Common mistakes in choosing a laptop

Purchase any electronic gadget and equipment is always associated with certain risks. You can get a product that is very expensive, but has weak characteristics, or Vice versa — buy cheap but get the product, which will last a long time. This fully applies to the purchase of the laptop. What you need to pay attention to prevent blunders?

Распространенные ошибки при выборе ноутбука

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Size matters

Dimensions of the device are of great importance and directly affect the further work with him. Diagonal screen, size keyboard and touchpad, as well as the weight of the product — all these factors play an important role for optimal interaction with the laptop. For example, to take the weight. Too small and lightweight laptop would be awkward to use (small screen, the buttons are pressed against each other like sardines), and too big — literally a heavy burden on your arms or back, because it will have to carry a bag or backpack with the gadget. You should consider which laptop will suit you better — small for travel or more — to work at home.

I need more resolution!

Many people rashly hunting for a greater screen resolution. Optimal Full HD is already «out of fashion» and replace him in a hurry the latest design with approvals reaching 3800х2120 pixels. Buyers are «monsters» with a believe that once higher the resolution, the quality will be very high. But there is one thing. Where to get content for such opportunities? Existing games and movies still will not jump above his head, and operating systems and are not able correctly to ensure the operation of devices with such characteristics.

External connectors

We are talking about how your laptop will be «in contact» with peripheral devices. Not to be trapped, it is necessary to check the available connectors in the model, so in the future, when connecting, for example, an external drive will not detect that the corresponding port or the connector is simply absent.

The dark side of laptops — transformers

Very popular now «hybrids» — a product of the gloomy genius of notebook manufacturers. They combine a laptop and tablet. As is usually the case, attempts to «mating» of the two ethnofunctional devices do not always give effective results. If you suddenly decide that you need such device, you have to shell out — they are very expensive. However, the cheaper options are not worth buying — get a product that will not work in both forms.

Screen coating

When choosing a laptop, look first and foremost to attract models with a glossy screen. The brightness and saturation of images is impressive and makes a choice in their favor. However, if the device is intended for use outside of enclosed spaces, the coating matrix would do a great disservice. Glare from sunlight will make the laptop uncomfortable.

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