Machine for polishing the hair and remove split ends — how to choose with the before and after photos, reviews and price

No matter how varied the requirements for the female form influenced by seasonal trends, healthy hair is the «trend» of always. Smooth, shiny fabric, devoid of split ends, broken sections and other problems – something to aspire to girls. Appeared on the market of cosmetic products machine for grinding hair promises to help.

What is polishing the hair

Some time ago, salons and private masters have begun to offer their clients haircuts hot scissors, which was supposed to help get rid of the cut ends, creating the effect of lamination of hair. This was especially true in the presence of layered hairstyles, where you can’t just cut a few centimeters smooth line. Appeared later polishing hair machine pursues the same goal, but is recognized as an improved version of the «hot haircut».

Key benefits of grinding machine:

  • Removing a few millimeters from the ends, which began to split less than 10 mm.
  • Accelerated process – 20-30 minutes vs a few hours for scissors.
  • The result is stored for a long time if properly care for your hair after the procedure.
  • In this polishing, no negative effects on the hair.

Polished hair salon

If you remember all methods of grinding, which can offer the customer in the barbershop, it will be not only the procedure with the use of machines, but also the use of hot scissors or a regular haircut, but the harness technology. The last 2 methods are used less frequently, after a proliferation of machine polishing hair at the beauty salon. When very thick and damaged source file, it can take 40 minutes, but it can’t compare with manual work, which requires 1.5-2 hours Effect on your hair will depend entirely on the Barber.

Polishing hair at home

The obvious difference between the procedure pursued by the master in the cabin, and that woman is trying to do yourself, not if you talk about work with the machine. Device for commercial and personal use the same sequence of actions too. The only reason polishing hair at home cannot completely replace cabin is some inconvenience in the procedure itself. The position of the hands, the angle of the clipper/scissors, the scope of the review – to be accustomed to them on the first attempt is not easy. The short hair did not succeed.

How is polishing the hair

Before the procedure the girl you need to wash your hair without using masks, etc. tools, but you can apply a little conditioner if the hair is actively tangled. Professionals recommend specifically for such cases to buy shampoo deep cleaning that prevents sebum productively other, so no damaged hairs will not stick to the rest and will not go unnoticed.

The main stages of the polishing hair clippers are as follows:

  1. From the whole dried (!) the masses chosen the bottom strand from the nape, while the rest of stabs at the top, so as not to interfere.
  2. She pulled a pad (if the procedure from home) or a special comb (in the cabin) and is placed in a special compartment the grinding machines, where they should lie flat.
  3. The site from which to begin work (the ends, mid-length, roots, etc.), the wizard selects, based on the state of the material before him. It only affects require in the grinding space.
  4. On selected strands are passed up to 5 times (minimum 3) to remove split ends without missing a beat. The movement is made traditionally from the top down, so as not to damage the scales.
  5. The treated strand is released, the machine starts the following. Steps 3-5 are repeated for the entire head.
  6. If necessary, the wizard holds the trim length to update the client’s hairstyle, and always gets on the tips of special care, «sealing» the result.

What you need for polishing the hair

Tools for straightening (hair dryer with brush or pad) of the majority of women because they are versatile and suitable for a whole list of hairstyles, because you don’t have to remind you. It is more important to buy a special device that polishing the hair will fail is a machine with a special attachment that keeps the treated strand in the correct position. Some hairdressers say that for the procedure you need to purchase a good expensive camera, but most are inclined to believe that you can do with a standard razor, complemented by a special nozzle.

Nozzle for polishing the hair

The name «HG Polishen» every woman knows, which studied the possibility of holding home grinding started to split ends. However, there are other tips for polishing the hair: they all have approximately the same view, made mostly of plastic. Their only obvious difference is the width, which is selected according to parameters of the machines that you plan to «dress» for work and material:

  • Nozzle of stainless steel better at keeping a lock, but it can injure the hair.
  • Simple steel requires frequent sharpening.
  • High quality plastic is lightweight, inexpensive, harmless, but inconvenient.

Clipper split ends

A device that produces a primary action, does not have to be expensive: even some famous artists have used simple machines for men’s haircuts. The only thing that matters is the device for removal of split ends of hair should be the same across the width of the blade unit with a nozzle. According to the girls, equally convenient to use and inexpensive equipment from the hardware store, and focused on professionals. The latter will differ only in the quality of steel, the ability to change blades and more advanced features, which when polished role-play.

As a machine for polishing the hair

The advantage of grinding a special device before the scissors even cut and no burning hot surfaces, which reduces the probability of a new cut ends, it is not drying even at the lowest temperature. The main burden in carrying out this procedure lies on the nozzle where it is exhausted strand and after a particular manner deformed.

The principle of operation of the machine at polishing:

  1. The strand is bent and divided into several sections simultaneously processas while driving, resulting in damaged ends become visible to the naked eye.
  2. The top is traversed polishing machine for hair cutting serrated blade is all that stands out. Due to the reliable fixation she can’t move out on the healthy part, so length is not affected.
  3. For reliability, the strand a few more times is introduced into the nozzle to Polish it as clean.

