Thermal protection for hair — how to choose the best tool for styling irons or Hairdryer

The beautiful hair from nature every girl dreams of, but so lucky not all the fairer sex. You have to work hard to transform your hair. For this purpose, Hairdryer, Curling irons and other tools, spoiling the structure of the strands. To solve the problem, the barbers offer a special product to protect hair from the hair straightener.

Heat hair products

There is a huge range of professional hair cosmetics, which is appropriate to use at home. However, the choice means of thermal protection for hair it is better to discuss with a specialist, since the determining criterion for purchase is not the price issue, and the structure of the strands, the end result. In some cases, without this efficient means indispensable. Thermal protection protects against high temperatures, moreover, in its composition contains vitamins, plant extracts, proteins.

Protective measures are the so-called «sealing your hair» to keep the structure moisture when exposed to high temperatures. This protection protects strands against dehydration, keeps their elasticity and color after regular use of thermostast for modeling hairstyles. When choosing the spray for heat styling, it is important to clarify – oily hair or, conversely, prone to increased dryness.

Selection of means depending on the type of hair

Before you order in the online store any products, you must determine whether it is suitable to the structure of the strands. In a predetermined direction is provided conditional classification to the appearance of hair about her perfection, and the hairs remained alive and healthy. Home thermal protection for hair includes the following varieties:

  1. If hair by nature upsets the excessive dryness, it is better to choose creams and oil with heat effect. They nourish and moisturize the follicles, making hair strong and resilient. Alternatively, it can be BB spray cream Total Results Sleek Matrix from spray Liv Delano, cream Kerastase Nectar Termique from Loreal. Such funds shall be permanent type, the presence of alcohol in the composition is contraindicated. When using a hair dryer for leveling brittle curls, you can use the cream Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium from Loreal, spray Joico.
  2. Oily locks as thermal protection, more suitable cream Kerastase, which additionally regulates the production of sebum. Easy means exclude the adhesion of the hair, the weighting of the strands. Sebaceous of hair completely eliminated.
  3. For the mixed hair type a good option is a moisturizing spray-thermal protection LOGONA, additionally you can use the shampoo, «Thermal protection+Volume» in order to make hair more manageable and protected from exposure to the same sunlight in the summer. It could be protecting funds with moisturizing effect.

How to use a thermal protection for hair

Cause of the is permitted only on a clean, dry and combed hair strands along the entire length. Be sure to do it before using other cosmetic products because of their interaction structure deteriorates even more. Wondering how to use a thermal protection to hair, the first thing you want to study the manual further to consult with your hairstylist on the subject of choosing an effective tool. Equally important is the fact that for what purpose purchased thermal protection.

Thermal protection for hair from the hair straightener

If the girl is the owner of unruly curls, it is very often to create a flawless hairstyle is irons. This is a good opportunity to quickly straighten unruly curls, however, increased temperature negatively affects their structure. Here need special protection to hair from a flat iron, which you need to learn how to use it. So:

  1. Pre-wash your hair, lightly dry it with a towel.
  2. Apply thermal protection along the entire length of the strands, give them to dry.
  3. Use a pad, heat it but not more than 130 degrees.
  4. Straightened hairstyle fix varnish, mousse, gel.

Thermal protection for hair styling

Daily use of pad is not recommended because the strands dry out and become brittle. Heat tool for hair styling helps protect hair if you use this device 2 times a week. Alternatively hairdressers recommend hair dryer, which is also able to align unruly tresses and curls. Hair styling thermal protection is carried out in several stages:

  1. To wash, slightly dry, comb.
  2. On damp strands, apply a thermal protection along the entire length to absorb.
  3. To dry wet hair, use a round brush for straightening.

Thermal protection for dry hair

Difficult to choose professional cosmetic products for dry strands, as they need careful care. Effective remedy for dry hair cream or spray that gently handle the hair after a preliminary shampoo. For drying it is better to use a Hairdryer because this can reduce the risk of breakage, fading. Dull hair will become attractive, and the hair will delight you with perfection.

What kind of thermal protection for hair to choose

To provide quality care for unruly locks, it is important to find out what product can you recommend a hairdresser. It is important to determine the type of hair, natural favorites, and promised cosmetic effect. Best heat protection for hair is a hypoallergenic formulation, provides for the presence of vitamins and proteins, further strengthens the structure of the follicles, maintains water balance of the individual hairs. Below are professional line of high efficiency, which acts to gently and purposefully.

