How to make interior flowers of pompons

Tired of the cold and snow? Let’s put a rush on the spring with the help of this original and very simple DIY!

Как просто сделать интерьерные цветы из помпонов

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To create flowers out of POM-poms you will need: wool, synthetic or cotton thread, scissors, dry twigs, glue (you can use any universal transparent glue, for example, «Moment-crystal»).

Tip: to create this bouquet do not have to buy new skeins of yarn, perfect for leftovers from crochet — colorful flowers will look not worse, and even more interesting than a solid color.

Work process:

1. Cut with scissors or shears branches into segments of desired length (length in the selection of future colors focus on those vases that you have at home).

2. Make POM-poms from wool yarn. The diameter of the pompoms vary from 2 to 10 cm, depending on the length of future flowers and the thickness of the branches (the thicker the POM-poms should be more and Vice versa).

3. On the tip of each branch glue on the pompom.

4. Fan POM-poms. Further decorate the resulting «flowers» ribbons of cotton rope (you can replace it with thick linen thread, leather cord, wool, brown or dark green).

Arrange the branches with POM-poms in a few vases to get the whole composition on a table or shelf of the Cabinet, the mantel, the windowsill.

Useful tip: if the branches of many thin knots, do not rush to cut them. Stick to every twig on a small pompon. Thus, you will get no large single flowers, something like small bunches.

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