Facial contouring with before and after photos, reviews and prices, the drugs for the procedure

Contouring is one of the ways to preserve the beauty of the face and body without surgery. This cosmetic procedure not only helps to smooth out wrinkles, but also makes the skin soft, radiant, fresh. And that’s not all its benefits.

What is facial contouring

Contouring is a procedure that allows you to adjust the facial features with special fillers that are injected under the skin. As fillers often used hyaluronic acid. Result from rejuvenation hyaluronic acid persisted for 8-16 months. Its duration depends on what you use the gel, with what degree of density. Capsules are injected under the top layer of skin in small doses, which helps to create the illusion of growth, but still retain natural facial expressions.

Lip contouring

Many women turn to a cosmetic clinic wanting to correct the contour of the lips with hyaluronic acid. Lip contouring with hyaluronic acid can make them more voluminous and expressive, to increase or pump up. Correction of the contour of the lips as the procedure of facial rejuvenation in General – gentle and safe. Before you pump up the lip hialuronowy or Botox, the physician should ensure that you do not have Allergy to the drug. Only then he makes a shot, introducing the fillers into the problem areas of the lips. The result from the increase will be pleased with just.

Contouring nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds make the face sullen. With age the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases, the skin on the face becomes thinner. Conventional cosmetic procedure will not help here, but contouring nasolabial folds can easily cope with this drawback. Mesotherapy is a painless, because before and after the doctor to treat the area of nasolabial folds, cheek special cream, and may, if necessary, offer the patient pain medication. The procedure gives good result, which is stored at least six months.

Contouring cheekbones

The contouring of the cheekbones are women who have sagging cheeks or just want to form their face was more elongated. Expressive, artfully contoured cheekbones haunts, and even lasting make-up is not able to provide long-lasting results. Contouring cheekbones – a modern, and importantly, safe way to get the cheekbones of your dreams. Apply for mesotherapy, the same fillers are filled with collagen or hyaluronic acid. Treatment using these drugs is virtually painless, and the result is 6-12 months.

Contouring of the nose

This procedure is analogous to rhinoplasty not only involves surgical intervention, does not injure the skin and bone. Due to the contouring of the nose can be:

  • to align a deviated septum;
  • to remove the hump and other irregularities;
  • to adjust the tip of the nose;
  • to change its width, form;
  • increase the nose;
  • to get rid of scars.

After the introduction into the skin injectable gel gialuronka, he fills in the problem areas, eliminating the asymmetry. Contour lasts no longer than forty minutes, and the result after it is stored for two years. Another advantage of the procedure is that it is absolutely safe and suited for everyone who is not allergic to use drugs.

Contour nasolacrimal furrow

Nasolacrimal groove becomes more pronounced after 35 years. Many women wanting to preserve their youth and beauty, decide on the contouring of nasolacrimal furrow. Injectable fillers are used having a higher density. Instead of cream anesthetic may be used an injection of lidocaine. Contouring does the nasolacrimal groove is less visible, the smoothing of facial wrinkles, become invisible dark circles under the eyes, and the skin acquires firmness and youthfulness. Such a beautiful and young this area for at least a year.

Contouring of the chin

Contouring helps to correct the face oval, to make it more clear, symmetrical, to eliminate laxity and folds, especially on the neck and in the décolleté zone. It’s kind of a facelift but without the surgery. For contouring of the chin are used capsules gialuronka. The result of rejuvenation lasts about three years and depends on appearance of the skin. This procedure has no contraindications, as long as the patient had no Allergy to drugs used.

Contour eyes

Another cosmetic technique, which can slow the aging process – contour the eye. This area is very vulnerable because of age-here is reduced the amount of subcutaneous fat. Eyes look sunken, get bags, sagging eyelids, in the corners formed «crow’s» feet. From these problems helps to flush the method that is used in cosmetic injections, including Botox. Doing can any woman not satisfied with her appearance and how she looks in the photos – there is no specific contraindications or prohibitions.

Intimate contour plastic

It is a kind of aesthetic medicine, which helps the woman to again become confident in its appeal, because intimate relationships are an important part of our lives. Intradermal correction, which is carried out using an intimate gel, safe and painless, does not involve the recovery period, and the result is stored for several years. There are several types of intimate contouring: the clitoris, large and small labia. Perhaps as they increase and decrease.

Preparations for contouring

Modern drugs used for cosmetic injections are quick and effective. Over time they are absorbed, excreted without causing any harm to the skin. Popular among them:

  • Ellanse;
  • Stylage;
  • Cosmogel;
  • Juvederm;
  • Surgiderm;
  • Restylane;
  • Radiesse;
  • Perlane;
  • Belotero;
  • Belkontur;
  • Botox and others.

Sometimes they can be used in combination with each other. Many drugs for contouring the face, including Surgiderm, based on hyaluronic acid, which enters into the cell structure of the skin. For this reason, plastic face shape is considered a very safe procedure without side effects and negative consequences for the organism.

The price of contour plastics

Many women resort to plastic surgery more often than talking about it, secretly, because the pursuit of beauty is not to hold down high prices. The table below shows that the amount for the procedure are both modest and impressive:

The center for plastic surgery and cosmetology «Dr. Grishkino»

14000 R.

Eurasian clinic «EA Clinic»

from 600 p.

The network of clinics of aesthetic medicine «Grand Clinic»

from 1200 p.

Israeli center of hardware cosmetology «Bathsheba»

from 3000 rubles

Clinic of aesthetic medicine «Medestet»

price from 4000 to 42 000 RUB.

European hospital plastic surgery and laser cosmetology «ANDREY ISKORNEV»

from 5000 R.

Hospital of plastic surgery and cosmetology Institute of beauty

from 6,000 to 12,000 R.

Video: facial contouring with hyaluronic acid


Irina, 42 years

This procedure helped me to keep my relationship with my husband. One day, looking at your photo, I realized that much older. Because of my appearance, our relationship with her husband deteriorated, I realized that I no longer attract him as a woman. Deciding on biorevitalisation, I made the right choice. Now I likes me again for yourself and your beloved.

Olga, 25 years

Due to congenital anomalies I was too shy to start a relationship with the opposite sex. But then I read about filling sexual organs, and decided on the introduction of the gel. The doctor told me that it’s perfectly safe. The injection was successful, and I am no longer afraid to have sex with my boyfriend, can live a full sex life as my friends.

Tatiana, 38 years

I was never satisfied with the shape of my nose – it was too asymmetrical. I have repeatedly read that this procedure is painless and without surgery. I went to the clinic, the doctor suggested to increase my nose with the help of the drug Surgiderm. After the procedure I look younger than five years, especially in the photo.

Tamara, 35

I always had a complex about her cheekbones. Recently I decided to do plastic surgery. I injected under the skin of the capsule with collagen. I didn’t even feel like it was. The result from mesotherapy pleasantly surprised, I literally changed, became more confident, and the cost pleased.

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