How to build a gaming computer?

Because of the variety of market and technical sophistication of the computer industry to build a gaming computer quite difficult. You can go to the store, buy a ready-made solution and successfully to use it, but to create a balanced, powerful system that will meet your requirements, you need to possess certain knowledge.

Как собрать игровой компьютер?

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Every year or quarter, there are new, more sophisticated models. This concerns not only the computer market, but the market mobile, home appliances, auto and so on. The economic situation dictates manufacturers its agile marketing, so you need to understand that if you spend a lot of money to build a gaming computer, then after a year you can watch the announcements for more efficient and powerful components for the price of purchased components. Therefore, in a kind of constant updates lineups from manufacturers, we will focus on the basic principles of the Assembly without mentioning any specific models.


90% of the Assembly it is advisable to start with choosing the processor, but rather the platform on which it is based, because the CPU is the most important element of a gaming computer (or indeed any). It will «pull» all the components, calculate that it comes with the video card, hard drive and RAM. When you select all regulated as always the main indicator is the budget, and if possible, choose the latest platform, as similar to the format memory, this will make the PC more upgradeable.

About manufacturers

For decades there was a tradition — the AMD is cheaper. They are hot and require good cooling, they have higher consumption, their method of calculation is based on the principle «higher frequencies, more cores», while Intel is more well-suited to the solution of a question of calculation: they work with the improvement of instruction and unique technologies that at lower technical characteristics allows to achieve excellent performance. But Intel is more expensive, because such studies cost serious money. In addition, they are cooler and more energy-efficient. Anyway, millions of users have collected computers on AMD and was very happy with my choice.

About the cooling

If you plan to purchase a version of the processor without the cooler, you must purchase a separate cooling system. As of 2017, air cooling is preferable in most home gaming systems. When choosing be sure to find out the heat dissipation of the CPU and buy a cooling, ideally, able to take 10-20% more heat. Also, the cooling performance of the CPU depends on the correct application of thermal paste and its quality.

Video card

Video card is an essential element of a gaming system, the main purpose of which is graphics processing. All the animation, all textures and colors on the screen that is drawn by the graphics card. The amount of video memory, and the frequency of the chip increases with each generation of video cards, changed rulers and names, and these devices, as the processors are divided into two camps. On the forums they are called «green» and «red». Is the signature color of two competing brands-computing chips: AMD and Nvidia. Video cards produce companies such as Palit, Sapphire, Asus, MSI, Alienware, etc., but the key point when choosing is always a chip, which is built on graphics card.

About «green» and «red»

A lot is dispute about the benefits of each company, but as always the truth is somewhere in the middle. Both chips have their pros and cons, the research companies apply and successfully implement a unique technology, and thus do not match each other. But the General principles, as in processors like AMD takes the price, Nvidia — competent approach. The principle of computing with AMD GPUs is largely similar to AMD processors, so the products of this company has become a favorite topic for mining, which reduces to solving a single complex task. And AMD in these issues at altitude, although in 2017, the company slightly changed the architecture of drivers for more flexibility. Nvidia has advantages comparable to Intel: technology and the lack of heat, compared to AMD. As for Intel, these benefits cost money. General recommendations are: if you plan to work in graphic and 3D editors to do editing video and perform other complex tasks that require calculation and computation — the Nvidia. Their technology allows you to connect your «smart» core to computing of the CPU, which significantly increases productivity. If you plan just to play modern games and do normal tasks — the choice in favor of AMD will allow you to save money when building a gaming computer. Planned mining? Definitely AMD.

The manufacturers of graphics cards

In this issue, the spread is much more serious. Most companies offer their developments in the field of cooling and overclocking. Historically, the users are very fond of Asus products for a good branded cooling, well established MSI, Sapphire, Palit well and inexpensively produces graphics card.

