How to make a gift on March 8 his mother and grandmother with their hands

Original gift on March 8, mother or grandmother can not only buy, but make your own. Thing made with your own hands, will become the most precious and spiritual gift for a loved one. In addition, the process of making a gift for the spring holiday you can bring the kids that will have a positive impact on the development of their creative thinking and fine motor skills.

поделки к 8 марта

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Big flower of corrugated paper

Large bright flowers, made of corrugated paper, ideal for DIY on March 8 in kindergarten and elementary school. Under the guidance of the adult the child will be quite difficult to cope with such a product.

цветок из гофрированной бумаги

Materials needed:

  • corrugated paper of different colors (size 30×50 cm) -7 PCs.;
  • clips for paper;
  • a thin wire;
  • a pair of scissors.


The sheet of corrugated paper placed on top on the work surface, then start folding it like an accordion. The width of each pleat should be 5 see, Try folding the paper so that the edges of the folds was smooth.

The middle of the resulting bunching fix with clip for paper.

We perform the same procedure with the remaining sheets of corrugated paper. The resulting rolls of paper laid out in accordance with the selected sequence of colors. Then each following strip cut into 5 cm shorter than the previous (the first strip is 50 cm, the second is 45 cm, the third is 40 cm, etc.).

The ends of each «accordion» or gently draw rounds with scissors.

Next, cut every crease, contour, leaving uncut the part where you’ll clip.

Remove the clips from the package, unfold the sheets and put them together, sorting by size from largest to smallest. Then begin again to collapse the accordion all the leaves.

The Central portion of the bundle of tied wires.

Alternately straighten the strips of each layer at the end of this process, trim the edges of the flower with scissors. Such bright colors in Mexican style, you can decorate your room for the spring holiday.

Bouquet of tulips chocolates

A bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates is a classic option for a gift on March 8. At the same time, a bouquet made of sweets with their hands, will be a unique and heartfelt gift for mom or grandmother in honour of International women’s day.

тюльпаны из конфет

Materials needed:

  • flat chocolates;
  • the green tape;
  • tubules for a cocktail;
  • pencil;
  • colored paper;
  • cellophane;
  • adhesive;
  • wrapping paper;
  • long wooden skewers;
  • a pair of scissors.


Cardboard make a template of a flower with three petals and a small hole in the center — it will serve as a template for a homemade tulips. The silhouette pattern is transferred to the paper of different colors, for example pink, lilac, yellow or delicate patterns. On paper draw the green leaves are oblong.

Two flat chocolate candies put on top of each other and wrap them in a piece of cellophane, twisting the free edge in a tight tourniquet.

Cocktail straws cut into several pieces with a length of 3-4 cm, they will act as a liaison between the candy and wooden skewers. At one end of the tube to insert the candy in the cellophane in the other end a wooden skewer. The resulting design wrapped with green tape.

Cut out of paper prepared templates for the tulips and leaves. Each preset turning slightly inwards, to give the composition a more natural look.

Through a hole made in the center of the flower, insert the stems with a Bud of chocolates.

Connect all the petals together, glue the edges together.

Then put the second blank of the petals a different color.

To the applied flower petal and fastened it with tape.

By analogy produce the desired number of tulips and make them into a bouquet, wrapped in beautiful gift paper.

Flowers of cotton pads

This craft is suitable for children of younger group of a kindergarten and makes a wonderful gift on March 8, mother or grandmother.

цветы из ватных дисков

Materials needed:

  • green straws for drinks;
  • ear sticks;
  • yellow paint;
  • disks of cotton wool;
  • glue.


For making one flower you will need one cosmetic cotton ball, one cotton Bud and one tube of cocktail. One end of a cotton swab doused in yellow paint.

Unpainted end of the wand is inserted into the hole of the tubules for a cocktail. The stem for the next flower ready. Now applied to the basis of the cotton, giving it the shape of a Bud Kala. Space bends fixing with PVA glue.

Produce the desired number of colors and make of them a beautiful gift bouquet.

Butterfly from colored paper

Bouquet of natural or artificial flowers, you can decorate a sweet butterfly made of colored paper. This hack is perfect for younger students.

бабочка из цветной бумаги

Materials needed:

  • colored paper;
  • foil;
  • thread;
  • adhesive;
  • a pair of scissors.


Take colored paper of two bright colors and cut out two rectangles: one larger, the other smaller. The small rectangle is glued to big in the middle, then fold the paper like an accordion.

In the center of the accordion tied thread, then cut to make small and large wings, and then give them a rounded shape. A place where the accordion is tied with a thread, winding in several layers of foil and make a small moustache.

Flower vase

A bouquet of flowers can complement a beautiful home made vase, which will be a great souvenir on March 8, mother or grandmother.

ваза для цветов своими руками

Materials needed:

  • glass jar or bottle;
  • corrugated paper of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • the PVA glue.


Corrugated paper of different colors cut into small pieces of different sizes. Capacity of glass were coated with glue, then glue it to colored paper scraps so not to leave gaps. Apply another layer of PVA glue. When the wonderful hack is dry, it can give to mom or grandmother on March 8.

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