How often should I clean the laptop

In the operation of any laptop require user intervention for the prevention and cleaning of the cooling system.

Как часто нужно чистить ноутбук

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If a portable computer with enviable regularity began to reboot in the process, there is a risk of overheating. Periodic freezes during games or stuttering in multitasking, when several simultaneously running resource-intensive programs, as well as strong heating of the upper panel directly or indirectly indicates the need for cleaning.

There are no time limits, serve as an indicator of maintenance. You need to focus only on signs of overheating and the CPU temperature, which depends on the state of the internal grille. If the dust covers on the vents prevent the normal air circulation, the possibility of overheating increases significantly.

Normal temperature values when the load is in the range of 60-80 degrees. After exceeding the acceptable values, the system operates internal security of the laptop and it goes to reboot, in order to avoid damage to components. To self-diagnose the presence of overheating and the need for cleaning, there are several free utilities. As an example, such programs can act Piriform Speccy, HWInfo, SpeedFan, CPUID HWMonitor. Of the paid counterparts you can highlight the program AIDA64, 30 days trial period which would be sufficient to monitor temperature sensors.

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