Hair tinting means of the procedure and how to do at home photo

Toning allows women to transform their appearance, to give the hair the desired gloss and brightness of color. Before deciding on a change of image is not superfluous to know everything about the procedure: how often can tint hair, what color to choose and what is the cost of funds.

What is the tone of hair

Tinted hair is to treat them with a special solution, which does not contain ammonia, that is, the technology of painting is more gentle in comparison with resistant inks. Tonic shallowly penetrates into the structure of the curl, doesn’t change its molecular formula, but only firmly fixed on the surface, creating the desired tone. For this reason, the tonic quickly washed off and is harmless to the strands.

Hair tinting at home

To change the image, refresh the hair and to emphasize the richness of natural colors on their own. An important point in this case – to choose the right tonic. Selecting means for toning of hair, it is necessary to give preference to the paint, which has no ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. It is a potent substances, which are often used for long-term staining.

To tinted hair at home you not created new problems, do not rush tonic for the entire length of the hair, and make a test painting on a single strand. Separate curl behind the ear or on top, apply the paint and wait for the result. If everything is fine and the color suits you, then you can safely apply the rest of the entire length of hair.

Toning of dark hair

Easy now the paint is not able to block or lighten the black color completely. However, it has its advantages. Become a true,bright blonde will not work, but to make the color more vibrant, expressive still possible. To do this, the hairdressers, resort to some tricks: hair color technique Ombre, Shatush or do Balaj.

Below is the painting looked in the photo effectively, and the selected strands of hair clearly stood out, dark areas tinted. For this purpose we choose the paint, which is 1-2 tones darker than your natural shade. Toning for dark hair has several stages:

  1. First, the master head is zoned into several sections, separating the strands are painted.
  2. Then the colorless toner is applied at the roots without touching the highlights.
  3. To secure the color, the composition is maintained between 30 to 40 minutes.
  4. If necessary, shampoo a tonic and is applied on the light areas, to remove the yellowness and play on the difference between colors.

Toning blonde hair

To give a beautiful shade of blond curls, first you need to determine your color type: warm or cold. Women with light strands cool shade you should pay attention to the tonic, pearl, silver, wheat, ash, or smoky tones. Toning blonde hair warm type will be more successful, if the paint is of the following colors:

  • honey;
  • mustard;
  • caramel;
  • copper;
  • shade «Golden nut».

Toning gray hair

Semi-permanent dye or toner, as in the case with dark streaks, do not paint over the gray hair, but can significantly improve the appearance of hair. Tinted gray hair goes well with the colors silver, grey, pearl or pastel shade. If gray hair is still not completely covered the head, then you can select the tool on 1-2 shades darker than natural color. To choose I just: on the back side of a dye pack.

Toning black hair

For toning black hair don’t have to do a trendy coloring in the style of Ombre or Balaj. Shampoo and conditioners perfectly accentuate the depth of the natural color will add richness and a healthy glow. For black curls palettes Estelle and Duracell need to pay attention to the following shades:

  • Chestnut is suitable for women with beautiful brown shade of hair.
  • Red copper – ideal for those who want to give the curls a beautiful copper glow.
  • Bordeaux and eggplant – will add to the base color of fashion purple and red hues.

Toning red hair

Either in salon or at home radically change red color will not work. The problem lies in the dense natural pigment of the hair, which even through several layers of bleaching powder the balm will appear after the first wash. The maximum that will give a toning red hair:

  • Will allow to set off the natural color, make it fresh and bright. Please note these colors: copper gold, mahogany, red copper, cinnamon.
  • To make a colorless painting to restore the structure. To carry out such a procedure is possible only in the barbershop or salon.

Toning bleached hair

For toning blindirovannye hair specialists recommend to choose a paint that is close to natural shades:

  • Blondes with warm color curls you should choose a medium Golden hues: caramel or champagne.
  • Cool shades accentuate the tonic, smoky, pearl, silver or white dye.
  • For a uniform distribution of colors after bleaching, experts recommend to toned strands with a mixture of a few tonics, similar to the color used when highlighting.

