How to raise self esteem and gain confidence

Life’s troubles are often able to unsettle even the optimist-a workaholic. Self-esteem is at zero, and tomorrow is the big speech. Or six months — difficulty in business, lost faith in himself and a healthy desire to resist. How to get confidence, raise self-esteem?

Как поднять самооценку и обрести уверенность в себе

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1. The first advice to those who are thinking about raising self-esteem and confidence: take time for yourself, plan for the future. If you constantly think that the whole world is against, is to listen to yourself. And before you accept the world will have to reconcile with yourself. Most often, low self-esteem is the result of ignoring their own desires, the lack of clear goals. Instead, the blurred pie, «I want a billion or a necklace like actress».

2. Need to find time for myself. Calmly reflect on what is really worth (and possible) to achieve. What is not satisfied in the first place, get rid of anything. Then he will understand how to do it. And then — plan, set the immediate and distant goals. And specific, a small but systematic steps towards the goal.

3. Big goals are unattainable when a person is depressed. As a first, small goals, we can recommend the formation and consolidation of healthy habits. To restore confidence, boost self esteem, you need to pay attention to their own lives. Healthy sleep, daily routine, five-minute (daily) exercise, a balanced diet is more effective functioning of the person. Trivial at first glance, the tips may significantly improve health, will force to achieve the goals time for personal growth.

4. It is unlikely that the increase in self-esteem, personal growth, self-improvement is possible without intellectual development. Read books on his specialty, preferably transferable. Try to develop your hobby in the new century, this fascination can become a second profession. Read classic literature, memoirs of decent people, which is for you authority.

5. A great way to disconnect from the constant negativity, digging in itself — active. It does not necessarily have to be climbing or ski race. Importantly, the rest was various and new. This will allow for a change of scenery and familiar surroundings. For example: an interesting cooking class, the author’s tour of their hometown, the exhibition of alternative art or Opera (especially if the theater was not honored). All participants of the master class, all visitors are equal. This will allow you to escape from the constant comparison of yourself to other people, to make a big step towards raising self-esteem and confidence.

6. Self-criticism is destructive, it will not help to raise self-esteem. You can’t constantly blame yourself. Energy is needed for action. If dissatisfied with the familiar voice sounds in my head, an urgent need to relieve internal censor. Closing his mouth so as to close the valve to not flowing water.

7. Use meditative practices. Analyze your positive qualities in different domains: professional, family, emotional. Write them down on a small piece of paper and carry it with you. Often scan a this list. In a difficult situation mentally list the pros, it will help to gain confidence.

8. To set yourself up for future performance (an important conversation, interview), you can prepare small individual mantra. Several affirmative phrases, listing the best personal qualities and professional skills. Interesting motivational training to increase self-esteem and confidence can be found in the Internet.

9. Listen to yourself and analyze where it comes from main stream of negativity in your address. Perhaps the man himself internally indecisive, and therefore distributes the emotion around them. And again. Don’t argue with fools. Their opinion hardly reflects the reality. Energy it is advisable to spend on its own development and achievement of specific individual results.

10. It is understood that to raise the self-esteem and self-confidence is not very difficult. It can be done numerous trainings on the Internet, many of them high-quality and free. But the most important thing is to stabilize self-esteem (she never dropped).There will have to seek help only from professional psychologists.

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