How to draw a picture

Picture painting with oil paints is very time-consuming task which requires special skills and talent. But to paint a picture and other method. Painting using spray does not require special experience of the artist, and will look no worse than a picture painted with a brush.

Как нарисовать картину

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To start you will need to make stencils. They can be dried leaves of trees, wildflowers and other plants. For the painting is important to only their shape and size. Collected leaves and flowers, place between sheets of the thick book for a few days, so they acquired a flat shape.

For drawing you will need a toothbrush without projecting setae, comb with an average frequency of teeth, a small saucer, brush, jar with ink and a few colors in the desired color.

Take a sheet of paper and place on it a bouquet of herbs, flowers and leaves to your taste. First it is necessary to lay the most delicate flower stems. The larger leaves are put on top of them. The largest of the grass and leaves are placed last.

In a saucer, pour a little ink. Dip it in the mascara comb. Place the comb horizontally on the future of the picture at a distance of 10-12 inches and slide a brush in the teeth of a comb. Small splashes of mascara will fall onto the paper, gradually closing gaps. The denser the stacked paper sheets, the smoother will the contours of the picture. Below the picture is raznoshennoy, carefully remove the top layer of grass and repeat the procedure. Layer by layer remove the workpiece dried leaves and continue to apply mascara spray. The background of those plants that were removed first, to be almost black, and the next will seem lighter.

After removing all the blanks, take a brush and watercolor paint draw veins in the leaves. This will give the picture volume. Better to paint a picture not spray on a white sheet of paper, and to prepare in advance background. Pre-coat a sheet of paper pink or blue watercolor paint.

The flowers are very difficult to dry, retaining their original form and without damaging the contours. So you can use stencils cut from paper. You can also cut a variety of butterflies, dragonflies and birds that give the composition a more realistic look.

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