How to sew a heating pad on the kettle in the form of a cock

Warmer for teapot in the form of a cock is the perfect solution for decorating your own home. It will also be a good gift for friends and family.

Как сшить грелку на чайник в виде петуха

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You will need

  • — felt red;
  • — white felt;
  • — felt blue;
  • — black felt for eyes;
  • yellow or brown for beak and legs;
  • — sintepon;
  • — needle;
  • — thread matching colors.


1. First, we need to make the right pattern. Carry out the measurements. You need to measure your kettle to know how the case should be the height and width. Find out the diameter of the bottom, divide it by 2. This will be the bottom edge of the parts. Then we get the scoop from the bottom to the lid. It is better to use the centimeter, and the data obtained with the aid of a ruler to put on paper. It will be the height of the cap. The rest of the details to find easier. But here it is necessary to observe a rationality. Scallop is the outline of the head, at its upper part. Under the bill should be the bottom red part. The beak should consist of two elements – upper and lower. Also there should be two eyes. For them to make two circles of white felt and two smaller size – black. For the body was offered to the blue felt for wings – white.

2. It is possible to strengthen the product, but the material should be selected for this right. This should not be something that contains glue or synthetic. It is better to choose a polyester batting – it not only contains hazardous substances but also holds the heat longer. In addition, the cap will stay much stronger. To make a pattern of batting was easier, pin it to the paper figures of future parts and then seam cut out details. Better to seal it with felt on all edges of felt to avoid unnecessary «pockets».

3. Don’t forget to leave room for the seam allowance. At least the halves of the body, tail, comb, beak they should be mandatory. This product is supposed to turn inside out so it will better retain heat warmed the kettle.

4. Now sew the details. First you need to attach them with pins to the elements of the body. So, for the left and right parts are the wings, legs, eyes, beak. Then they have to sew with thread of suitable colors. It is recommended that the seam «forward needle». To perform it carefully. If you can do aesthetic joints – do the blanket stitch, attaching them to the substrate, i.e., the torso. Then the product will look much brighter. It is also necessary to attach the halves of the comb, legs.

5. The tail is an important detail of this product. It could be designed as part of the body. Then after reversing on the next stage it will be more stable than if you sew it separately.

6. In this case, it is better to turn the sewn products when sewn torso. That is, the first two parts of the body attach to each other so that the attached part was looking inside. Then they are stapled on the upper side, in the manner of a cap. The product was then flips, and turns out the cap. You can decorate it with additional decorative elements – flowers or bows, sew them separately.

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