Burdock oil with red pepper for growth and strengthening the hair — the method of application and price

Oil of burdock (burdock) with the addition of an extract of red pepper is a common remedy for hair care. It is used to stimulate growth, increase, or as a prevention against loss.

Burdock oil with red pepper – application

Regular use of burdock oil with pepper hair strands, promotes growth, nourishes the hair itself and the scalp. The preparations of burdock contains vitamins A, C and E. the Saturation of them is through the skin and hair follicles. A large content of such microelements as zinc, silicon, calcium, selenium makes hair strands thick and strong.

The presence of oil of burdock sulfur prevents the formation of dandruff. Essential components have antimicrobial action, tannin eliminate itching. Inulin absorbs harmful substances, improves blood circulation. Fatty acids have a tonic effect, useful for scalp. Red pepper also contains a number of vitamins and minerals. The nutrients improve the condition of strands, contribute to the regeneration and renewal of skin cells.

Burdock oil with pepper for hair growth

Capsicum extract has irritant properties. It enhances blood flow to scalp and stimulates the active phase of growth. Burdock oil with pepper for hair is especially valuable because it improves the hair structure, gives the strands a healthy glow, increases their density and volume. At home on the basis of this drug can be doing cosmetic procedures.

Burdock oil with red pepper for the beard

Men use burdock oil with pepper beard. Popular two ways. By massage or compresses, using this drug it is possible to grow a beautiful beard. Massage awakens the hair follicles and improves blood circulation. It is often used if the stubble grows poorly on his cheeks. The massage procedure is recommended to accomplish in the morning before washing.

For a poultice you will also need a bandage, a polyethylene, a small piece of natural fabric. Before the procedure, you should clear the face of dirt. Then heat it with hot water or steam. Oil impregnated piece of natural fabric to attach to the cheeks and chin, then cover with plastic and secure the compress with a sterile bandage. The procedure lasts 20 minutes. After the allotted time you need to remove the wrap, then wash your face with warm water.

How to use burdock oil with pepper

Recommendations on how to use burdock oil with pepper:

  1. Apply the medication to clean, dry strands.
  2. During application (rinsing) of the mask massage the scalp.
  3. Avoid contact with eyes.
  4. After application put a shower cap. In order to enhance the warming effect, wrap your head with a towel.
  5. Keep the mask 20-30 minutes;
  6. Rinse with warm water, shampoo, herbal infusions.
  7. To saturate the nutrients and carry out the procedure on a regular basis – every 3 days. The duration of the course for maximum effect – 2 months.
  8. Every week make peeling of the scalp, for example, sea salt. This will increase the circulation and increase the action.

A contraindication to the drug is the idiosyncrasy of components. Before use apply a few drops of oil on a small area of the inside of the arm closer to the elbow crease. If a day later the skin condition has not changed, you are experiencing discomfort, allergies, you can use the tool as intended. First time recommended keep the mask for at least half an hour. If after treatments using oils the strands become dull, brittle, hair loss has increased, it is necessary to stop the use of this tool.

Cosmetics brand Mirrolla (Merolla) in the line of their products contain the drug. Most of the customer reviews are positive. Note customers the highest quality product, affordable price and effective action. Effect of nutrients on a dry scalp for reviews, it is noted after the first application. To buy a vehicle from brand Mirrolla in pharmacies, large supermarkets or ordering goods in the online pharmacy.

The price of burdock oil with red pepper

Buy burdock oil for hair with red pepper in pharmacies of the city of Moscow at the following prices (per 100 ml):


Price, R.



Mirrolla (Merolla)


Honey and jam of Russia






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Elena, 22 years

In the winter I often have hair fall out. Burdock oil with red pepper is the best remedy against the loss, affordable and effective! From him a huge benefit! Hair not only stopped falling out, they have acquired a healthy glow, fewer split ends. You need to thoroughly rinse, otherwise it will burn.

Olga, 30 years

Wearing a short haircut for several years. Began to notice that with age, hair loses volume. I decided to use the extract of burdock with red pepper. Was pleased with the result. The tool is cheap and effective, you can buy in any pharmacy. Strands became thicker after a month of use. Sometimes experience discomfort from burning sensation.

Xenia, 18 years old

I am a novice model and in this profession highly valued by the length of the strands. In the short time I had to increase. This helped me burdock oil with the addition of an extract of red pepper. Hair really started to grow and gained a healthy appearance. Continue to use this tool. Downside is the burning sensation.

Natalia, 40 years

By the age of 40 began to lose hair. Bought one of the cheapest means, based on the oil of burdock and Cayenne pepper. Useful tool. After the first two treatments, the hair is visibly increased in volume, become more manageable during styling. Nutrients helped to get rid of dry scalp.

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