About a bunch of CPU — GPU

It is no coincidence that the video card and processor components are considered first for selection. Assembling a gaming computer, you need to remember that gaming performance will be 80-90% depend on these components. But the choice of each of them should be approached more carefully. During the dynamic game battle CPU intensively communicates with the card through a driver installed in the operating system. Solving your computing unit of the data devices to each other transmit the results to process. If some of them will slow you down a different, faster device will be idle waiting for the result. Often this occurs when you install a very powerful video card and average CPU, which is simply her «no time». When buying consult sellers and professionals, «pull» whether the selected processor of graphics card. If the processor is more powerful the graphics card, the situation is not so greatly affect the balance of the system: firstly, the processor executes a far greater range of tasks than the GPU, and in this matter the power would be superfluous. Secondly, the graphics card is always easier to change than the CPU.


After the issue with the processor is resolved, you can choose your motherboard. You should pay attention to form factor — ATX boards more as they have higher potential for connectivity equipment and components, but the PC case with the payment you need to select appropriate, it will be larger in size. If you plan to assemble the machine for simple tasks and games, quiet and low power consumption, it is necessary to consider the format Mini ATX. This format is much more compact. If the budget allows, then you need to select a motherboard with support for the latest format of memory, then the computer will be easy later to upgrade without replacing the CPU or the Board. Also note the number of connectors for hard disks and drives. Currently, usually only need 2 slots for SSD and HDD. But if you plan to build a RAID array, then these connectors need a lot more.

Specific tasks

If still your game plan to use the computer for nestandartnyh decisions regarding home use, you should pay attention to support the cost of special functions, such as RAID controller or support for hardware acceleration components.

Power supply

The power source of the entire collect game system, because it feeds electricity to all the components. Recommended to always select a power supply «with reserve», i.e. 30-35% more powerful than the total power consumption of all components. Thus, the device will not run «interference» and consequently warm and hard wearing. Try to choose branded device. Ideally, if they have good performance, and relevant certificates of standards for energy consumption. Here is the rule: less is better. When choosing, consider quality and not chase watts often power supplies (especially cheap models) do not give out specified on the box capacity and bad experiencing load spikes. Also do not forget about the length of the supply lines is often the situation when leads purchased power supply is not reaching the processor or hard drive.

RAM (memory)

If the graphics card/CPU is 80-90% of performance in games, the CPU/RAM is the main indicator of performance in the work. The speed of program execution and loading levels in games, the speed of surfing the Internet, complex file operations and spreadsheet depends not only on the amount of RAM. You must take into account such parameters as the standard timings and frequency. If memory is a lot, but it will be slow, the good of it will not be enough. If you select don’t forget about the dual channel mode.This kind of RAID array of the strips of RAM in dual channel mode memory is generally 10-15% faster, but to achieve this you need two memory modules of the same size. Even better if they are 100% identical, then the mismatches will be minimized. Don’t forget, if you have a gaming computer, it turns «hot» (such as processor and graphics card — a powerful solution from AMD), it is extremely advisable to acquire memory modules installed passive cooling. Heat dissipation from the memory blocks in such models efficiently.

Hard drive

In view of the large-scale proliferation of cloud data storage systems, the computer has less and less to store information. The volume required for personal task is always set individually by the user, but when selecting a system it is important to understand the challenges ahead and make a choice based on their distribution: for example high-speed memory to allocate for the OS and programs and games and personal data stored on more capacious devices for which the speed is not so important. This will allow you to achieve the best performance of the entire system.


Often it turns out that the case allows to save a lot of money as directly to the performance are not affected. Of course, if you build a gaming computer with a boring cheap body, the complete satisfaction from purchase to be difficult. The question of appearance is always a personal matter, but the build quality is certainly worth a look. The thicker the iron the stronger body and a quieter computer. It is important that the case was correctly implemented air circulation and allow extra cooling. And the most important point to successfully installed video: a common mistake lies in the discrepancy between the sizes of the body dimensions of the graphics card.

The rest

As a nice complement to the assembled game system you can purchase additional peripheral equipment. For example a discrete sound card for experienced sound people, or the cost of a USB hub if you plan to connect large number of USB devices. The market is full of interesting proposals, so the choice is yours.

The results

The market marches forward very confidently. High probability that manufacturers will develop not only new standards for connectors and devices, they can change the principles of operation of the computer. To date, there are very fast SSD drives instances, and it is possible that they will replace the RAM. So the main principle when building a gaming system is always the same — it is the balance and ability to prioritize. Don’t forget that more is not always better. But often better.

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