2. Lunch: put liquid dish. It can be vegetable or chicken broth, or vegetable soup low-fat varieties of meat. The second relies on a portion of buckwheat, 200 grams of boiled Turkey, fruit juice.
  3. Dinner: it is better to choose baked with vegetables, fish or low-fat cottage cheese with prunes and milk. The stomach is not overloaded, to remember sufficient liquid intake. to sleep on a full stomach not to go.
  4. Snack: in order to remove wide hips, throughout the week, it is recommended to alternate fruits and vegetables with no fast carbs. As a variant, bananas, apples, plums, grapefruit, orange.

Korean weight loss diet feet

This power system lasts 13 days, and the main food ingredient is rice. Bad carbohydrates are eliminated, the amount of fat is also minimized. Such a diet comes to help equally women and men, additionally, stimulates the metabolism, removes products of intoxication from the body. Eating a balanced, but requires certain restrictions. Choosing Korean weight loss diet feet, it is important to completely eliminate flour, sweet, fatty and salty. Approximate menu below:

  1. Breakfast: a cocktail with the addition of chopped ginger, lime juice.
  2. Lunch: salad of root vegetables, seasoned with lemon, olive oil, white fish steamed serving of rice 200 grams.
  3. Dinner: vegetable smoothies with the addition of celery, boiled shrimp or chicken.

Dairy products over a specified term. Korean diet to reduce hips imply as snacking eating Korean vegetables that are hearty. Slim body observed in the mirror already on day 14, but another 2 weeks will have to sit on a separate feed. Otherwise, the reduction of the hips will be temporary.

Grassroots diet for weight loss in legs

It is a unique technique that provides a reduction only of the hips, while the top remains the same. To remove the problem area, it is necessary to do, to adhere to an active lifestyle. This is important because the fat will gradually be transformed into muscle mass, will create an attractive silhouette. As for the main power, the grassroots diet for weight loss in legs invites all interested parties such diet diet for every day:

  1. On the first day for Breakfast with hot chocolate, lunch – vegetable salad with a glass of milk, and for dinner you can indulge in only 2 apples and 2 cups of water.
  2. The second day of the diet starts with a glass of water with honey. Lunch to reduce thighs involves yogurt and sweet water, and dinner – a pear and 2 cups of water.
  3. The Breakfast of the third day repeat the diet for the first day, for lunch relies vegetable broth, and dinner is again, apples and water.
  4. The fourth day begins with a liter of water. Lunch to reduce thighs provides a bundle of fat-free cottage cheese with dried fruit and dinner on the diet include water with honey and few drops of lemon.
  5. On the fifth day of the diet the morning starts with a vegetable broth, lunch includes yogurt, dinner – grapefruit juice.

Video: diet for weight loss thighs


Maria, 31 years

I have nothing to boast, because at the grassroots diet to see out the end failed. Was able to remove only 3 cm in the hips, and a 2-3 kg weight loss. I liked the result, but to become lean, as originally planned, was never released. If the willpower is there, it is really effective diet, if the problem areas of the figure of the hips.

Svetlana, 35 years

My extra pounds is not going away. Diet to reduce thighs proved futile. Thighs were thick as, and remained, although the first week I stubbornly sat in the water. The nutritionist says that physical activity is necessary, and a problem with that. To remove the hips, it should be a different way to look, but with my passive way of life don’t know what.

Yasmin, 27 years

To reduce thighs I eat onions and garlic. It is a natural fat burners, which removed fatty mass under the skin. You can lose weight permanently, or to keep your figure in shape. I helped, but such a diet, to put it mildly, not pleasant. Besides, it is not necessary to adhere if you have stomach problems such as gastritis. The rest – in a week 3 kg down.

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