How to make money student or student on the Internet writing and selling texts

Many sites on the Internet offer the opportunity to earn money even pupils and students, not to mention the people with education and experience. And writing is one of the most reliable and easy earnings.

Как заработать деньги школьнику или студенту в интернете на написании и продаже текстов

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Perhaps, to earn a «writer» — the most simple and affordable way for most ordinary users. Online popular texts on virtually any topic. The condition is one — Creator of the texts should Express their thoughts competently, consistently logical.

Where to look for work

In a web full of sites that are willing to reduce potential authors and customers of the texts. Are ad hoc exchange of such direction, and the freelance sites, which in addition to other orders, see orders texts.

Helpful hint: Before you start to offer their services to potential customers, carefully examine the site, which are its rules. It is also important to get acquainted in absentia and by the customer, his reputation among experienced players.

Pluses of earnings on writing texts:

— For such work via the Internet there is no need to have special education. Anyone who is able to quickly learn new information and correctly recite it, understanding the essence and meaning, can write simple articles on different topics.

— The mode you set yourself, gaining orders, depending on their strength and time availability to carry them out. Thus, earnings on texts does not necessarily presuppose full employment — you can earn money and a few hours a week, and do the job the main.

— If you are a student or the student, an additional advantage of such work would be a sharp increase your literacy, since a large number of errors, the customer simply will not accept. You will also learn how to work efficiently with large amounts of new information, so to write a term paper of any complexity by yourself, you will not be difficult (and not have to download from the Internet other people’s essays and then to blush for a gross and silly error!).

Cons of earnings on writing texts

— This job is for organized, responsible people. If you are not able to bring himself to fulfil the order on time (and don’t want to learn this), this job is not for you.

Is not the high-paying job. You will not be able to become an oligarch, although modest salary, perhaps, afford almost any even if you write the lyrics is not full time, and, for example, on the weekends.

Useful tip: If you absolutely do not have experience in writing articles, before you start to work with real customers try to practice — ask a friend or friends to give you 2-3 topics for short articles (1000-2000 characters without spaces). If the topic is unfamiliar to you, examine several reliable sources. Write articles and let you read the «customers». Ask them not just to Express their opinions («like», «dislike», «good», «work, you can do it»), but to discuss in detail your work — are there any factual errors and spelling mistakes, it is enough if the article is useful and interesting to the reader, etc.

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