Sex after menopause — especially sexual relations during menopause

Секс после климакса - особенности половых отношений в период менопаузыFor many women, the extinction of the reproductive system does not mean the cessation of sexual life. The doctors themselves to speak out about the positive impact on her General well-being of ladies in this age period. Let’s discuss the situation, tell about sex after menopause, its features, rules, and possible problems.

Is there sex after menopause?

It is worth saying that reducing the concentration of sex hormones in a woman’s blood leads to a decrease in sexual activity directly affects libido. Into menopause and menopause many women note that they are not so easily sexually aroused, differently react to the intimate caresses. In view of these facts, they repeatedly visited the question concerning whether the sex after menopause. Doctors do not give him a definite answer.

Modern gynecologists are of the opinion that sex after menopause has a positive effect on General health of women. During intercourse there is a blood flow to the pelvic organs, which positively affects their functioning. This greatly reduces congestion, which often provokes the development of inflammatory and infectious processes of the reproductive system. Women in General, occasionally have sex after menopause, is faced with fewer problems from the psychological aspect of self-esteem.

Can I have sex after menopause?

Doctors give a positive answer to this question. Found that sex after menopause supports the muscles of the vagina in the desired tone. This fact positively affects on the condition of the reproductive system. For example, such a violation as a prolapsed uterus, I have found much less frequently. In addition, periodic sexual relations contribute to the development of the lubricant in greater amount, which reduces pain during sexual intercourse.

Does a woman have sex after menopause?

Some women have cravings for sex after menopause. Ovulatory processes, in which increases sexual desire, menopause is not marked, but the ladies occasionally in need in intimate relationships. Answering the question as to whether you want sex after menopause, gynecologists point out that such a phenomenon may take place. This indicates that every body is different, so some women feel fine and in the absence of sexual intercourse. Others, on the contrary, stimulate sexual life because of the disappearance of the fear of pregnancy.

Секс после климакса - особенности половых отношений в период менопаузы

Anal sex after menopause

This kind of sex is a choice for most couples. Often this sex during menopause. This is due to the fear of women regarding pregnancy. In this period a single ovulation can be observed. This type of sexual contact reduces the risk of its occurrence. Doctors also recommend using anal sex as a method of contraception, use of contraceptives, so as to eliminate the possibility of ingress of semen in vagina completely impossible.

The menopause pain during intercourse

Women who have menopause, sexual intercourse has its own characteristics. Many women complain of pain during contact. This fact is associated with vaginal dryness. Because of the decrease concentrations of estrogen in the bloodstream, decreases the amount of available lubricant. It is produced by glands that are located ahead of the vagina. In addition, the pain may be associated with:

  • a decrease in the elasticity of tissues;
  • thinning of the vaginal walls.

One should not rule out the possibility of having pain due to causes not related to age-related changes in the genital organs. These include:

  • Vaginitis. Inflammatory process observed as a consequence of the reduced local immunity, which is caused by changes in the hormonal system. If such breach occur: burning, itching, swelling of tissues of the vagina, pain during urination. The treatment prescribed by the gynecologist on the basis of the results of research.
  • Vaginismus. A condition characterized by involuntary, short contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina. As a result, during intercourse, the partner is experiencing difficulties in the introduction of the penis, which causes pain to the ladies. To solve the problem, you need to seek medical help.
  • Секс после климакса - особенности половых отношений в период менопаузы

    How to be safe during menopause?

    It is worth remembering that menopause may be accompanied by periodic ovulation. Given this fact, the doctors to the question concerning whether to protect themselves during menopause, respond positively. At the same time use as IUD and oral contraceptives. If you choose the latter doctors prefer progestin drugs. They eliminate the influence on liver function, blood coagulation, do not violate the metabolic processes in the body. Many ladies prefer barrier funds spermicides that do not require selection, prescription, available.

    How to be safe during menopause, if not monthly?

    Absence of menstruation is not a confirmation of the termination of the ovulatory processes. Because of this, doctors strictly recommend the use of contraceptives in menopause. The decision on how to protect themselves during menopause, a woman alone. Often the preference is given to barrier methods due to their availability, low cost, high reliability.

    When you can not be protected during menopause?

    Pregnancy in the period of fading of reproductive function may occur. A high probability of pregnancy for 1-2 years from the date of the last menstrual period. This fact is associated with a gradual, slow decline of the functioning of the ovaries. After 5 years from the date of entry of the organism into menopause, or pregnancy are noted in exceptional cases. Because of these factors, contraception during menopause is a must. Some women sterilized, which eliminates the chance of conception and the need to use drugs, contraception, disappears.


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