Haircut hair caret with bangs and without — a women’s fashion hairstyles for short and medium hair photo

Every year the urgency of cutting the caret is gaining momentum. Stylists are constantly looking for the perfect combination of the latest trends and the canonical silhouette, regularly presenting many choices of classic hairstyles. Square haircut meets the expectations of fashionistas of all times and peoples.

Technology haircuts caret

Haircut got its name thanks to the original form similar to a military corps which is built in a square. Characterized by the classic hairstyle precision cut around the face. Initially, it was straight shoulder length hair. After almost a hundred years hairstyle has many variations. Now the haircut based on quads with the help of technological features and a different geometry can emphasize the best in a woman: sensual lips, big eyes, beautiful cheekbones. For a good master technology caret haircuts without bangs is pretty simple:

  1. You need to divide the head into vertical and horizontal zones. Then start cutting from the bottom with the back of his head.
  2. Then narrow strands split horizontally, guided by the first cut. It will determine the length of the future hairstyles. The cutting line should be clearly parallel to the floor.
  3. Gradually clipped the rest mass of hair at the level of the control strands. At the time you graduation. If you want the hair curled outward or inward, leaving the strands of the inner or outer contour longer.
  4. If you need bangs, it is made to last. The main idea that carries the haircut caret – perfect symmetry, coming from the main parting (vertical) to the side.

Elongated quads

This is a very fashionable version of the haircut, as it is ideal for all women who dream of long hair but don’t want laying spend a lot of time. Shorn of the caret on the elongation is different, so the number of possible styling options are huge. It’s the perfect choice for fashionistas who want to experiment with different images, without sacrificing long locks.

Who is the caret to long? The haircut is perfect for women with different body and hair structure. Especially win chubby girls and holders with rectangular face shapes. Hairstyle visually smoothes the cheekbones and facial proportions, making them harmonious. It is not advisable to combine the extended version with the curls – hairstyle don’t achieve the desired effect.


This haircut can do for hair of different lengths. Hair cut Bob with graduation and for a touch of elegance masters often make the angle when the rear strand is shorter than the front. The level of haircuts is at your cheekbones. Classic haircut Bob suggests shoulder-length hair, including bangs, and the presence in places of transition of the ladder. For owners of curly hair – this haircut, because it will look sloppy, giving the image of femininity, playfulness.

The caret on the leg

This type of hairstyle is very common, as is the fashion today among business women.Haircut caret on the leg unpretentious in styling, it is possible to go to a restaurant or to negotiate. Characteristic hairstyles is an open back. Due to the short back length, the rest of the hair visually looks bigger. Perfect hair on the leg to owners of oval or elongated face shape. It is not necessary to select the full image girls, because the cut opens the back and a curvy shape better hide under long hair.

Graduated caret

Grooming is very different from the classics. Graded immediately stands out due to its pronounced form. Female haircuts caret with graduations suitable for all types of persons, as the professional can always pick up for girls the best way, playing with the hair length. The basis of hair is the standard scheme of podstrigli, but the bottom layer should be layered cut, creating a small vortex. Kare with graduations lends elegant volume to the strands of medium length. The wizard can also make a three-dimensional crown or the nape, concealing certain defects of appearance.

Graduated caret with bangs

Haircut combines cascade and classic square silhouette. Stylist first creates a basic framework and then elaborates on the principle strands of the ladder. So the hair on top of it is shorter the lower row, thereby forming a false volume. Bangs gives the image of femininity, playfulness, softness. She can get a haircut with extension, short, arched, or asymmetrically. Graduated caret with bangs is a versatile choice, but it’s the way it looks on a round or square face. A great base to create short bangs and jagged edges – a bit unruly strands.

Skew quads

This type of hairstyle looks sassy, ultramodern, unusual. Oblique caret prefer young girls, because the image is memorable. Haircut is performed on the basis of the classic version, but is the difference in the length of the strands from both sides of the face. Available oblique option not all masters, since the transition from long hair to short needs to be very smooth. The structure of the hair shaft plays a huge role in this hairstyle. Looks great oblique haircut four of a kind, wavy or perfectly smooth strands.

The classic Bob

The timeless charm of retro this classic Bob at the shoulders. This haircut always leaves room for creative experiments. For any modern woman can pick the perfect look:

  • to balance a high forehead, you need to trim the bangs;
  • if the face is elongated, to make it more harmonious will help length haircut just below the chin;
  • when the neck of the woman’s massive and big, it is better to choose the classic version up to the shoulders;
  • if the girl is too sharp facial features, it helps give the hair volume, the thinning of the ends;
  • broad cheekbones will help to hide the elongation of the strands.

