How to upgrade your computer

Upgrading your computer often comes down to replacing some old parts with new and more efcient. As a result, the performance of the equipment increases and the user gets the opportunity to work with some programs that were previously not available to him. However, to do upgrade the computer by yourself is not always appropriate make blunders, you may waste money and even disable existing components.

Как выполнить апгрейд компьютера

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A variety of computer components is huge, so if you want you can collect as simple, inexpensive computer and a powerful machine that will absolutely go all modern computer games. In the process of upgrade you can either slightly improve the performance of your computer, either to bring his performance to the maximum. Unfortunately, a wide range of different components has the disadvantage that the layman is very difficult to choose the appropriate configuration. The fact is that when choosing components you need to consider not only their performance but also compatibility with other devices. Otherwise there is a risk that you will get hardware that simply won’t work together, and then throw money to the wind.

Note, by the way, and the fact that some devices can have different dimensions. For example, customers sometimes decide to install another graphics card in addition to the already existing, but if you build a computer make sure that it just does not fit in the system unit and to put two graphics cards at once is not possible. Do not forget that when you upgrade your computer to a weak power supply sometimes you have to replace more powerful.

Having bought everything you need, proceed to the Assembly of the computer. Make sure all wires are disconnected, and start to replace the old components the new. Ideally, the upgrade process should combine with the cleaning of the computer and replacing the thermal paste. Be careful and try not to damage the new components, especially if you change the CPU, the legs of which, if mishandled, have the ability to bend and even break. So what if the computer, turn it on, if necessary, install the drivers and special software (e.g. AIDA64) to make sure that all the equipment was identified correctly and is working correctly.

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