Heat protection spray for hair

This tool retains the moisture of strands, keeps the structure from harmful heat. If they become brittle, began to split, solve the problem termosprey hair that it is appropriate to use twice a week, along with the pad. Changes on the face, and the hair will maintain the vitality, rich color and natural Shine. Below are the most popular, even endorsed by professional stylists. So:

  • model name mask Lakme Teknia Straight;
  • the price is 533 rubles;
  • features – recovery nutrition for hair manufacturer Lakme;
  • pros – quick and lasting effect, reasonable price, effectively when you work the hair straightener 130 degrees;
  • cons – not suitable for all hair types.

Another thermal protection, which can replace lotions and other means for the regular care of hair:

  • model name – leave-in spray-thermal protection Expert Styling from Oriflame;
  • price – 500 rubles;
  • features – contains antistatic agents, keratin, heat proofing agents;
  • advantages – long-term care, prevents hair damage, affordable price;
  • cons – not suitable for all types of strands.

Fluid-Shine with heat protection

It is a reliable care for unruly locks, additional advantage of which is its rich color, natural luster. This protection is suitable for all hair types, it is necessary to use not more than 2 times a week. Fluid-Shine hair heat protection is inexpensive, is the desired product for women who used to always look flawlessly. Below are cosmetics for the care of the strands of different countries manufacturers:

  • model name — Estel CUREX Brilliance;
  • price – 550 rubles;
  • features – 100 ml, for all hair types, fluid styling for adults;
  • pros – professional cosmetics, hypoallergenic product, manufacturer, low price;
  • cons – to use n more than 2 times a week.

Another fluid, is worthy of special attention:

  • model name — Schwarzkopf Professional fluid;
  • price – 600 rubles;
  • features – for hair, thermal protection 150 degrees, for all hair types;
  • advantages – operates for a long time, support the excellent of hair, is inexpensive;
  • cons – do not exist.

Hair oil with heat protection

It is an effective tool that prevents the thinning of the structure of the strands. Active herbal ingredients create a protective film on the hair that protects hair from dust, pollution, UV exposure and elevated temperatures. Heat hair oil works gently, removes static electricity, makes styling easy and painless, and the hair perfect. Here is the best position:

  • model name – L’oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited;
  • price – 1200 rubles;
  • features – nourishment and restoration for dry and colored hair;
  • pros – mild action, extra moisturizing, long-lasting action;
  • cons – high price.

Here is an alternative cosmetic:

  • model name — Moroccanoil Hair Types.
  • price – 1000 rubles;
  • characteristics, recovery, nutrition, strengthening, for all hair types;
  • pros – saturates strands with vitamins and retains water, creating an invisible protection;
  • cons – the ability to use not more than 2 times a week.

Cream — thermal protection for hair

It is an effective remedy for dry strands, which further require intensive nutrition. Heat hair cream is suitable for curly hair, making them supple and obedient, saturates color, nourishes with vitamins from the roots. To buy the cream with a heat-protective effect in the online store, the shipping is not expensive. Here is the best position in the specified direction:

  • model name — GKhair/ThermalStyleHer;
  • price – 1300 rubles;
  • features – reliable protection, softening curls and is suitable for coloured strands;
  • pros – food from the roots, strengthening follicles, obedient tresses, quick hairstyle modelling;
  • cons – high price.

Another cream with a similar cosmetic effect:

  • model name — wellaflex style and heat protection spray;
  • price – 300 rubles;
  • features – transparent liquid, 150 ml, working iron to a temperature of 230 degrees, manufacturer Vella;
  • pros – inexpensive, long-acting, retains the structure of the strands from damage;
  • cons – part of the Foam do not exist antistatic agents.

Shampoo with thermal protection

If a girl regularly uses the pad, that should take care of the protection of the hairstyle. Heat protection shampoo is a compromise solution, since they are characterized by a long effect, affordable price and ease of everyday use. If you buy this tool, dull strands will remain in the distant past, as hair will become renewed. Below are the sales leaders:

  • model name – Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive
  • price – 200 rubles;
  • features – nutrition, strengthening, moisture, protection, compliance of all types of hair;
  • pros – affordable price, the opportunity to buy in the Internet shop, lasting effect;
  • cons – does not fit all.

