How to make a beautiful and sincere smile

A smile is often more powerful weapons in the hands of a skilled person, than the eye and speak well. After all, smile is considered a kind of mental message to the other party, may configure a certain way of communicating with a particular person. Not all smiles are truly beautiful to achieve excellence in this field will have to do the work, but the result will not keep waiting and soon a smile can be used as a method to influence people and attract attention to yourself in a positive way.

Как сделать улыбку красивой и искренней

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1. Physically, the smile consists of 3 main components. Condition of lips – the first of them. On the lips there should be no cracks and dryness of the skin, and cold sore is to get rid of as soon as possible because this trouble disfigures even the most luxurious smile.

2. The second component is the condition of the teeth. Medicine has leaped forward and is now represented in the solution of many problems. For even the most problematic teeth provided by the implantation. Though the procedure is expensive, but the result is worthy. If the situation is not running, you can hold the bleaching and to provide timely care for oral health.

3. The third component of a smile — the skin around the lips. The presence of black spots can negatively affect the entire smile. The only thing that can be a «trick» girls — mole. It in some cases looks very impressive. In other cases, the skin needs care and timely deliverance from unpleasant problems.

4. It is important to pay attention to mimic component smile. In other words, a sincere smile is not able to reflect grin, malice and other negative traits of the female. A sincere smile attracts, dazzles, and the owner gives a cherished attractiveness to others and self-confidence. It is worth noting that a smile can change the view of the person and even improve mood. You work more than 40 muscles of the face and lips at the same time, which significantly affects the physical condition.

5. The psychological component of the smile plays an equally important role. Because an insincere smile is recognized immediately on the mental level and get a mask effect or a touch of hypocrisy in the communication. It is best to smile sincerely and from the heart. Native people otherwise impossible to smile, smile and tries to appear on her face at the sight of nice people. It is necessary to remember this state, and be most sincere, not only with family but also with ordinary people.

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