How to draw a crossword puzzle in Word

There are specialized application to create crosswords, but you can do it in a text editor of Microsoft Word. The main difficulty in this work will be a large number of formatting table cells, which must consist of a crossword puzzle.

Как нарисовать кроссворд в Word

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You will need

  • Computer;
  • — Microsoft Word


1. Crosswords is one of the most famous entertainment in the world. Besides entertainment crossword is the perfect puzzle. It is believed that the prototypes appeared already in the period I-IV century. But the crossword, which we used to see now appeared in 1913 in the newspaper New York World in England. But now create crossword itself is pretty easy. The main thing is to have imagination and free time.

2. It is best to create crossword first on a regular sheet of paper. Here you will need all your imagination. Create questions and draw on a sheet of paper answers. It is best to take an ordinary sheet of paper into the cage. In this case, it does not take a lot of time viriovka squares. They will already be printed on the sheet. You can come up with questions with a humorous tilt. And you can do the questions in verse form. This lesson can surely be called a great «brainstorming». Start with the longest word that is the answer to the question. Put the word future in the crossword puzzle in the center horizontally or vertically. This will be the beginning of your crossword puzzle. Subsequent words must be chosen so that they match the letter with other words in the crossword puzzle. Well, if some words will have two or three joint letters with other words. Can between words to skip cells or to insert word by word. Do not forget about the numbering. It is also important in matters to note the number horizontally or vertically as under one figure can be two words.

3. After the crossword is ready, it is time to begin design. On the Internet there are many programs that enable you to create a crossword puzzle, but as a rule, only a free demo version limited by time or by free at. A great program for making crossword puzzles is a Word. Of course, have to work, because the formatting of cells in the crossword puzzle will have most of the time, but in the end you will get high quality and beautifully designed, the crossword puzzle made with your own hands. If your computer does not have Microsoft office, then download this package of programs. Optionally, it is possible to download only the Word, but the other package program on your computer will never be superfluous.

4. Start a text editor Microsoft Word and click on the tab «page Layout». To visit could fit a sufficient number of cells, set the minimum values of the fields — click the Fields and select from the dropdown list value is «Narrow».

5. Create a page table. To do this, go to Insert tab, open the drop-down list «table» and select «Insert table». This will cause the window settings dialog the table created, in which you can specify the desired number of cells. To determine the appropriate number of cells, pay attention to your pattern, previously made on a piece of paper. To do this, draw a vertical line before the first leftmost letter. A second guide line over the last letter on the left. Also draw a horizontal line above the first upper letters and below the bottom of the letters in your crossword puzzle. Now count the number of cells trapped between the horizontal lines. This number will be the number of lines in the table. Accordingly, the number of cells between the vertical lines will be the number of columns.

6. In the opened window, specify a sufficient number of rows and columns in the corresponding fields and click «OK». Text editor create the table that will need to adjust the width and height of the page. AUTOFIT the width may remain constant automatic.

7. Select several columns and click the right mouse button and choose «Delete columns» as long as the right edge of the table will not fit in the page width. Similarly, remove the extra lines that do not fit within the height of the sheet — highlight, right-click and choose «Delete rows».

8. Save this template to the next time not to repeat this procedure for the next crossword. To do this, click on the big round button «Office», go to «Save as», select «Word Template» and specify the name and storage location of the template.

9. Now duplicate recording the answers in the crossword puzzle with your template. Carefully check himself because if then some words will not converge and the error will be difficult to find. On finding typos may require quite a long time.

10. Pour the remaining cells not used the right color. To do this, select multiple cells. This can be done, for example, hold down the CTRL key when moving the mouse on the desired cell and when it will become a black arrow, clicking the left button. So selecting a sufficient number of cells, then right-click and click in the context menu «Borders and shading».

11. Select from the drop down list under Fill the desired color (for example black) and click the «OK» button. Repeat the procedure for the highlight and fill up until all unused cells will not be processed.

12. Add to the document the second page and make it a numbered list of questions corresponding to the words of your crossword.

13. Type numbers in specific cells of the crossword and the letters of the words remove. The crossword is completed.

14. You can see how it will look in your crossword puzzle after they are printed. To do this, select the entire table, where you created the crossword and remove the tick in the menu «Boundary» point of the grid display. Now you will see the crossword without any auxiliary lines.

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