Heated insoles electric battery and chemical — where to buy and how to choose with pictures and prices

With the arrival of winter for many permafrost in the legs is becoming a significant problem. Modern industry offers a great solution – insoles with avtopanorama: batteries, removable batteries and wireless. A brief overview of the most popular products will help determine the choice.

Heated insoles battery

  1. Warming insoles ThermaCell foot with a removable battery and heated – Xlarge.
  • To order through the Yandex Market – 15790 roubles if to buy in online store Heated Insoles – 7350 roubles.

The universal model of insoles Termosel with minimize self-heating is significantly different from its predecessors. To replace the batteries do not need to get the insole of the Shoe, the cap to replace the battery located on the outboard side under the heel. Li-ion battery provides full operation of the device for 5 hours of wear. The weight of the insole is 550 grams and full size gross 46 corresponds to the size of the foot.


  • Adapt to any size Shoe.
  • Included is a MicroUSB cable/USB.
  • Upper material waterproof reusable insoles.


  • Cover to change batteries during prolonged walking can deliver significant discomfort.
  1. Heated insoles battery WarmSpace SE322LA.
  • Price when ordering through the catalog Yandex Market – 3750 rubles, aliexpress – 1450 rubles.

Termostali firms WarmSpace equipped with two batteries that attach to the leg using a special retainer. The electrical cord is located on the side of each insole. It is not a hindrance when walking and reduces the possibility of rubbing the feet. Itself is the heating element made of carbon. Battery capacity 2200МАН will warm your feet 3-6 hours.


  • The operation of the thermostat is regulated by the color indicators: red – full charge, orange 75%, green – 50%. If the lamp is not lit, the battery is discharged.
  • There are lines which help the buyer to regulate the size of the insole.


  • The thickness of the insole reaches the size of 5 mm.
  • You want long press button to enter the adjustment system supply.

Heated insoles battery powered

  1. Insoles battery powered RedLaika RL-ST-AA Russian-made heated.
  • Price on Yandex Market – 1195 roubles.

Flat liners heated Redlich, a thickness of 4 mm, made of innovative material, which includes absorbent rubber and natural rubber. The heating element is integrated inside the insole and connected with the battery by means of a flexible cable. Plastic charging unit is attached to the ankle and ensures stable operation of the device for 4-5 hours.


  • Integrated heating element located on the front of the device between the toes and mid-foot. This helps to warm your feet evenly.
  • Replacement batteries can be produced without taking out the insole of the Shoe.


  • During long walks in the cold the batteries have discharged several times faster than normal.

2. Heated insoles battery powered BlazeWear insole

  • Price on Yandex Market – 1195 roubles.

Powered Blazewear insoles of the firm is provided by two lithium AA batteries. The battery compartment is attached to the leg using the Velcro straps with a little pocket in the center. Plate with the heating elements located inside durable material under the toes, which means she will be uniformly warm in all weather conditions. This arrangement helps to avoid damage when cutting with scissors.


  • User-friendly design, the liner is heated is not felt when walking and does not hinder movement.
  • The ability to adjust the length due to the applied to the fabric lines.
  • To change the battery without removing the shoes with feet.


  • You can’t regulate how warm the device.
  • In the sales package batteries not included.

Chemical heated insoles

  1. Insole sonography on the whole foot «heat Generators».
  • Price in online stores – 280 rubles, Sportmaster – 179 rubles.

Self-heating insoles is a great solution for those who enjoy walking, fishing in the cold and active winter sports. Thin, light and stretchy liners heated are rounded at the ends, ensuring maximum comfort to feet while walking. They can be easily slipped into any Shoe closed. As the heating element in the insoles using environmentally friendly components.

Main advantages:

  • Warmers leg sonagraphy retain the generated warmth up to 6 hours.
  • Does not cause allergies.


  • There is no possibility to cut the sole under your foot size and to control the average temperature.
  • Chemical heated insoles can not be used on exposed skin.

Disposable heated insoles

  1. Self-heating termostali Shoe Toe Warmer.
  • Price in online stores – 28 rubles per 1 package.

The use of disposable insoles heated Chinese firm Toe Warmer keeps you from freezing in the winter. The sole is lightweight and flat, its weight is only 30 grams, made from environmentally friendly materials. Part of insoles includes: activated charcoal, salt, water, vermiculite. Powder coated of non-woven material with the addition of adhesive backing.


  • Convenient and easy to use. Samaraika begins to work immediately after opening the package.
  • Warmers leg sonography easily accommodated in closed shoes.
  • The time of heating varies from 8 to 12 hours.
  • Does not cause allergies, upper side is covered with a hypoallergenic coat.