Dual quads

This option haircuts is rare, and its distinctive feature is two-level slicer. Thanks to this technique the hair is kind of short Bob, superimposed on the elongated strand. The unpopularity of cutting due to the long hair. However, the double caret has a lot of advantages. Hairstyle is suitable for women with thin hair structure. Due to the basal thinning strands look really thick. Mature women suitable option haircuts with soft contour, and the young ladies can cut the step and make a ragged ends.

French caret

Hairstyle conquering its appeal. French caret highlights the charm of any face shape, emphasizing the femininity. Variations of this haircut combines aerial structure and layering. The main feature of the French version hairstyles is a short head, flat head and a graduated strand. Hair length is arbitrary, from ultra short to long. All versions of this haircut under the caret look great. The ideal length of the French style – medium, because it is possible to experiment different images.

Volume Kare

New popular haircuts occupies a leading position (the proof is the pictures of models). Because every woman dreams of having thick hair, the stylists gave the opportunity to all, making the bulk of the caret. In addition to the graduated haircut to create a splendor plays a major role painting and hair styling. Visual volume will create staining strands in two colors: dark roots and light ends (Ombre, blur the line between blondes and brunettes). Use a mousse for styling and blow-dryer with a round comb will lead to the desired result.

Asymmetric caret

How to make caret to hairstyle was trendy? The answer is simple: perform the asymmetry. Shorn asymmetric caret based on the classical version, and then for the professional there comes a time for creativity. You can make one side shorter or lengthen bangs below the level of the whole haircut. The great value has the way of cutting strands, trim sideburns, type of bangs. The master must have a lot of experience to choose the right asymmetry and the face of the girl. The highlight will be and skillful coloring, for example, laminating visually emphasize the density of hair.

Kare haircut for long hair

Long hair style for many years at the peak of popularity. Women not paying attention to fashion trends, this haircut without radical steps to success change your image. Kare haircut for long hair provides a unique opportunity to look different. Standard hairstyles – long hair with straight bangs. But modern women often choose haircut with long bangs, because it is universal. With proper styling elongated front strands help to correct the shape of the face, to give her hair a strict business look or stylish evening look.

Kare haircut for medium hair

Cleopatra wore this type of hairstyle. Modern women also choose it because of versatility. Caret medium length is suitable for all ages, any structure of hair and different type of person. Hairstyle harmonizes perfectly with any kind of bangs, straight locks, soft curls, cool curls. Regardless of hair color, whether blonde, black or red, with correct selection of style haircuts and styling, any woman will look chic. Stylists recommend to choose:

  • for triangle face hair cut shoulder-length and experiment with strands of hair of different lengths;
  • with round face shape is ideal graded slice;
  • an elongated narrow face thick short bangs;
  • wide cheekbones hide laying wrapped inside tips.

Kara for short hair

This option haircuts are popular among stars. On the covers of fashion magazines you can often see photos of Victoria Beckham or Rihanna with another variation of the caret on short hair. To look impressive, you need to know the features of your face. To visually elongate oval, it is better to cut out the top cap, and the front to leave the longer strands. Square chin it is easy to compensate for asymmetry, and a diamond shaped face with angular chin will balance curvy Bob.

Four of a kind on curly hair

For kucheria better choose a long Bob that is easy to put to one side. Fashionistas will perfectly suit a secondary caret at curly hair in combination with various types of bangs. They give the woman a romantic way. Layered haircut is also a great option to stand out from the crowd. It will enhance the natural curls and soften facial features. Besides, this hairstyle is very easy to lay without the use of mousse and hair dryer. In the photo salons of the masterpieces you can see many choices of classic hairstyles for curly hair.

Kare for fine hair

Small thickness of the hair shaft significantly spoil the look of any hairstyle, so women with this problem is difficult to grow long locks. Stylists know how to fix injustice, so I advise you to do quads for fine hair, made in a variety of variations. The ideal option would be hair to mid-neck, which is straight cut and a slight lengthening of the front. Haircut visually increase hair density, accentuate beneficial cheekbones, podkorrektirovatj face shape. Plus, this hairstyle – the maximum ease of installation.

Video: how to put the caret

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