Bladder infection symptoms in men and women, medication and folk remedies for the treatment

How many unpleasant moments gives such a disease! The person experiences very unpleasant symptoms General malaise, and going to the toilet becomes a real pain. Check out helpful information how to cure a bladder from inflammation: which drugs effectively get rid of the disease and prevent its re-manifestation.

Inflammation of the bladder – causes

Urological disorder characterized by an infectious lesion of the mucous membrane of this organ of the urinary system in the medical practice is called cystitis. Causes of bladder inflammation are bacterial pathogens: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli or other bacteria. Also the disease can be caused by pathogenic fungi or viruses.

Bladder infection develops when the microorganisms get into the body from the urethra. This is the root cause of disease is very typical for a female – because of the peculiarities of the structure of the urinary system, they often suffer from cystitis. Pathogenic microorganisms are often recorded in the urethra after intercourse. Often the disease develops on the background of a weakened immune system after a cold or as a result of severe stress. Depending on that could irritate the body in women there are the following types of cystitis:

  • deflorazione or honeymoon cystitis;
  • postkoitalny (post-coital);
  • recurrent;
  • cystitis during pregnancy;
  • postpartum;
  • involutional or post-menopausal.

In childhood is also more risk of suffering from cystitis in girls, for example, due to the fact that the child has a cold. In men, the disease of the urinary bladder is very rare, because the pathogen is very difficult to enter the body through the urethra. If the patient is still diagnosed with cystitis, its cause is often not what the patient mocevic colds, and diseases of internal organs: chronic pyelonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis. Then the blood spreads the infection from the affected organs and the infection of majevica.

Inflammation of the bladder – symptoms

How to understand that man began cystitis? The presence and progression of disease can specify the following symptoms of urinary tract infections:

  • sharp or aching pain in the abdomen;
  • frequent urination, in which there is often discomfort, pain or burning sensation;
  • even immediately after visiting the toilet there is a feeling that the bladder is not emptied fully;
  • manifest frequent night urination;
  • body temperature rises;
  • in the absence of timely treatment developed complications:
    • hematuria is appearance of blood in the urine;
    • dysuria manifests itself in various disorders of the process of the outflow of urine from the urinary incontinence to the inability to emit in a natural way;
    • pyuria in the urine appear purulent inclusion.

Bladder infection in women – symptoms

Because of the peculiarities of the female body women very often suffer from this unpleasant disease. The above signs of bladder infection in women is almost the same regardless of the cause of the disease. The patient both physically and psychologically suffering from pain in the abdomen, imperative urination in the toilet, problems with urination.

Bladder infection in men – symptoms

Symptoms of the disease, if it manifests itself in men who do not have special differences from the manifestations of the disease in women. The symptoms of urinary tract infections in men are characterized by a strong urge to the toilet, while urine secreted is very small. Every urination is accompanied by severe sharp pains, can manifest pain in the groin and penis. Manifest themselves symptoms of General intoxication: fever, chills, nausea.

Inflammation of the bladder – treatment

It is essential to begin to deal with this disease, otherwise the disease from the acute form will go into a chronic cystitis, and the above symptoms will occur almost constantly. Not to postpone the treatment of the bladder is also important to prevent complications. If the pathogen will spread further down the urinary tract, it threatens pielotsistit – kidney damage. How to treat bladder, each case must be decided by the doctor based on the diagnosis.

Treatment of the bladder in women

To purposefully influence the outbreak of the disease, before the selection of therapy, the specialist determines the localization of the inflammation – to the neck of the body (cervical cystitis) or in the vesical triangle (trigona bladder). Next is assigned a comprehensive treatment of the bladder in women which includes:

  • antibiotic therapy (injections, tablets, ointments);
  • pain medicine;
  • immunotherapy;
  • herbal medicine;
  • correction lifestyle: excessive drinking, diet, sexual abstinence for the period up to recovery.

Treatment of the bladder in men

Difference of treatment of the disease in this case is that a strong sex cystitis often develops due to diseases of the internal organs. In such situations, the treatment of inflammation of the bladder in men is to eliminate the root causes of the disease. Based on diagnostic data, the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory therapy, antispasmodic medications to eliminate the pain when urinating, herbal, and definitely recommended to drink plenty of water diet.

The cure of inflammation of bladder

To quickly get rid of the source of infection, the doctor selects the patient antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs. Effective antibiotics for cystitis:

  • Ampicillin;
  • Gentamicin;
  • Norfloxacin;
  • Ciprofloxacin;
  • Co-trimoxazole;
  • Trimethoprim;
  • Nitrofurantoin;
  • Nitroksolin.

Quickly relieve pain spazmiruyutsya help these pills for inflammation of the bladder:

  • Faspic;
  • Nimesil;
  • Ibuprofen.

In the treatment of cystitis is well proven herbal remedies:

  • Monorail (based on the cranberry extract);
  • Zistan etc.

Bladder medication of folk remedies

Effective therapy of this disease includes not only medications, but also the treatment of the bladder folk remedies. For example, helps reduce pain hot water bottle with warm water on the abdomen or a warm foot bath. Such auxiliary treatment bladder at home you can use without fear, even when a child is sick.

Used in cystitis and herbs in the form of decoctions, infusions or in the form of dietary supplements. Intake of nutritional Supplements should be sure to coordinate with your doctor, because some seemingly useful components can even harm. So, the excess water-soluble vitamins C and b can cause the formation of small crystals, which will further injure and so inflamed mucous membranes of the urinary tract.

Herbs for inflammation of the bladder

Natural pharmacy also offers people a powerful remedy against cystitis. However, their drink, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor. Useful herbs for inflammation of the bladder:

  • bearberry;
  • chamomile;
  • cranberries;
  • parsley;
  • horsetail.

Effective in this disease are considered to be funds on the basis of:

  • the buds of poplar;
  • birch buds;
  • decoctions of oats;
  • corn silk;
  • Wheatgrass;
  • licorice.

Inflammation of the urinary bladder in children

More common is the disease in childhood in girls and in adolescents, cases of disease, even frequent due to changes of the vaginal flora. Inflammation of the urinary bladder in a child is accompanied by the same symptoms as adults: abdominal pain, imperative urge to the toilet, cramps during urination. If signs of cystitis it is very important to start the treatment, because otherwise can become inflamed upper sections of the urinary system and disrupt the flow of urine. The doctor will prescribe the right pills, and parents need to explain to the girl the rules of personal hygiene.

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