Do not let laziness prevail

Every person in varying degrees, familiar with the mysterious beast named «Laziness». Someone studiously ignored the existence of this phenomenon, someone is struggling with him with varying degrees of success, but for someone lazy is a constant companion of life. In some cases, the reluctance to commit any act or do the usual things was useful. For example, in case of fatigue and nervous exhaustion, laziness will help to recover and regain the performance. But what if in the normal state, all attempts to regain the focus and productivity was a flop, and the important tasks have been unsolved, so remain?

Как не дать лени одержать верх

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It is important to remember that each person is different, so there is no universal way of struggle against laziness. Someone can help one of the methods, and someone will find good results when they are combined. But first it is necessary to understand what is laziness.

As a rule, the reasons of this phenomenon may be the following status and issues: fatigue (both physical and emotional), lack of motivation to complete any important work, the desire of the body to maintain a presence in the comfort zone. Each reason requires a different approach. Below are the solutions to the problem with laziness.

1. The first is to understand the most complex tasks, and light should be left on then. This approach will allow you to give important matters their maximum effort and attention that will have a positive impact on quality. In addition, when the unpleasant and difficult task is completed, you can feel satisfaction and relief. In this mood lungs of the case will be performed without problems.

2. Is to maintain the body in shape, watch your diet, exercise, sufficient time given to sleep and try as little as possible to worry and worry. When a person is healthy and full of energy, he has enough energy to fight against laziness and to successfully overcome it.

3. Reward for hard work is a great way to motivate yourself to accomplishment. For example, for each completed task you can allow yourself a particular nice «weakness»: a new buy, a chocolate bar, watching an interesting movie etc.

4. Large and voluminous tasks should be divided into stages or «steps». So important will not seem impossible complex, and the brain will no longer reflex to resist, when you will understand that it is not so scary.

5. Many well-helps getting rid of distractions. If you want to work on the computer, the first thing is to disable all programmes related to communication (ICQ, Skype, etc.), close the browser window with social networks, email, etc. the less distractions, the better and better concentration.

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