How to choose a virtual reality helmet as a gift

One of the best gifts for the New year is a virtual reality helmet. It should be noted that such a gift can choose, even if the budget is scheduled for the gifts, very small.

Выбираем шлем виртуальной реальности в подарок

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First available on the market, a simple cardboard hats that would be more accurate VR headset. The helmet meant that the quality of the screen and the computer powered smartphone. The very same helmet was just a piece of cardboard cut to the shape of the head of the average user, with fixed lenses (which, sootvetstvenno cannot be made to fit the features of the eyes of each user). A significant advantage of this helmet is necessary to consider the low price and ease of working with him. A nice addition are many companies that sell these hats offer to brand the product, that is, any buyer may order the party hats with your own images.

Several costly Chinese version of VR helmet that combines low cost and good functionality. It is not cardboard crafts, and almost a real plastic helmet, similar to top development. Such helmets can often be found and built-in display (that is, they are designed to connect to a PC), gyroscope, and audio. Besides the reasonable price this helmet is netteboulou to PC or phone.

The most expensive option — a «real» virtual reality helmet, which requires a fairly powerful computer. They are equipped with sensors monitoring and tracking systems for a full game, creating a «cool» picture on built-in screens, thus encouraging gamers beautiful virtual worlds. However, the cost of even very expensive models of helmets BP does not fit into a gift budget of the average family, especially if you choose a gift of this nature not only one of their own children, but also nephews, cousins, siblings. But, on the other hand, manufacturers are not limited to commercially available gadgets, and promise a new, more modern, that is to be expected that the prices are not the new flagship model will fall.

So, is it worth it to buy a gift or look for something else? If you want to try virtual reality «to taste», but the family budget is small, then buy a cheap helmet is definitely worth. Despite all its disadvantages, it will be able for quite a modest sum to give the opportunity to watch BP from the inside and allow us to understand how much you need a more expensive helmet for games. The same advice can be given and those who have a family budget is not limited.

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