How to make an octahedron

The art of origami has come to us from Ancient China. At the dawn of its development from paper made figures of animals and birds. But today, you can create not only them, but also complex geometric shapes.

Как сделать октаэдр

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You will need

  • — a sheet of A4 paper
  • — scissors


1. For the production of three-dimensional geometric figure octahedron needed a square sheet of paper. Make it from normal A4 paper. For this purpose the upper right or left corner of the sheet bend to the opposite side. Make a note on a sheet of paper. Draw a line parallel to the narrow side of the sheet to make a mark. Cut off the unneeded piece of paper. Fold the square in half.

2. Attach the upper-right corner to the center crease. Make sure the upper left corner so that the bend line is passed through the attached upper right corner.

3. Fold the lower left corner of the square to the midline. Aligning the right bottom corner similar to the top corners and make a crease. Then the workpiece should be turned upside down.

4. Fold the lower right corner of the part and the top left to the center crease. Iron billet arm and flip to the other side.

5. The upper and lower side align with the fold line. Smooth billet hand.

6. Bend your hand figures to the midline of the square. Flip your part to the opposite side.

7. Fold the piece upward on a horizontal line. In the end to obtain a figure resembling the letter «V».

8. Left side fold down the left side of the Central triangle. The right side bend down on the right side of the Central triangle.

9. Do the stripes on the upper sides of the figures. The point of the folded strips will start at the bottom point of the inner cutout of the letter «V».

10. Upper left corner bend to the fold line of the strip. Then fold the strip down. Similarly fold the right corner and strip.

11. Left side fold down.

12. The figure shows that the pockets and inserts for Assembly of the octahedron.

13. To construct the octahedron, you must do 4 of these modules. Align the two module at an angle, align the protruding part in the pocket. Then collect all the 4 modules together.

14. It turned out a geometric shape called an octahedron.

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