Pickled ginger — useful properties and how to prepare at home recipes with photos

Ginger was incredibly popular in pre-revolutionary Russia, it was considered, and great seasoning, and a valuable natural medicine. This useful root is part of many drugs used in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract arthritis, rheumatism, viral diseases.

Pickled ginger – the benefits and harms

Pickled ginger root is used as a major ingredient in snack foods, as a condiment for sushi, add to side dishes. Benefits and harms of pickled ginger is especially appreciated by the «SchemaName». After all, ginger for sushi is not as the filling of the latter, and as a spicy seasoning, ulukaya the taste of the land and has disinfectant properties. Japan residents add pickled ginger root all the time. They are confident that regular use of spices not only helps digestion, but also prolongs youth.

How useful pickled ginger for women

After the clinical study, Japanese scientists found that women, after a month of daily ginger diet, we observed recovery of the menstrual cycle. Since the root works as a natural analgesic, it was filmed and pain during menstruation. The plant improves metabolism, promotes weight loss. But the main benefit of pickled ginger for women that the spice slows the aging process.

Pickled ginger for weight loss

The use of the root improves metabolism, accelerates the excretion of toxins. More efficient use pickled ginger for weight loss paired with garlic, which decreases the tone of blood vessels and improves blood flow. At home easy to cook simple but healthy drink 2 cloves of garlic (skip through the press), 2 tbsp of grated root, filled with 1 liter of boiling water. For getting rid of the hated kilograms drink you need to drink warm half a Cup before each meal.

Pickled ginger during pregnancy

As during the pregnancy the medication is not recommended, ginger spice in its properties will replace most tablets. In the offseason the use of the root, due to its warming effect, will be a great prevention of viral diseases and colds. Raise immunity, to fill the lack of vitamins, amino acids, essential oils and minerals of vegetable origin.

In the first trimester of pregnancy the use of spices reduces the symptoms of toxicosis. It has a calming effect, improving the emotional background of the expectant mother. The presence of pickled ginger during pregnancy food should be in reasonable quantities. In the last trimester of pregnancy and with the threat of its failure on all ginger dishes contraindication.

Use pickled ginger for men

The ancient Roman physician Galen wrote that the use of ginger root, along with cardamom, nutmeg, honey, cinnamon can cure men from impotence. If we consider the properties of spices as a natural aphrodisiac, use pickled ginger for men is invaluable. While drinking tea is helpful to increase potency is to eat 2 tsp spoon mixture of 1/4 tsp. of ginger root powder, mixed with tablespoon of honey.

How to pickle ginger at home

  • Cooking time: 25 minutes (and a night in the fridge.)
  • Servings: arbitrarily
  • Calorie serving: 51 calories
  • Destination: La Spezia
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Level of preparation: easy

Marinating ginger in the home is a simple process. The finished product is used as a condiment for sushi, it is served as a snack, add to side dishes. Below you can see how to prepare ginger for sushi correctly, the cooking process is simple, clear and without a photo. When you make pickled ginger at home, often deviate from the recipe and replace the rice vinegar normal. When replacing this ingredient is necessary to also add a couple tablespoons of sugar to the taste of the dish was sweet.


  • ginger root – 250 g;
  • salt fine – 1 tbsp;
  • rice vinegar – 1 tbsp.;
  • sugar 0,5 article.

Method of preparation

  1. The cleaned root is peeled, cut into thin slices.
  2. Put them in a pot of boiling water, boil for a few minutes, throws in a colander. The broth can be used for acute drink ginger with honey and lime.
  3. Crumble the cooled slices in salt.
  4. To prepare the marinade for the ginger very simple, only need the vinegar and sugar. Give the mixture a vinegar and sugar to boil, heated for another half a minute, cool.
  5. Put ginger slices in the jar, pour in the marinade. Tightly close the jar, put in the fridge. Pickled ginger will be ready in a day.

How to cook pickled ginger pink

  • Cooking time: 25 minutes (and a night in the fridge.)
  • Servings: arbitrarily
  • Calorie serving: 50 calories
  • Destination: La Spezia
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Level of preparation: easy

For marinating ginger root you can use recipes that are only slightly different ingredients and method of preparation. Tohow to pickle ginger, the mistress decides itself. Ginger slices, regardless of which recipe pickled ginger will be used in a few hours turns pink – this property is a spice, additive red beet will make the color more intense.


  • the root of ginger – 0,5 kg;
  • rice vinegar – 200 ml;
  • red wine – 50 ml;
  • beet – 50 g;
  • sugar – 4 tbsp;
  • vodka – 50 ml.

Method of preparation

  1. Putting in water sliced beets, bring to boil, add the peeled root, boil for 2 minutes. Get a spice, cut into thin plates, transfer to a jar.
  2. Pour into a saucepan vodka and wine, add salt and sugar, heat, stirring occasionally. When sugar dissolves, pour the vinegar, bring to boil.
  3. Pour the marinade into a jar, close the lid, place in the fridge for a day.

Salad with pickled ginger

  • Cooking time: 15 minutes
  • Servings: arbitrarily
  • Calorie meals: 148 Kcal
  • Purpose: appetizer
  • Cuisine: Russian
  • Level of preparation: easy

Supplement ginger slices will enrich the taste range of any food sophistication. If part of a salad with pickled ginger included fish, pork, chicken or other meat, in addition to taste, it the Supplement will have also the benefit of digestion. Simple and quick cooking cabbage salad with pickled ginger will be a good addition to barbecue and other heavy meat dishes.


  • cabbage – randomly;
  • greens any – arbitrary;
  • pickled ginger root is arbitrary;
  • vegetable oil – to taste.

Method of preparation

  1. Greens wash, dry and finely chop.
  2. Cabbage finely chopped, mash with your hands.
  3. Ginger plate cut into strips, add to the cabbage, add the herbs, very well mixed.
  4. To fill a delicious salad oil.

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