Tip 1: How to configure Wi-Fi on notebook Asus

There are several types configure wireless networks from laptops. It could be the connection to the access point Wi-Fi or create your own connection to another computer or laptop.

Как настроить Wi-Fi на ноутбуке Asus

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1. Most laptops already have built-in Wi-Fi module. For computers that do not need any additional equipment and configure the Internet connection should not cause any problems. If the laptop Asus such a module is not, then it will need to be purchased at any computer store. Externally, the module resembles an ordinary flash card. It is connected via the USB input, and turn on the module by pressing buttons on its case. Some modules are included automatically when you connect to the computer. When choosing a laptop it is better to take with built-in module as external there is a high risk of mechanical damage.

2. If you are unsure of having a built-in module, then check your Asus laptop can be very simple. Usually, manufacturers place a special sticker on the laptop case with the main information content. You can find them easily under the keyboard left and right of the touch pad. If the stickers were removed, then check your computer for presence of the module you can view the keyboard. In the lower left corner should be a button enabling Wi-Fi module. If it’s not on notebook, press F1 and F12. If the module is what will appear on the screen to enable Wi-Fi. If after pressing the key nothing happened, then most likely the module in the laptop is not.

3. Turn on the mobile computer company Asus and wait for loading the operating system. Check the activity of the wireless adapter. Open device Manager and locate equipment desired device. Make sure that you installed all necessary drivers. If the drivers are not installed or are incorrect, you need to fix this error. Otherwise, even in the presence of the icon of the Internet connection, the access will not be. To ensure the correct driver you need to go into «My computer» and at the top left corner, click on the word «Properties». Opens window with basic information about the laptop. In the left pane click «device Manager». In the opened list, you need to find the section with network adapters. From all the list you need to find the adapter that says «wifi», «Wireless» or «Wireless». If it’s worth the exclamation mark, then install or reinstall the driver. You can install the required driver from the disk supplied with the laptop or download it from the Internet. The driver may have to install not once, until that moment, until the module will not work correctly.

4. To adapter was found, all available Wi-Fi network, you should configure automatic reception of IP address. If you are an owner of notebook Asus with Windows 10, you must go to the Settings tab. This can be done from any folder by pressing down on the gear icon and the words «Open settings». Go to «Network and Internet». Under «State» click on the words «configure adapter parameters». A window should open, where all are connected to the Internet. Select the connection that you will use and click on it twice. Window should open the network status. Click on the button «Properties» and in the list, right-click on the item TCP/IP. This paragraph should become blue. Now under the list window, click properties and put a check mark next to «Obtain an IPv6 address automatically». Also a check should be put against the item obtaining a DNS server address automatically. After that press «OK».

5. For user Windows XP automatic reception of IP is somewhat different. You must go into the control panel of the computer. Opening the «Network connections», select the necessary to fix the connection. Next you need to open the properties of your connection, and find the item TCP/IP in the components used by this connection. Now also pressed the point to the properties and put a checkmark in the auto connection.

6. Now it is necessary to wait, when there will be the inclusion of Wi-Fi, click on «connect to a wireless network in system tray». The result should appear the list of available networks. Select the password which you know, enter it and press «Connect».

7. If available networks are not observed, then click on the wireless networks in the system tray and select «control Center network and sharing». In the left column menu find the item «Manage wireless networks» and go to it. Click «Add». In the started window, select «connect to a wireless network manually».

8. Now you need to fill in the table that appears. It is important to enter the exact name of the access point to which you want to connect. To specify the type of security, which uses hardware created wireless network. Select the type of encryption and enter the security key (password). Check the box next to «Connect to this network automatically». Click «Next» and «Close». Can only wait for the connection to the selected wireless access point.

9. If your mobile computer is already connected to the Internet, and you want to connect it with another laptop, then go back to the control center network and sharing. Click «Manage wireless networks» and click «Add». Click on «Create a network the computer-computer».

10. Click «Next» and fill in the table. Enter the network name, select from available options the security type and enter the password. Click on «Save settings of this network», so all settings are preserved. Click the «Next» button and close the settings window.

11. Turn on the second mobile computer. Connect to the created network. To do this, use the method described in the previous steps. Open the properties for the Internet connection and allow me to use it devices connected to a Wi-Fi network, activating the desired item in the menu «Access».

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