How to make figurines from long balls

The balloon is the personification of joy and childhood. It may well be called happiness, is made of air. Balloons are loved by adults and children. They can decorate any occasion. Especially original look of the figures from special long balloons: dogs, flowers, caterpillars, birds and even people. The art of twisting (so called creation of the figures of the long balloons) was developed in the 20th century in America. Then the balls were made in Japan, but their quality left much to be desired, and create intricate shapes of them could only be true professionals. In the 60-ies of the quality of the balls is improved, increased their color palette. And in the late 80s, held the first exhibition of figures made of balloons, which were created by ordinary people.
These fun figurines air can be a good gift for a child and subject to various games. There are firms that provide services for the production of such figures. However, you can make them at home without additional training.

Как делать фигурки из длинных шариков

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You will need

  • balloons, piston pump, water pen


1. To create figurines of the balloon you need to buy special latex balloons for modelling. Common balloon may burst. Also note that upon inflation of the ball you should only use manual piston pump (regular will be difficult to use in this situation, and it can break the bulb). Sometimes the pump comes with beads for the simulation. Stretch 1 ball long and put it by the hole on the tip of the pump. Inflate slowly, evenly. Will definitely yield of 8-9 cm from the tail. So it will be easier to twist it in the future, pressure will not tear figure. Adjust the required thickness of the balloon. The tip of the tie knot. If you hurry up and inflated the balloon fully, then deflate it a little and leave the opportunity for further twists.
Before the formation of the the figures remember: in any case, do the twist only in one direction. Always hold them with your fingers until complete fixation. In the process of making the figures should be involved all the fingers. It is necessary to hold all elements, otherwise the design at any moment to unwind, and your efforts are not justified.

2. One of the simplest and the most popular shapes – dog. To create it you will need one long inflated latex balloon. For convenience and accuracy, take a ruler, measure 5 cm from the beginning of the balloon and make a twist. Hold it with your fingers. Measure 6 cm from the first twist and make a second and then a third at a distance of 6 cm from the second.

3. Now you need to twist the first and third lay between them. Did you make the face of the future air dogs. Measure from the last rolling ball 7 cm, make another twist. Then back off 8 cm and twist between future front paws under her muzzle. Align the resulting parts. At a distance of 10-12 cm from front paws and muzzle make another twist, denoting the torso. Form 2 bubble for the back of legs according to the scheme of making the front feet. The remaining part is the tail of a dog. Clip it on the trunk. Take a pen, water-based, and draw the dog’s eyes, nose and mouth.

4. So, the dog you now know how to do. A little harder to make the flower. For this you will need 3 balls for the simulation: red (for the flower), green (stem and leaf) and yellow (for parts of the flower). Inflate a red balloon. Start from tail 3 cm (leave this part not inflated). Tie the tail with him. You should now have a circle (oval). Two hands make a few turns to get 2 crossed. Then mentally divide the shape into 3 parts. Gradually make lay in the field between 1 and 2 part 2 and part 3. You should now have a kind of bond, like a double row of sausages with a gap therebetween. Then fold the design in the accordion. Twist all the pieces into a single strand. To do this, hold the harmonica in your left hand between thumb and forefinger, twist 3 of the petal. Flower you already have.

5. Next, take a green balloon and fully inflate it with a pump. So it is not broke, make it not very dense. Tie it in a knot. Then from the knot back 10 cm and do the twist. Twisted should then easily be divided by 2 leaves. For the partial twisted part into 2 equal parts. Hold the petal and the stem with one hand, and the other a few times loop design.

6. You can then go two ways. The first is to simply insert the stem into the flower and thus inadvertently make the green middle. The second is to engage in the manufacture midway yellow. Take the yellow ball, inflate it quite a bit. Because the heart of the flower should be large, you will have to cut off the excess part of the ball (along with a knot you need to leave only 7-8 cm). Before you cut, press down on the part serdtsevini that will be visible. So it will be more similar to the present. Tie the filament to the trunk of a conventional node. Then gently push it between the petals. To create the stamens can also be used with a regular round bead.

7. The most impressive look large bouquets of flowers air. To create this bouquet, you need to produce 10-15 flowers. For fixing of the composition tie her in a bow or make a bow out of another balloon.

8. The first time it will take a lot of time on the creation of a dog or of a flower. But with regular training this process will take only a few seconds (just like the clowns in the circus). Remember: perfection has no limit. True professional and master of manicure will be able to roll one sausage 33 vesicle (or compartment).

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