Tip 1: How to weave baubles of floss

Baubles have long been a favorite accessory not only ordinary people but also famous designers. Bracelets, woven from threads, thin ribbons, strips of leather and other materials suitable for almost any style. This decoration is a symbol of friendship and joy, it is easy to do manually, to wear yourself or give as a gift to loved ones and friends. Original and colourful bracelets was previously an attribute of the subculture of hippies, but later their value has become more universal, beautiful and unusual «friendship bracelets» are people of different ages and social statuses. In addition, the ability to make bracelets out of threads will allow you at any time to create a unique memorable gift or to vary their own closet.

Как научиться плести фенечки из мулине

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You will need

  • — thread floss;
  • — scissors;
  • needle;
  • clip;
  • tablet;
  • — beads;
  • shells;
  • — beads.


1. Use the Internet to choose a suitable weave pattern. Begin learning with simple products. It can be single-row chain, solid, wide or narrow bracelets. With increasing experience in the work you will be able to expand skills and carry beautiful jewelry with the addition of various elements, e.g., beads, shells etc.

2. Choose colorful diagram so you can trace the route of each yarn in the braiding process. For example, the detail of a specific size and color (beads, glass beads, bead) is celebrated in a special way: a cross, star, snowflake, etc. If you are going to weave a bracelet using precise recommendations, get a beautiful model with voluminous details. Monochrome color schemes marked with the same symbols, and dimensions are defined in the same way as on color. For netting, they must be especially careful not to mix anything up.

3. Selecting the schema, look at the picture, you can redraw it on paper or print. The direction of each of the weave is indicated by arrows. The steps are arranged in order below or to the right from the previous one. If in the diagram the arrows point in two opposite directions, then the string is woven in two needles, each of which is at the opposite end of the thread. To get started on this design at first type the desired number of beads of different colors into the middle of the line, and then connect the extreme and proceed to the next step of weaving.

4. Prepare materials for weaving. Eight multi-colored embroidery floss, scissors and pins you will weave a simple bracelet. Measure the girth of the wrist which is wearing a beautiful unique bracelet, and multiply the length by four – it is this length of thread you need for the job. Usually it is enough to take the thread length of one metre.

5. Take the threads, carefully measure the length you need, cut and tie in a knot. Pin it to any stable base with a pin. For these purposes it is also convenient to use a tablet or a clip. Spread a bunch of threads so that each other was the colors that will alternate in a pattern ready baubles. Left thread tie following a string of strong double knot.

6. Tie double knots are all available threads until the last thread will not go to the opposite side. On the left you will be following the thread of a different color. Repeat the above steps a new extreme objazyvaet alternately thread all the other threads of the series, and when it reaches the right edge, go back to the left edge. As you increase the size of the future product you will notice the emerging pattern of colored diagonal lines, continue stitching and when finished, tie the yarn ends in a knot. Afterwards, you attach the closure or some of the original button.

7. To create a more complex bracelet use a twill weave with 12 yarns. Take thread floss assorted colors, cut the desired length and position them in two rows you should have 6 strands of the same colors. Take two strands of identical shade, place them in the middle, next spread another thread floss, the same color, repeat the procedure for the combination of colors. Tie a knot and continue stitching. You’ll get a beautiful weave of the mirrored thread colors. Here it is important to have the threads in pairs mirror and pay attention to the nodes, because they should be the same.

8. Clip 10 threads of different colors on the tablet, separate two extreme lateral filament, staple pins. Average thread floss braid it in a braid, gradually adding the side, you will get the original drawing. If you want to make or use any additional inclusions, use beads or beads.

9. Take thread floss 10 different colors, cut them in half, you get 5 pairs of ranks. Secure it with a clip, so convenient to work. Each side take on the thread and splitit them into a single braid, gradually add the thread side, you get a single braid with weave in several rows. First, take pairs of strands at sides, later add threads that coexist with them, etc. If you want creative, add beads or shells with drilled holes.

10. Connect several strands of floss together, twist the wiring of them, follow this scheme several times. As a result, you get the harnesses to work. Attach them to the tablet or other stable object, pairwise tie the middle of the thread, gradually add the harnesses, which were prepared the day before. If you use solid strands of floss, may not sort the wiring, and directly weave pattern in the form of KOs.

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