Detox — what it is, the essence of the program to cleanse the body and skin with the menu, contraindications

It is not so much to diet, how to properly and in a timely manner to clean the intestines, eliminating him from food intoxication – poisons, toxins, toxins. Diet effect not delayed. Detox-cleansing the body, which provides a radical change in appearance, excellent health, losing weight person.

What is detox

To lose weight, it is important to regulate the body’s metabolic processes at the cellular level. Detox is an effective fight against results of holiday over-eating, passive lifestyle. The suggested power supply is designed for 3-5 days, is allowed to conduct in the home without harm to health. It is not excluded starvation, since they will have to make some adjustments in the daily menu.

Detox programs

If there are overweight, you can’t hesitate. The selected program is a detox will help get rid of problematic areas become easier to clean the digestive system, improve skin condition, hair, nails. Because the body of accumulated harmful elements, the system fat burning – for today is the optimal decision at any age in the absence of contraindications. Choosing a detox principles, pay attention recommended in the areas of:

  1. Fasting on vegetable broth. To take that liquid, 150 ml three times per day, with herbal teas and water are allowed to eat unlimited portions. The duration of this programme is 4 days.
  2. Fasting on water. The hardest nutritional program with certain medical restrictions. The effect will be, but this detox diet under force not to everyone, quickly and productively to lose weight.
  3. A juice detox. In the morning, afternoon and evening can only drink fruit juices and cocktails, to prepare smoothies. Nutritionists recommend to dilute the diet with vegetable ingredients, as fruits contain large amounts of sugar. To dilute the menu with salads, vegetables.
  4. Vegan detox. The basis of the diet is plant food, a few liters of water. Cleansing effective in compliance with the program from 7 to 21 days. During pregnancy such experiments are not carried out.
  5. Detox steam vegetables. About fatty, spicy, sweet and fried dishes and their recipes, it is better to forget. The best method of food processing – for a couple, the range of permitted ingredients discussed individually.

Detox for hair

If strands have a high fat content, need to select therapeutic cosmetic mask to regulate the production of sebum by the glands of the head. Not to look for time-tested recipes, it is recommended to use the detox for hair – a procedure has been relevant for the first year. Its essence lies in detoxification, provides superficial or deep cleansing on the premises. For reviews of trichologists, detox is suitable for all hair types, has the following features:

  1. This procedure performs the functions of scrub, regulates the endocrine glands, removes dust, silicone, cosmetics, and other pests from the structure of the hair.
  2. The shampoo supports the hair follicles in tone, promotes their intensive growth. Detox has no side effects, so the therapeutic effect is observed in the hair of different structures.
  3. You need to spend 5-7 sessions to notice a real difference from the procedure of detox – what it is, there will be no more questions.

Detox for the face

Mask for sensitive dermis can be extremely popular, have a minimum of side effects. Detox face no less popular, as it helps eliminate toxins from the deep layers of the dermis. Such toxic substances accumulate in its structure, the excess water, which contribute to the formation of wrinkles on the face, age spots on the body. Complicated procedure, to conduct e at home does not always work. It is better to consult a professional beautician.

Detox at home

If you decide to hold a session of the house, the basic rule – read the instructions for proper preparation of the mask to exclude an increased sensitivity of the epidermis. The reviews are positive, the choice of cosmetic products for face and body is huge. Detox at home depends on the desired results.

  1. If you want to lose weight, diet for 3-7 days is limited to a low calorie diet, sufficient fluid intake.
  2. If you wish clear skin, you’re supposed to spend 5-7 treatments. For reviews, home activities also effectively cleanse sensitive skin.
  3. If we are talking about problematic scalp, brittle hair, detox is the word that can save the once dull and lifeless hair. Prices for drugs are different.

Detox contraindications

This unloading system is not permitted to all interested people, there are medical restrictions. Existing contraindications to the detox below, experts do not recommend to break them:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • the age limit to 18 years;
  • problems of the digestive tract;
  • chronic diseases in exacerbation;
  • athletes before competition.

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