How to connect the modem Megaphone to laptop

The Internet has become an integral part of modern life. To access the Internet with a portable computer outside the office or home you can use the modem. To connect the modem Megaphone to the laptop is simple, with this handle even a beginner learn computer literacy.

Как подключить модем Мегафон к ноутбуку

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MegaFon offers subscribers 3G and 4G modem devices different generation, different transmission speed. The main advantage of the Internet connection through the modem – mobility. In order to use Internet using usb tethering, you need to buy a Sim card to choose appropriate tariff and connect the device to the computer.

To connect the modem to the laptop, turn it on, wait for operating system to boot up, and insert the device into the usb port. The computer will automatically start installing drivers. When they are set on the screen at the bottom right will appear, notifying about this.

Next you need to install the program «MegaFon Internet». In the resulting display window «auto run» then click on the AutoRun will open the «setup wizard Megaphone the Modem». If the AutoPlay window does not appear, go to «my computer», see «CD drive MegaFon Modem», click on the icon will execute the installation software. Select the desired language, check the box «agree to the license agreement.» After these simple manipulations will start the program installation, it will last for 5-10 minutes.

After installation, the desktop icon will appear with the icon for «megaphone». Click on it and run the program. For Internet connection click «connect», the modem should illuminate a blue light. Open settings and select the options you want.

When you connect the Internet via modem connection speed is not very high. There is a small trick – it is possible to best capture the signal to hang up the modem on the window and connect it to the laptop using a USB extension cable.


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