Tip 1: How to disable touchpad in laptop

When using a laptop, you can use the analog of a standard computer mouse, the touchpad (Touch Pad). This device, located just below the keyboard that can completely replace the computer mouse. The advantages of this device include the quiet operation of the keys and compact size. The disadvantages — inconvenience in navigation, especially in computer games or graphics editors.

Как отключить тачпад в ноутбуке

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You will need

  • System and software disabling operation of the touchpad.


1. No matter what you have a laptop: Asus, HP, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, disabling the touchpad is happening on the same scheme. It is important to understand just the essence of what made the trip and later you can easily disable the touch pad on any laptop, regardless of the company, model and year of build. For most laptop users work with a mouse is much easier than using the touchpad. In addition, the touchpad sometimes even a hindrance and is able to remove, change or otherwise spoil the important documents of the owner of the laptop. Often a user may accidentally touch the hand panel at getting your text. But even those who often use tachpadom can confirm another negative: when working to form something like shreds, visually ugly spots that look like grease stains on the laptop.

2. The majority of manufacturers of laptops use a touchpad (touchpads) of the company Synaptics. The company is engaged in the production of touch panels. Using application software you can edit settings that was originally incorporated in the device work tachpadom (the sensitivity of the device, the speed of a click, scrolling, etc.). The latest version of these touch panels allow you to lock laptop. To unlock the laptop will be the only one who has blocked it, uses a technology called «fingerprint».

3. To disable the touchpad in your laptop you must go to properties of the touch panel or contact the program Synaptics Pointing Device Driver, which is responsible for operation of the touchpad. The program allows you to disable the device until the next boot of the system or completely.

4. To navigate to the touch panel, you must click on the «start menu» select «control Panel», then select «Mouse». In the opened window «properties of: Mouse» select the tab «device Settings». Find the device name and disable it.

5. Disabling the touchpad can be produced using hot keys on the laptop keyboard. Simultaneously hold down the function key Fn and the key that shows a hand touching a touchpad. To enable the touchpad do the same. For notebook firms Asus additional keys are F7 or F9. To disable the touchpad on an Acer press Fn+F5. Lenovo have additional keys F5 or F8. Samsung uses to disable the touchpad for more keys F5 or F6.

6. Some laptops have a special button located near the touchpad and allowing a slight movement to turn off the panel, and if necessary, rapidly without difficulty to turn it on. To find out whether this key on your device, you can apply to the instruction manual of your laptop. In the information section on the touchpad will be provided with all keys that interact with the panel.

7. Some touchpads have a button that disables it. But have the whole area on the touch panel, the touch which two times is the automatic disabling of the panel. The presence of such a phase has a significant drawback: possible uncontrolled clicking on the restricted area and, therefore, accidental disconnection of the touch panel when there was no need.

8. Shut down the operating system on the laptop the correct way and wait for it auto switch off. Unplug the computer and all attached peripherals. Remove the computer battery. Pry with a screwdriver the false panels that cover the cost of an additional keyboard. Carefully disconnect the clips, remove the false panels.

9. Look the power button of the laptop on a single Board with additional keys. Even if this is so, see whether to connect this button to a particular train. If such a loop exists, unplug the motherboard from the plumes, which refers to the modifier keys, and the one that goes to the power button, leave it on the spot. In case, if the plume from the power button and auxiliary keys shared, cannot be turned off, and to lock the latter you will have to use a solid overlay. It must be sufficiently thin, otherwise when you close the laptop it can crush the screen.

10. Disconnected from the motherboard connector, place it so that it does not interfere with the donning false panels. If it has exposed contacts, isolate them from the Board with a thin film. Install the false panels in place. Carefully secure it with the latches.

11. It remains only to connect the battery to the laptop. Apply power to it, as well as all peripheral devices. Click on the power button — if done correctly, the car should start. Wait for download the OS and make sure that the additional buttons are not working. Install software multimedia kiosk and make the settings so that when running the program to run any other applications any combination of the keys was impossible.

12. When the need arises again to use the laptop outside multimedia kiosk, again do all of the above, but instead of disabling the connector key pad connect.

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