Artificial menopause — what is it, symptoms, consequences

Искусственный климакс - что это такое, симптомы, последствияSuch a thing as «artificial menopause» in gynecology is often used. Under it is commonly understood as a sudden, temporary cessation of the sexual glands of women. Is for further treatment of the reproductive system. Let us consider possible ways of its implementation, the drugs, the symptoms of artificial menopause.

Artificial induction of menopause

Provoke artificial menopause is accompanied by a sharp decrease in the concentration of estrogen. When this girl detects the formation of specific evidence the termination of the reproductive system. The need for such manipulations is due to the difficulty of the therapeutic process in such diseases as:

  • fibroids;
  • fibroids;
  • the endometriosis.

How to cause an artificial menopause?

There are several methods to cause an artificial menopause. Their selection is based on the survey data and medical history: are there any chronic processes in the reproductive system, inflammation. Talking about how to make an artificial menopause, doctors call the following methods of procedure:

  • Surgical. The most radical way. This object is achieved by complete removal of the ovaries (oophorectomy). Used for malignant tumors in the gonads, uterus, breast cancer. The process is completely irreversible, a woman can no longer have children.
  • Radiation. With this method the extinction of the reproductive function and working of the ovaries is achieved by x-ray irradiation of the glands themselves. Used in the treatment of malignant tumors on the uterus and the ovaries. The changes occurring in the gonads, recognized partially reversible: can be restored reproductions, but not always.
  • Medication. Common method used in the complex treatment. While drugs are introduced, the analogs of hormonal substances of synthetic origin. After completing the course the functions of the sex glands of the female body are fully restored.
  • Artificial menopause — symptoms

    The procedure is carried out gradually. The accumulation of concentrations of hormones, the girl may mark the emergence of signs that accompany the introduction to artificial menopause her body. Among them:

  • Disruption of the psycho-vegetative system. The first thing felt by the patient, is the appearance of periodic feelings of heat — hot flashes. The frequency can range from isolated cases up to 20 times per day. While only 20% of women cease to feel them through the year, and the rest are faced with those 3-5 years.
  • Psycho-emotional disorders. Affect the nervous system. Manifested in irritability, nervousness, sleep disorders, appetite, decreased libido.
  • The deficiency of estrogen. This symptom that accompanies artificial menopause, it is noted in the form of increased dryness of the vagina, the itch in the genital area. When sexual acts occur pain that is a consequence of the low synthesis glands of the vestibule of the vagina, lubrication.
  • A decrease in mental activity. It is established that estrogens have influence on the processes of exchange character in the brain. Even young girls suffer from memory loss, usually short — term, on current events.
  • Искусственный климакс - что это такое, симптомы, последствия

    Preparations for artificial menopause

    In order to enter the patient in such a condition, used antagonists of gonadotropin. Long-term use of these substances inhibits the synthesis of pituitary luteinizing hormone along with follicle-stimulating. As a result, there is a decrease of estradiol in the bloodstream. In the implementation of the manipulation used in the following injections for artificial menopause:

    • Lucrin;
    • Buserelin;
    • Diferelin.

    Drugs have a long action, so the necessity of their application is missing. Introduced dose of the drug is valid for 24-72 hours. Thus the scheme of treatment is made individually. In addition, the procedure can be used:

    • progestins – a Monitor;
    • antigonadotropin – Danazol.

    The output of the artificial menopause

    Girls who have this procedure often interested in the question regarding how to experience an artificial menopause that will be after the end of supplementation. It should be noted that the time required for the restoration of the sex glands, not at all the same. About the full resumption of work show started menses. Artificial menopause hormones after a variable duration. Fixed allocation after 10-16 weeks after last use of the drug in the form of injections. If it were introduced nasal 4-10 weeks.

    The output of the artificial menopause — symptoms

    Not always a lady can understand that she is completely out of this condition. It should be noted that the main feature of such phenomena as the output of the artificial menopause — ovulation, occurs in 8-14 weeks. This may occur:

    • changing mood;
    • the increase of basal temperature;
    • the increase in vaginal secretions;
    • swelling of the mammary glands.

    Искусственный климакс - что это такое, симптомы, последствия

    Artificial menopause — the consequences

    This state is almost completely controlled by doctors, not out of artificial menopause, the body can not. In case of incorrect selected course, non-compliance with the conditions and medical indications, complications will occur. In practice, such is rare. These include:

    • atresia of the ovarian follicles – the destruction of germ cells that have not reached maturity;
    • involution of the functional layer of endometrial tissue — is the reverse cell development. As a result, to restore the menstrual cycle becomes problematic.

    Is it possible to get pregnant with artificial menopause?

    This question interests girls, sexually active. The doctor explained that the pregnancy in the comfort of artificial menopause, unreal. Reproductive system is in such condition that ovulation does not occur. The concentration of drugs maintained at a certain level, which completely eliminates this process. But it should be remembered that after the end of medication you need to take care of contraception.

    Pregnancy after artificial menopause

    The restoration of the menstrual, after artificial menopause occurs after 4-10 weeks after cessation of hormonal drugs. With regard to planning a pregnancy, it can occur in 3-4 months. You must consider this fact, to use contraception to avoid an unwanted gestation. Doctors recommend the use of barrier methods, excluding hormonal pills. This will help to reduce the load on the reproductive system. Pregnancy planning is monitored by the doctor who takes into account the condition of the body, conducts tests for hormone levels, controlling the ovulatory process, examining with the help of ultrasound.


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