Why and how to clean the computer from dust

Today in Internet you can find a lot of articles about what you need to regularly clean your computer from dust. But then users often turn to the office for PC repair. Let’s think about whether it is necessary to clean your personal computer from dust and how to do it safely.

Зачем и как чистить компьютер от пыли?

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Why do I need to clean the computer from dust

Interestingly, the opinions of users on this theme a lot, and often they are strange and contradictory. For example, someone said that dust is a conductor, so if it is accumulated on the video card or other components in a PC, soon we should expect glitches, the «braking» of the computer circuit on the Board. For such users I would like to remind the course of physics of Junior high school.

But let’s not about sad. So why do regularly have to clean your computer from dust? The fact is that because house dust accumulates everywhere, where it can penetrate, it will cover all the surfaces inside the PC. The dust layer will play the role of a sort of fur for accessories, after all, between the fine hairs, debris consists of dust, is full of air bubbles, thermal conductivity of which is small. Therefore, cooling of each chip, capacitor, and other components that are soldered to the motherboard, graphics card, other components, will be significantly affected. Well, if a long time electronic components overheated, increases the chance of a violation of their health until complete failure.

It should also be remembered that if an insect gets on the Board may circuit, which also disrupted the PC.

How to clean a computer from dust as a normal user

If you do not understand the computer device, it is not necessary to disassemble its capital. To prevent overheating caused by dust, enough to do the following:

Disconnect your computer from the network. Also from the socket it is necessary to pull the cables that go to the monitor, printer, and other devices that in one way or another connected to your PC (this can be a scanner, MFP…).

Useful tip: if you are not sure that the later restore the correct connection of all cables (power, connecting devices for data transfer, etc.), all the details take a photo before disconnecting.

— Remove the side cover from the system unit. Very soft brush (anywhere not much pressing!) sweep up dust down at the bottom of the system unit. Gather it from the bottom with a vacuum cleaner. If you have a dryer, which allows you to enable blowing out cold air instead of a brush you can use it.

Please pay special attention to all of the coolers (fans). Clean them carefully, but do not press the blade with any hard objects, twist them, remove the coolers from the cards.

— Close the cover of the PC. Connect the wires back. Turn on the computer and verify that it is operating normally.

Attention! To clean your computer from dust, you cannot use a moist cloth, cloth or sponge, even if they are not soaked in water and special liquid for cleaning office equipment!

Cleaned computer from dust is not less than twice a year. If your home accumulates dust very quickly, this period can be reduced two or three times.

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