What are the ways of dealing with fear

Fear is a natural protective reaction of the body, mainly the unknown. In early childhood humans learn about this condition. But only after years of consciously perceived fear, while not getting because of this is more controlled. The feeling of fear, discomfort, panic – everything is fine, when it is for a short period of time and does not bring much trouble. But sometimes the fear prevents to live and interact with people. And then measures should be taken.

Какие есть способы борьбы со страхом

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To cope with fear in different ways. Someone asks for help to the experts, and this is the best option, if the fear is already out of control and is becoming a phobia. But fortunately, with the milder forms can be managed independently.

Method 1. In the pool with his head

For many people, is effectively a kind of shock therapy. If the fear is not directly connected with the risk of life, you should try to dip yourself in the very epicenter. For example, if a person is afraid to fly on airplanes, you should do it as often as possible, gradually accustoming himself to the idea that nothing bad will happen. Or if there is fear of the crowd, the best option would be to spend more time in large gatherings of people. At first it may be very uncomfortable up to panic attacks. In this case, you need to have a number of someone who will help, support in a difficult moment, will not be overwhelmed by fear.

Method 2. Gradual overcoming of

For those who are still not ready for shock therapy or even is it possible the treatment option, a more gentle way. Its essence is to overcome at least some element of fear. The main thing – not to sit still, not to remain within the comfort zone. And eventually, most likely, fear will fade away.

Method 3. Add element of fun

Fear is just a reaction of the psyche. It is amenable to control, change, transformation. If you mentally bring fear to the extreme, imagine an absolutely absurd situation, the brain will automatically cease to perceive her as a threat. There is a desire to show the amazing stupidity of what is happening. This is exactly what we need. Laughter in this case is a real cure, a magic pill from fear.

Method 4. Representation of the worst kind

This method is not very pleasant, but often effective. Need in a relaxed home environment to relax, close your eyes, and then to imagine how it happens that causes terrible fear. For example, if a person is afraid to embarrass myself in front of people, to say that something is not right, you should see the mind’s eye like an unpleasant situation occurs. It is very important to vividly imagine as a possible reaction of others and their own, to feel all the emotions, however uncomfortable they may be. And then a couple of times to take a deep breath and open my eyes. Usually, after this practice comes the understanding that fear is not as horrible and dreadful as he seemed to be at first.

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