Syndrome vertebral artery in cervical degenerative disc disease — symptoms, treatment and exercises

Headache, noise in ears, constant fatigue, people tend to associate with stress and unhealthy lifestyle. But so manifest themselves diseases associated with poor circulation of the brain. The most common of these is the syndrome of vertebral artery.

What is the vertebral artery syndrome

Network of vessels passing through the axial skeleton of man, continuously supplying blood to the brain. Vertebral artery syndrome is a complex of symptoms associated with impaired blood flow in one or two arteries of the same name. Formally it is not considered an independent disease, but he suggests that in the spine and circulatory system occur destructive changes. The food basins of the spinal cord due to the asymmetry of the vessels in this disease is disturbed. There are 3 varieties of the disease:

  • ischemic SPA;
  • dystonic SPA;
  • irritative SPA.

SPA threat of ischemic morphological changes in the brain tissue. Occur of stroke, begins to marvel at the vertebrobasilar pool. Changes can be reversible or lead to ischemic stroke. Angiospasticescoy variant of the disease develops due to reflex spasm caused by irritation of receptors in the area of the damaged segment. Irritative condition caused by irritation of the periarterial sympathetic plexus near the clamped artery.

Vertebral artery syndrome – causes

The emergence of the disease due to the anatomy of the cervical vertebrae and circulatory system. Vertebral arteries leave the subclavian arteries, and then head up, passing through the holes of the transverse processes of the sixth cervical vertebra. Arteries ascend to the brain through all vertebrali above. The functionality of the vessels depends on the structure of the spine, so the main causes of vertebral artery syndrome are narrowing of the canal inside of the vertebrae due to injury or salt deposits.

From the circulatory system to progression of the disease contribute to spasms and asymmetry of blood vessels, intracranial atherosclerosis, genetic abnormalities of the cardiovascular system. Vertebral syndrome provokes osteochondrosis, scoliosis, disc displacement of the cervical spine as a result of heavy load. If you choose the wrong bedding can speed up the progression of the disease.

Vertebral artery syndrome – symptoms

To identify the disease without a full medical diagnosis difficult. Main feature of the disease is the appearance of a pulsating pain in the back. In some patients, it concentrates in the temples and the bridge of the nose. One of the features of the disease, unilateral localization of pain. All patients observed asymmetry of the blood flow before entering the skull. In the initial stages, patients suffer from mild vestibular ataxia caused by decreased oxygen and nutrients. Later these signs of vertebral artery syndrome:

  • ringing in the ears;
  • severe pain in the neck;
  • fatigue and drowsiness;
  • blurred vision;
  • numbness of the fingers;
  • ophthalmic syndrome;
  • syndrome Unterharnscheidt;
  • high blood pressure;
  • cochlear syndrome;
  • attacks of basilar migraine;
  • drop-attacks;
  • syndrome Barre-LEU;
  • a transient ischemic attack.

Vestibular-ataxic syndrome appears if there is a strong asymmetry of the blood flow. When turning the patient’s head is sick, dark eyes, dizziness occurs. This symptom is impaired balance. Appear vertebrogenic pain radiating to limbs. Hyperfuse replaced by hypoperfusion develops extravascular compression with the sympathetic pain in the lower part of the spine, influencing the blood flow in the occipital region.

Vertebral artery syndrome diagnosis

Symptoms of the disease are similar to the manifestations of migraine, which complicates its detection. Diagnosis of vertebral artery syndrome begins with the patient. At this stage, the physician must identify a group of symptoms peculiar to the SPA. When pressed on the left and right transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae the patient is experiencing discomfort. Along with pain there is excessive tension neck. To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes:

  • dopplerography of extracranial parts of vessels (Doppler ultrasound);
  • CT/MRI of the spine;
  • REG.

