How to deal with things, changing thinking

Often people complain about the existing ailments. But do not think that the reasons for their appearance are guilty. Instead of having to deal with the consequences, find the source of the negativity that breeds disease.

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1. There is such a thing as metaphysics diseases. It is in the impact of thoughts on the state of the body. If you suffer from any disease, think that could lead to its development, and at what point in time it all began.
Medical practice knows many cases when people, went into introspection and changing point of view on a particular aspect of life, recovered. There are special books written on this topic, where you can find the approximate causes of their own diseases. To the General results of observation of the sick people include the following:

2. cancer
Associated with grievances and anger, which a man saves himself. He is proud and arrogant, every word of criticism humiliates him.

3. — eye disease
Usually occur due to the fact that the individual is afraid of the future. He does not want to see what is happening and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

4. — diseases of the musculoskeletal system
The cause of these ailments is stubbornness, people always want to insist on either assumes too much.

5. — diseases of the reproductive system
They are connected with a grudge against a partner. Talking about sexual problems in the couple.
Try not to succumb to negative thinking, this will keep good health and good spirits for years to come.

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