Toning blonde hair

The lucky owners of natural blonde curls. They can not only set off your natural color, but also to radically change its image in just a few steps using toning tools:

  • To dye my hair from blonde to brunette helps tonics chestnut, caramel or chocolate color.
  • To give blonde curls luster after dyeing can means wheat, ash or smoky color.
  • Toning blonde hair balms and sprays shampoos that are close in color to the natural, will help to restore the color after bleaching or long exposure to the sun.
  • Than tint hair after bleaching? Should try colors that 1-2 pitch different from the natural shade.

How to make hair colouring at home

Procedure for temporary colouring is so simple that you can hold the back of the house. For this you must strictly adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Carefully wash the head with shampoo, but do not apply conditioner or mask.
  2. Dilute toners in a plastic bowl. Brush to apply along the entire length.
  3. To keep the paint needs to be from 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the desired result.
  4. After the procedure, the curls need to wash in warm water, without using detergents.

To achieve an optimal result before toned hair at home, you should not use henna or Basma, a few months before the procedure. Do not experiment with color and when split ends and the hair too thin and fragile. Better a few weeks before toning to energize their masks, firming balms and conditioners, and split ends to cut.

Tinting paint for the hair

On the market today, you can find a lot of tonics, similar in composition and principle of operation. The main difference between them is price and quality. Professional hair colorists recommend to always prefer the known and trusted brands. They can choose in the catalog, inexpensive to buy in the online store and order the store products at hair care. A summary table of prices will help determine the choice.

Paint for toning hair


Color palette


Londacolor and professional

Contains wax, keratin microspheres. Provides gentle coloring with gray coverage up to 50%.

Palette includes 40 shades

From 400 to 800 rubles.


Suitable for easy painting, the composition does not contain ammonia. Estelle lightens and removes the discoloration.

Contains up to 60 shades of paint

From 300 to 600 rubles.


Ensures long lasting 2-3 weeks. Available in the form Todorovich shampoos, masks and balms.

The palette consists of 40 shades.

From 300 to 500 rubles.


Suitable for kamuflirovannaya Grays, ensuring uniform color in 2-3 weeks.

Includes up to 60 colors.

From 200 to 500 rubles.

Hair tinting in salon

In comparison with home coloring, professional hair tinting gives a more precise and quality results. Master not only properly mix and apply paint, but still recommend a more suitable shade and tell how to toned the hair yourself. Overall toning salon is divided into several types:

  • Intense – toning is performed by means of addition of ammonia. The effect of this staining lasts up to 2 months, but more harmful. Using such a dye, make bleaching, highlighting and coloring.
  • Gentle – to preserve the color up to 1 month and the products used do not contain a part of the aggressive component.
  • Light tone – tint 1 week. For coloring use the tint sprays, mousses, gels, or colored shampoos.

The price of hair tinting

How much is the tinting of the hair salons not only depends on the region you live in and the chosen method of painting and length. In the Moscow region average pricing is as follows:

  • For persistent staining of the long strands have to give up to 9000 rubles, short paint just for 2000-3000 rubles.
  • Tinted highlighted hair will cost you 1000 – 3000 rubles.
  • The cost of painting the strands of light tonic reaches the range of 200 rubles.

Video: toning yellow hair


Margarita, 34 years

After the holidays, wanted to bring his head up. Had done over strands a lot of experiments: dyed in various colors, clarified, dried with a Hairdryer and leveled the pad. Looked a lot of photos on the Internet with the finished result and decide on the procedure. Strands – obedient, soft and perfectly smooth.

Anton, 29 years old

They say that painting the head men is nonsense. I believe that it’s all prejudice. Use in the home tonic Estelle for many years and no one even notices the difference. Plus, I have had dandruff and hair more resistant to pollution – I’m washing my hair only 1 time a week.

Eugene, 37 years

They say that tinted strands harmful. I thought so, until recently, has not yet decided to protonirovanie. Inside, I did the coloring but to remove the pink tint bleached strands, had toning. Was pleased with the result at 100 percent and not even found any 1 minus procedure.

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