Tip 1: How to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet

In an age of advanced technology and virtual opportunities, it would seem, is not difficult to meet and communicate with the opposite sex. Everything is simplified. But before some young people still face the question how to establish a relationship with a girl on the Internet?

Как начать общение с девушкой в интернете

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1. You decide. The first thing you need to start is to find a suitable site. It is better that he expected the questionnaire and photo albums, so it will be easier to evaluate the candidate and to draw her attention to himself.

2. Next step: the questionnaire. A small presentation myself. Here, the main thing is to be careful and in any case not to unleash a ton of information about your problems, not to attribute someone else’s quotes (stupid annoying girls), to postpone the offer of sex (vulgarity can to push her away), and poems and other romantic gadgets Express for a first date.

3. Your profile needs to be original, but this, too, will not overdo it. Than more it is, the better. If possible, try to convey confidence, determination, calmness. Write about your hobby.

4. Now about the photo. The should be of high quality. It girl will you appreciate. Homemade photos in pajamas, from a friend’s birthday and made at arm’s length for the phone definitely will not pass. The girl will pay attention to the photo that will reveal you as a person, is interesting and unusual.

5. Well review the questionnaire you are interested in girls. Pay special attention to the sections Hobbies, books, Hobbies. Perhaps you have common interests and then the topics of conversation will find it a lot easier. Don’t forget to look at the photos of girls, pay attention to detail. Suddenly some of the photos made in the pool, and you, too, are swimming. Or the girl puts pictures of different countries and is an avid traveler, and you also visited a great many cities around the world and can easily communicate on this theme. Look for common interests. It’s key to continue the dialogue.

6. The first sentence. «Hi, how are you doing?» soon disappears. Believe me, it writes every second. It is better to use information from her questionnaire. Let it be unobtrusive question concerning it. Girls appreciate the attention, and the interrogative form of the message suggests an answer. A little sense of humor, preferably no more than ten words in the message and the complete lack of grammatical errors! Almost 90% of cases she will not miss it.

7. The message was hooked, started a correspondence. Try to adapt to it. You can talk about her dog, that she watches or listens to. Do not ship a girl your work, stories about past relationships at all smaller about yourself. When she finally speak, it will be ready to hear from you anything. If she asks you questions, try not to evade answers. Don’t be too pushy and Intrusive communication. After all, a girl can get bored of annoying the interviewee, writing to her without interruption, as soon as I saw it in the status line.

8. If communication takes place with ease and then gradually you can begin to share with her stories about her life. Well, if they are fun and funny. You can share with the interviewee, their experiences, interests, desires and thoughts. But do not immediately put all about yourself. Otherwise, then you will have nothing to write. It is better to give information gradually. Don’t forget to ask her questions. Otherwise, then your communication may go into your monologue.

9. Do not ask personal, intimate questions at the beginning of the correspondence. It may scare the girl. Maybe she’s going through a breakup with a young man and that’s why we created a page on the website for Dating. And memories of the past relationship are still causing her pain. Better in the beginning to chat on neutral topics: studies, Hobbies, travel is a perfect theme for the first day of communication in the network.

10. If your interlocutor is not a «master of words» is one of those girls who are not inclined to verbosity, then writing more will have for you. Otherwise, it may appear awkward pauses and the termination of communication. If you don’t know what to write, and the theme is already exhausted, then you can tell some interesting stories about your family: if your mom is a cat lover, then you can talk about it. Maybe your sister enjoys dancing and tells you interesting stories. They also can tell the girl on the correspondence. Of course, if these stories are not personal.

11. You can find a girl on a Dating site and social networks such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Facebook. These social networks are the most popular for meeting new people and socializing on the Internet, increasingly displacing the online Dating sites. Here you can see not only information about the user, pictures and videos, but also to know what kind of music a girl likes, what are statuses and records she places on his page, which the group signed. The ability to find a topic for dialogue when such information is much more.

12. In any case, never create fake web pages and don’t impersonate another person. Let the photos you found to be the man with the body of Apollo and the face of Brad pitt. But that’s only the photos that will interest the girl in the beginning. But in the end this communication will not lead to anything. After all, to see in life you can never, afraid to disappoint her. In addition, it is not necessary to invent stories about himself. Deception is always sooner or later becomes apparent. And the girl will not trust you. You can become in her eyes the usual cheater and a liar. Be sincere and then the communication will become easy and effortless.

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