These methods allow you to set the diameter of the vessels, the degree of narrowing and its location (right or left). Using Doppler ultrasound can diagnose napravlennosti stroke arteries. CT and MRI will help to identify stenosis of the vertebral artery at an early stage. In decoding hardware research will contain a code ICD and a brief description of the disease. If the disease is not to treat or to choose the wrong treatment, the patient will face the following consequences:

  • circulatory disorders of the small or large segment of the brain;
  • neurological disorders (short-term loss of vision, numbness of extremities, etc.);
  • the destruction of bone tissue due to a narrowing of the vertebrae;
  • stroke.

Vertebral artery syndrome – treatment

Therapy is complex, a combination of pharmacological and physical methods of influence on the affected area. Treatment of vertebral artery syndrome in cervical osteochondrosis in exacerbation of the disease requires wearing orthopedic collar Trench. It is selected by the doctor based on the etiology of the disease. Collar compression type reduces the load on the back of the cervical spine. If the vestibular-cochlear syndrome is accompanied by disturbance of blood flow of a brain hospitalitynet.

Exercises in the syndrome of vertebral artery

Therapeutic exercises prescribed to patients after a course of massage. The first classes are with an instructor. He explains to the patients of the exercises. During the exercises should not cause discomfort. All exercises are done smoothly and gently, sudden jerks, twists are contraindicated. Classes should be suspended, if you had worsening of the disease. Exercises the syndrome of the vertebral artery:

  • head turns to the side (10 times);
  • the head tilts forward and backward (10 times);
  • lifting shoulders (5 times);
  • circular movements of the head (10 times);
  • the shift of the head forward and backward on the same plane (up to 10 times);
  • moderate pressure with the hand in different directions (up to 10 times).

Massage for the vertebral artery syndrome

Manual therapy is used for healing the whole human body, and the vessels are no exception. Massage the syndrome of the vertebral artery is performed in a hospital by a specialist, since the traction involves the axial skeleton of man and a direct impact on the cervical vertebrae. Relief comes after 5-6 procedures. Patients are advised to undergo massage courses 2-3 times per year.

Drugs in the syndrome of vertebral artery

Doctors prescribe medications that increase the velocity of the energy processes inside the brain. They prevent cell death and restore the nerve endings. Drugs in the syndrome of spinal artery and the scheme of their reception is selected by the doctor based on the clinical picture of the patient. Assign yourself a neuroprotector and nootropics is prohibited. In addition to drugs, accelerating neural exchange, those who have discovered the syndrome of PA, appoint:

  • reduces swelling anesthetics;
  • anti-inflammatory medicines;
  • drugs that enhance cell regeneration;
  • drugs affect the whole metabolism.

Blockade the syndrome of vertebral artery

Treatment helps instantly eliminate pain in the neck. In 70% of cases of doctors appointed lidocaine or novocaine blockade the syndrome of the vertebral artery. To the mixture add drugs antispasmodics, corticosteroids. The relief is due to the blocking of nerve endings. The impulse ceases to flow into the cell receptors, making the discomfort disappear. The blockade is contraindicated if the patient:

  • the observed strong deformation of the cervical spine;
  • chronic low back pain;
  • the pinching discs;
  • an allergic reaction to the drugs.

To completely eliminate the symptoms of cervical artery via the blockade will not work: it is a temporary measure in the fight against disease. The introduction of novocaine reduces swelling and improves metabolic processes in the cartilage, so doctors combine this procedure with injections of chondroprotectors. It is permissible to apply the blockade of the courses at each exacerbation of the disease. If the pain is severe and constant, the patient is sent to surgery.

Prevention of syndrome of vertebral artery

Healthy daily exercise and proper rest will be the best protection against the disease. If during the work you long to keep your neck and head in one position, don’t forget about exercises. Every 60 minutes gently move your head and shoulders in different directions. Prevention of vertebral artery syndrome includes rest and treatment in sanatoriums, specializing in neurology. People with a genetic tendency to diseases of the cardiovascular system, the spine is advised to take courses of massage of the neck and adjacent areas, several times a year.

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