Polished hair — the pros and cons

Visually, this procedure is continuous use for female beauty. Half an hour of wasted time, and perfect hair, like ads ready. If we consider the pros and cons of polishing the hair, the latter almost absent – harm she inflicts. The only real disadvantage, which focuses on the barbers is the inadmissibility of its conduct with the active hair loss and weakening (including thinning), and the lack of meaning run the owners of curly hair.

The same factors that play in favour of polishing machine, much more if the procedure was correct:

  • There is no need to check the condition of the tips of about six months (some women – only 3 months).
  • The removal efficiency of split plots – over 90%.
  • Addressing the problems with mental confusion and difficulty in combing hair.
  • Perfectly smooth not cut for graduated haircuts.

Leading hairdressers unanimously affirm that the polishing machine is needed most. Especially for those who have hair:

  • often colored;
  • exposed to termopribor;
  • genetically prone to breakage;
  • moved Perm;
  • suffer from dryness due to external or internal factors.

How to choose machine for hair

If we are talking about the nozzle, then it picked up mainly by the width and material of manufacture, and here to find high quality machine for polishing hair harder. It makes sense to pay attention not so much on price as on:

  • the type of power supply (mains/battery);
  • power;
  • material production;
  • modes;
  • ergonomics.

Head-hair polisher

When you select this tool, see the quality of the material, which affects the value. Be sure to consider the width of your cars, check the list of devices that support it (respecting the manufacturer lists them in the instructions). Look to the following options:

  • Smooth Hair Polishen. The material for making the nozzle – plastic, oriented to the width of the blade unit of 4.5-4.6 cm Additionally attached the knives to the machine. The drawback to Moscow goes only through intermediaries, because it comes from the Ukraine. Price from 1,500 p.
  • HG polishen 2 is characterized by an increase in the number of clamping plates, security locks strand and smaller internal ridges better share it. To hold the hair during polishing is not necessary. Designed for the blade unit of 4.5-4.7 cm wide. Price – 1700-2000 R.
  • Split&Razor – a plastic nozzle on a machine with a width of 45 mm, the technical characteristics similar to the others. Cost – 1400 R.


If you use a complex construction of machines (razor) and nozzles at home uncomfortable, you might consider polishing the combs, ready to do everything for you. It has a compact size, rests comfortably in the hand, and cut the split portions remain in the inner chamber which was purged after the procedure. The device works as a standard trimmer, and with him there is no need to do hair straightening before grinding.

Attention are:

  • Split Ender Pro from Talavera, the cost of which is $ 250 (at the current exchange rate is about 15,000 p.). American machine for polishing the hair in the form of a comb. Disadvantage – can only be ordered in the online store. Received positive feedback from leading foreign hairdressers.
  • Comb-polisher Split Ender (1400-2000 p.). Takes 6-13 mm length, power source – AAA batteries, body made of cheap plastic. American copy machines for polishing the hair.
  • Machine for split ends Fasiz (2900-3700 R.). More high-quality analog Split Ender, which has extended functionality: operates from the mains (220 volts). Power 60-200 watts has adjustable thermostat. In the kit bag for transportation. Case material – ceramic.

Machine polisher for split ends

The main device, which carries out the procedure of liquidation of damaged areas, it could be the budget. Professional machines have only one advantage – they can have special nozzles for the polishing complete, and several types. The best of them:

  • Mozer EasyStyle. Country of origin-Germany, you can buy it on the official website. Complete steel head for polishing and 5 different options for haircuts. Knives steel, battery powered.
  • Expert Dewal. Budget option of polishing machines, which is charged from a special platform. Has several modes of speed.
  • Oster. All the cars of this brand are suitable for polishing the hair, named the most popular model 76616-910. Power supply, knives with a width of 4.6 cm (universal for attachments).

Price of machine for polishing the hair

To predict the cost of such a device difficult if you don’t define the model. Even the professional machine to Polish hair, can be expensive, and as you add functionality will increase in price. Below are the models with blade widths 46 mm (i.e., for the polishing of nozzles). Some online stores may charge additional money for shipping, especially outside the Moscow ring road that is not reflected in this table, t is calculated individually.

Name Price

Moser Li+Pro 0050

10150-10500 R.

Moser Chrome Style Pro

9100-9700 R.

Oster 76616-910

6400-7100 R.

Moser Primat 0051

4300-4600 R.

Dewal 03-828

2900-3400 R.

Video: the Whole truth about Polish hair


Tatiana, 27 years:

Succumbed to good reviews, bought on Aliexpress the nozzle (the Chinese equivalent of Khair grinder) to a trimmer to use as a machine for polishing the hair. Was afraid to put on my old Scarlett refuses, but problems arose. To make myself not very convenient, but the functionality of the nozzles from China is not worse than the HG polishen.

Alena, 22 years:

Decided to make a polishing head of hair, bought on the official website Split Ender, given 3 thousand roubles. Nonsense! Cars from Aliexpress the same, and the price is lower. To hurt the hair can not, curly is more convenient to handle than scissors. However, the result description and promotional photos of the reviews does not match – skips cross section of the tips of the curls.

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