What is the highest kind of enjoyment in this world

One of the three immutable properties of every living being — the desire for pleasure. It is a natural quality inherent in every soul. In our real physical life is the desire to enjoy can be manifested in different ways, depending on what the person identifies himself.

Какой высший вид наслаждения в этом мире

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If one identifies with the soul, a key quality in his life becomes humility. When a person begins to realize that he is not body, but soul and understands deeper into this issue and find out what the soul is, he makes some interesting conclusions. The Scriptures say that the souls of these particles of God which are not qualitatively different from Him. God is spirit, and spirit. Therefore, when I begin to identify with the soul — I become naturally humble. I have no single drop of pride, as I understand that all the surrounding living creatures are souls, particles of God as I am. Such a person automatically begins to manifest such qualities in his life: righteousness, friendliness to all living entities. He begins to pursue the truth, the purity. Trying to be honest and learning to love everyone. That is manifest in its activities, the eternal quality of the soul.

How is the life of a man who identified himself with the body. Identification with the body is the identification with the roles that he plays in this world. Identifying themselves with these roles, he starts to be proud of themselves. I’m a better father or am I a successful businessman. Further, this pride can extend to other roles. Not only my family the best but my family is the best. My country is the best, my nation is the best. In the end, my religion is the best. Religion is not necessarily spirituality. Religion can be any system of values. And this religion is not regarded a man such as deep faith, for it is just a set of rituals. A man in different forms shows the brutality and hatred of living beings, not realizing that they too are part of God. He is jealous, lying to others and yourself, constantly feels injustice and feels lust. His feelings are driving him. Even if he didn’t want all this, unfortunately, this will manifest itself in his life due to false identification with the body and as a consequence, his pride.

Back to pleasure. This is one of the existing three qualities of the soul manifested in two different people are also totally different.

One who identified himself with the body, experiencing constant lust, trying to gratify his senses. That require pleasure more and more. The more you scratch, the more itchy. And each time requires more and more sophisticated, refined and even perverse enjoyments. Which in the end leads to the fact that people are strongly moving away from the search for the meaning of life, from eternal values and begins to degrade. Since such people depends on their pleasures from others, it is not free. He wants and requires to be loved. To be enjoyed, he served. For example, the wife begins to demand from her husband of love, money and everything else. Or Vice versa, the husband from wife — obedience to prepare delicious, cleaned cleaner. After all it needs to do. People don’t even think that can be something else. His feelings want to enjoy, the soul wants to enjoy and he tries to do it, pulling and demanding love for themselves, trying to force others to serve themselves. That mostly brings him nothing but anxiety and suffering.

Man, to identify himself with the soul, too, can enjoy in this world. But his enjoyment is much stronger, purer, more elevated. They are not comparable with the pleasures of a man with the bodily concept of life. One who studies the question of the soul and is starting to identify with it, gradually understands what you want. The soul aspiring to eternal happiness, it is part of the complete whole. To achieve this happiness, the soul, as a small part of the complete whole must serve the complete whole, God. Only this will bring the soul satisfaction and happiness. A man studying the Scriptures, listening to Holy men (and it is the only truly happy people in this world), begins to realize that serving God and other living beings, it receives the highest kind of enjoyment. He does not want and does not require love yourself, it starts to generate it by connecting to the source of love — God through prayer and spiritual practice. So he becomes the conductor, gives this love to everyone, regardless of whether close it or not. From it, he is family or not. His nation or religion, or not. He never worshiped himself and doesn’t want it. He serves all and take care of each other, seeing each soul. Such a person is truly happy, because God, who is also in his heart, satisfied. Because this man acts and lives as God wants. And God gives him everything he needs for happiness. This path knows no losses and defeats because God protects such a person, fully protects it and leads to the main, true purpose of life.

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