Bio-lamination of hair — how to make at home with before and after photos, the price of the procedure in the salon

Every woman knows that to look after hair you need to carefully throughout life. Bio-lamination is a great option for those who wish to give your hair vitality, so they look well-groomed, natural, silky and voluminous. Women or girls who wish to change the color, you should pay close attention to the color of the bio-lamination.

What bio-lamination of hair

If nature has not endowed you with thick hair – there are a great way to make skin texture smooth, shiny, luxurious. Bio-lamination of hair is a procedure in which every hair is covered with a cellulose composition, saturated with nutrients, so that they acquire a beautiful, healthy appearance. Bioluminesce will return the Shine to the curls that were bleached, underwent the process of perming or badly stained. This procedure gives new life to the hair, promotes their recovery.

Color bio-lamination of hair

If you wish to return to their natural color or to forget about the paint, spoiling the structure of the hair, the optimal solution will be colored bio-lamination. As transparent bio-lamination, color also promotes strengthening of the hair. You need to understand that it’s not a cure and cannot be. To obtain the desired color palette is used consisting of 7 shades. The result lasts up to 4 weeks.

Bio-lamination of hair at home

To perform the bio-lamination in the home, you need to buy a special set, which includes bilaminar, necessary tools and tools. These sets are produced by such brands as Moltobene, Constant Delight, and even in specialized stores sold by amazing serum from hair loss Concept. All the brands provide a diverse palette from which you can select the desired color. Thanks to the bio-lamination is possible to straighten curly hair.

Means for bioluminescene at home:

  • have original sprays that can be applied to clean hair, but they have a big disadvantage: laying works until you wash your head;
  • negative effects can result when using the mask made of gelatin: when combing collagen, which contains in substance, affects hair roots;
  • to effect effective, you should buy a professional set where you already have everything you need.

Doing this procedure at home professional set, you need to follow the following rules:

  • read the instructions for use;
  • evenly part the hair, try not to get them on the skin of the head to avoid needed treatment;
  • soak the part on the head so many minutes as specified in the regulations;
  • put on head plastic wrap or cap, and the thermal effect can provide a simple Hairdryer.

Means for bioluminescene hair

Specialty shops offer their clients to purchase the professional kits of the following trademarks:

  1. Lebel Cosmetics. This TM contains only natural substances, vitamins and amino acids. His recipe for the composition of the company holds in strict confidence, that the price of a set of tools for bioluminescene hair this brand high. Means Lebel Cosmetics make phytolamination hair, after which they become healthy and shiny.
  2. The set of the Russian brand Estel comes with a shampoo, nano-gel, lotion to freeze spray and a special serum.
  3. American brand Matrix adds to your money soybeans and wheat germ. Composition hypoallergenic. Funds from this company stimulate growth, prevent dandruff. Kit contains toner, conditioner, cream laminate, lotion, straightening cream and the activator. According to the company, the effect of Shine and elasticity lasts 6-7 weeks.
  4. Italian brand Kemon has created its own recipe, which includes liquid cellulose film, avocado oil, bamboo extract (due to such structure is even and treatment). Magnesia, part of, provides the necessary heat when in contact with water, which gives the effect of the steam bath. Acts 4-6 weeks.

Bio-lamination of hair – before and after

Then you can make sure that the curls look healthy and shiny looking at the photos before and after bioluminescene. Some of the results are striking: the hairs that were brittle and dry, after the procedure became much healthier, started to emit a Shine, bringing their hostesses admiration. The photo shows that this procedure is done for long, medium and short tresses. After this procedure, you can give new life to your tresses.

The price of bio-lamination of hair

The cost of bioluminescene in Moscow are different depending on hair, length, location and popularity of the salon. Girls and women are free to choose any of the signs, but expensive is not always better budget. The prices shown below, implications of the lamination is always visible even to a layman:

type/length short average long
transparent from 1200 p. from 1500 R. from 2000 R.
phytolamination (colour) from 2000 R. from 2500 p. of 4000 p

Video: Japanese hair lamination


Natalia, 28 years

Bio-lamination has saved my curls, they began to look far. I have naturally curly and I love straight, to distinguish it from the others. Before the procedure I had a feeling that hair on my head grow heavy, but after it was gone. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on alignment.

Sonia, 25 years

Before I decided to write this review, took photos before and after bioluminescene. After this wonderful treatment, hair began to look like supermodels from magazines. I bought the kit, did it myself at home, the result exceeded all expectations. In the cabin could turn out even better, but for me the price much bite.

Ekaterina, 32

My review about bio-lamination of hair will be positive. It is well suited for those who have weak and thin tresses, who had often discolor who are not satisfied with their thickness. Sometimes women just don’t immediately notice the effect until you compare the photos as they were before. It is a good protection for the scalp.

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