How to clean your hard disk from unnecessary files

Hard drive, like any other digital storage device has its own volume. System garbage not only takes up disk space, but may be cause slow operating system itself.

Как почистить жесткий диск от ненужных файлов

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Recommended free space system partition (disk) should be at least 10-15%. It is necessary for the normal operation of the operating system and reduce fragmentation. Temporary files, restore points, and files remaining after installation and removal of programs — all this system junk, clean.

  • Software, usually free. Ccleaner is one such utility. Different from many for its simplicity and functionality, easily find and remove up to 80% of the system junk. In the program window you want to analyze and cleanup on the active tab is Clean, then go to the tab Registry, where to search for problems and fixing them.

Note: to clear the log history, as well as unnecessary cache the browser has to be closed. For stored passwords, you should not worry as the default settings item deleting passwords is not active.

  • Restore point system — one feature of Windows that allows you to return the OS to a working state. Their presence should, however, the number of generated control points can exceed a few dozen. To ensure safety enough the last three, the rest can be safely removed (for example, Windows 7: start menu-control panel-system-system protectiontab to configure).
  • To complete the cleaning process suited the tools built in the operating system itself. Their application is available to everyone. To use the built in search utility and clean junk files, just go to my computer, click with the right mouse button on the system tab and in the appeared window submenu, select properties, then disk cleanup.

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