How to learn to write beautiful handwriting

Handwritten texts are becoming a thing of the past. Even most school homework is done on a computer, is reset to «stick» and put in digital form. And that is why the question of how to learn how to write beautiful handwriting is becoming more and more relevant – no experience, training is the creation of manuscript texts. Affects the quality of handwriting and frantic pace of life, natural laziness. Actually, the problem is, and it’s very simple. Follow the instructions, exercise regularly, and your handwriting will be clear, crisp and beautiful.

Как научиться писать красивым почерком

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1. For classes you need to prepare tools: two notebooks with a diagonal line as first graders, two normal notebook for writing, a pen that is comfortable to lie in hand, and will not cause discomfort. Paste (ink) needs to get out from under the ball stud easily, but not «smear» the paper. Psychological comfort in the classroom – one of the main keys to success. Experts recommend that during lessons to turn on your favorite slow music, spraying the room is pleasant, not sharp aroma tools. It is important to understand that the lessons should be fun and not cause irritation. Only such an approach will provide excellent results in a short time.

2. The second step is to analyze what the problem is with handwriting. Rewrite a short text, about half a notebook page. Look closely at each letter and combinations of letters, select the ones that look particularly sloppy and careless, to understand that the other person will be difficult. Problem «moments» to write in a different notebook, each on a separate page. Transfer them you need not how you usually write, and how they should be written in accordance with the rules of calligraphy. In any library you can find books on calligraphy, but if too lazy to visit them, you can find a manual online and download them. The majority of online books of this type available to users free of charge.

3. The first lessons of calligraphy should not be long. Enough to write in a notebook prepared for a few characters on each page. For some it is easier to first master one letter or combination of letters, and then proceed to the next page in the self-prepared recipe. To start classes you need in your notebook «in the forward» line. Such markings disciplinarum, teaches to maintain the necessary inclination of the letters and make them uniform in size. To move to the next stage only when you will be sure to draw clear and understandable signs are consistent with the rules of calligraphy. As an experiment, it is possible to rewrite short texts or sentences in the notebook with the usual markings or on the sheet without marking. But do not hurry, it is better to exercise patience, then the result will be as expected and wanted.

4. Very important in a period of training on the adjustment of handwriting special exercises for hands and fingers. Its main task is to make the plastic fingers, sensitive and strong. Experts in calligraphy recommend the following exercises:
• circular rotation of the brushes,
• flexion of wrist joint,
• rhythmic clenching and unclasping fist
• circular movements of the fingers,
• «lock»,
• fan-shaped movement.
Useful crafts, collecting images of puzzles and designers from small parts. It is better to choose those models of puzzles and puzzles, which consist of a large number of parts. For lessons with them can take a separate corner in the house, and not to throw the case until it is over. It disciplinarum and develops perseverance, helps to get rid of stress.

5. Learn to assess your work, set a «marker» in school, but do it objectively, without self-pity and narcissism. Be very strict – if at least one letter in the work was sloppy or went «down», reduce the rating by one point. And if not, ask someone close to you to view the written text, point out errors in terms of calligraphy. It would be absolutely great if you would help the person who already knows how to write beautifully, but will not be afraid to offend you objective assessment. Berating yourself is not necessary, it is important to find incentive to learn to take criticism as a guide to action, a springboard to new heights. Parsing errors should be reported – the unsuccessful letter needs to be on beginning of a new page in the notebook.

6. After you have began to receive beautiful letters and combinations of letters, you can move on to longer sentences and texts. At the initial stage they need to write in your notebook » in the forward line.» This will allow you to save the results in the transition to a new stage of training. You need to rewrite short texts or individual sentences, phrases. It is useful to start to consider the time spent writing a specific number of lines or words. It is better to consider strings as words have different volumes. Another option to increase the speed of writing is to use a timer. As a counter time you can use your favorite music. But haste should not affect the quality, and if the handwriting is distorted, so hurry while before. It is necessary to continue to evaluate their work, to do it without concessions and discounts on the speed and time.

7. It is important not only to achieve good results, but also to keep them. Even if you learned to write beautifully, it should not be cause for rejection of regular classes calligraphy and gymnastics for the hands. Not enough time? Dedicate half an hour to do this during work, but not borrow, the time allotted for rest, lunch is annoying. If your profession is associated with a letter with a pen, to perform tasks so as not to cause damage, not to reduce their efforts to zero. Fill out the paper work slowly, paying attention to every letter and word. This will be another incentive to success, but the most important thing – not to break his usual sloppy handwriting. Getting started calligraphy set yourself up for positive, understand that it is not for one day, what a long road ahead, which will give a good result.

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