Here is another shampoo that is loved by modern women:

  • model name BC Bonacure Color Freeze Rich;
  • price – 1800 rubles;
  • characteristics – protection for all hair types, the lack of air conditioning, improvement of color;
  • pros – long lasting, economical consumption, strengthening the roots;
  • cons – high price.

Shampoo for hair thermal protection

Reviews of shoppers report that this remedy for economical consumption provides a stable and long-lasting effect. If you use a heat balm, the hair is not postradat from the harmful effects of high temperatures and ultraviolet light. When selecting products it is important to pay attention to composition, country of origin is also important. Here are good options for the regular care of brittle strands. You should start with lotion:

  • model name – Kapous Thermo barrier;
  • price – 400 rubles;
  • characteristics – medium to firm hold, thermal protection for fragile and damaged hair;
  • pros – affordable price, the minimum flow rate, suitable for everyday use;
  • cons – do not exist.

But the balm that protects hair from high temperatures:

  • model name – lisap milano;
  • price – 800 rubles;
  • features – for normal and dry hair intensive nourishment and strengthening of their structure;
  • pros – inexpensive, easy to use, long enough;
  • cons – do not exist.

Thermal protection for hair – rating

The recipe for the perfect hairstyle is extremely simple – choose a reliable termocamino that contains natural ingredients and provides a sparing effect on brittle and damaged strands. To facilitate the choice in the light of the wide range of professional lines of skin care cosmetics, below is a ranking of heat tools for hair, the best in the business:

  1. Estelle – professional line with a persistent effect. Thermal protection ensures the safety of the moisture in the locks, luster, density, color saturation. Works with iron to 200 degrees. Price – from 300 rubles and above.
  2. Vella – popular in the domestic market of the brand that blends in the ratio of «reasonable price, high quality.» Protection of hair provided, you can optionally use against ultraviolet radiation. Price – from 200 rubles.
  3. L’oreal – quick smooth even small curls, reliable protection against high temperatures. The brand offers a line of professional cosmetics, able to create flawless hairstyle. Cost – from 500 rubles.
  4. Avon is a famous brand, lotions and sprays which have a thermic effect. Curls not frizz, even a few days after using hair straightener. Avon offers daily protection of the strands at an affordable price. The cost of production – from 100 rubles.
  5. The matrix is, first of all, shampoos and sprays by thermal effect. Not only to straighten hair, but also protect them from damage and the harmful effects of precipitating factors. The prices are different, for example, air conditioning can be purchased for 220 rubles.
  6. Syoss is a reliable thermal protection in a roomy package. Not only smooths hair, but also establishes an updated hairstyle. The texture is sticky on the hands, but not noticeable on the strands. Suitable for all hair types. The cost is from 300 roubles.
  7. Schwarzkopf professional line that represents the Got2b heat protection spray, successfully «working» at a temperature of over 200 degrees. Operates effectively simulates hair long retains its original appearance. Price of the series Osis+ – from 350 rubles.
  8. Taft also offers the facility protection from high temperatures. This spray Taft beauty that is easy to find. Customer reviews positive, because at affordable price you can get a powerful strengthening of bulbs, long lasting effect. Price – 300 rubles.
  9. Glisskur – budget option, which also gathers positive reviews about the defensive line for the hair. It’s not just tools for pressing, but also for everyday hair care at an affordable price. Cost – from 100 roubles.
  10. Clean line products known on the domestic market n less than Estelle. Protective equipment act on the follicles on the entire length of the strands is spent economically, support the health of the hair. Cost – from 100 roubles.

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Anna, 35 years

I trust only a professional caring means. My choice of thermal protection for fragile hair — sprays Kapous Invisible Care and Ga.Ma Protect Ion. Pleasure is not cheap, but sparingly used, and the protective effect lasts for several days. It is better to buy quality products than to rush in choosing.

Marina, 30 years

For protection I use the shampoo bielita Vitex, more gel-silk «ROOT». It is an effective tools at affordable prices. Trust only to domestic producers, the choice of content. A lot of good reviews I read about batiste dry shampoo, but personally it is not tried in the sale are not met. Very interesting reviews tested.

Irina, 24 years

I bought a heat protection spray to Compliment that protects and restores the hair structure in just 100 rubles. The composition of the essential oil, so the action is soft and the strands become like silk. Happy with the result, although for me this cosmetic product does not come cheap. Tried Concept, but for me the effect is not the same.

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