  • Heating insole for feet cannot be used while wearing too tight shoes.
  • People with circulatory disorders, diabetes, and hypersensitivity of the skin before using should consult with your doctor.
  • There is no heater control.

Insoles electric heated

  1. Insoles with electric heating – Diclime.
  • Buy online shop for the price of about 2100 rubles.

The heating element of the insole consists of carbon-carbon, which provides a lithium battery capacity 2200МАН. Fabric lining bright red printed on shock-absorbing polyurethane layer, which ensures complete comfort movements. The main disadvantage of most electronic insoles that bulky battery attaches to the ankle. Model Deklim have a built in battery and a pressure sensor, which saves battery power.


  • You can adjust the size to your legs.
  • Long service life of the charger.
  • There are relatively inexpensive.


  • Electric insoles not charge via USB.
  • The impressive width of the foot from 5 to 6 mm.

2. Electric insoles heated ALPENHEAT Trend.

  • The price in online stores from 1,100 rubles.

Warmers for shoes of this brand is able to provide the heat your feet for up to 14 hours. The duration and degree of heating will depend on the selected batteries. Fit for shoes of any type: sports, casual, and even ski. The size varies from 38 to 48, markup for self trimming applied to the fabric. The top layer consists of cotton and painted black.


  • The thickness of the rim is 2 mm only.
  • The battery pack is mounted in two ways: with a belt on the ankle or by clips.


  • Batteries are not included in the classic set of insoles.

Wireless heated insoles

  1. Warmers heated, controlled from a smartphone – Dr. Warm
  • Price on Yandex Market – 4 800 rubles.

These heated insoles can be rightly called the most «clever». Not only do they warm your feet in winter, but also make counting calories burned, walking speed and the number of covered meters. The results of calculations can be seen on your smartphone by installing a special application. It will also help you to regulate the degree and temperature of the ear.


  • Ultra-thin heating pads can heat up any shoes.
  • Built-in battery will last without recharging for 8 hours.
  • Charging the device is running on electricity, USB external or removable battery.


  • Depending on the characteristics of the smartphone controlled app can be a little hang.
  1. Wireless heated insoles Thermo souls with thermostat and built-in batteries.
  • Average online price – 5500 rubles.

Capacitive foundry the battery is integrated inside an ergonomic warmers based on polyurethane. The thickness of the liner is heated at the toe is 0.7 mm and at the heel – 1.3 cm heating pad can be cut to fit your size by yourself and use in any types of shoes. They will warm you during skiing, winter hunting or fishing, riding a motorcycle or Bicycle.


  • Intense thermostats determine the initial body temperature and begin heating when it drops below 31 degrees. The maximum temperature of the insoles is 42 degrees.
  • Due to the special insulation materials heat inside the Shoe lasted for 8 hours.


  • At the moment, have been identified.

Ski heated insoles

  1. Warmer heated Sidas Pro Remoteset.
  • Price on Yandex Market – 13000 rubles.

In thermosteric kit includes: 2 batteries, remote control, 2 insoles Custom type H, a removable coupler for mounting the batteries, universal charger. German manufacturer specializiruetsya in the production of various sports goods, the main purpose of which is to provide maximum comfort and convenience to athletes. Ski heated insoles Sidas Pro Remoteset offer high performance, quality and acceptable price.


  • On the remote control there are 3 levels: strong heating, moderate heating and drying.
  • Convenient mount allows you to hang the thermostat on the rear part of the ski boot.


  • it is not revealed.

How to choose heated insoles

Before you buy heated insoles, pay attention to a few key points:

  1. Before buying it is important to know about all the details, consider the photo on the website and carefully read the package: if there are any errors in the name, what country the manufacturer. This will help to avoid counterfeiting, which in recent years began to appear more often.
  2. Who will use the ear warmers? Some manufacturers of male and female models are in color.
  3. It is preferable if, in addition to elektrontelekom are replaceable batteries, the device for charging or removable batteries.
  4. Good warmers should be recharged from 500 to 700 times.

Video: heated insoles ThermaCell


Evgeniy, 24 years

Professionally engaged in skiing. Sometimes training takes one hour of time, so for me it is very important that the feet always stayed warm. Bought at the sporting goods store hand warmers with heating and remote controls – were satisfied. Normal microclimate is maintained for 3-4 hours.

Elena, 34 years

I live in the Urals and winters in my area very cold. Recently learned that there are good insoles that will warm feet. Still not bought, but is already eyeing individual firms and models. I liked to touch the ear of the company ThermaCell heated. Just have to wait for seasonal discounts or promotions.

Daria, 45 years

I the heater, so for me the temperature even +10 is already cold. Fate decreed another way that at work I need to travel or walk the streets. In winter, these trips were unbearable to stay warm I had to buy heated insoles. I use them for the second winter and so far without any complaints.

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