How to make a card for a loved one

Postcard made with your own hands, filled with not the standard rhymed lines, and wishes, coined from the soul, will delight your loved one.

Делаем открытку с пожеланиями для любимого

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For this DIY you will need: thin cardboard (for the base cards), colored paper, glue, scissors, markers (or colored pencils, ballpoint pens), large rhinestones on glue (optional).

Tip: for decoration suitable colored paper from the set for creativity and the patterned paper used for gift wrapping, flowers.

Work process:

1. From the dense white cardboard cut out the basis of the cards of rectangular shape.

2. From colored paper cut the eight of hearts, of which fold little envelopes (shown in photo). Please note that the flap of the envelope will be the sharp tip of a heart.

The number of hearts-of the envelopes to increase or decrease depending on the desired size of the cards.

3. Inside each heart envelope write congratulations and best wishes on the holiday.

4. Put the hearts with envelopes, seal with a drop of glue or rhinestone glue, glue the envelopes on the basis of the cards in neat rows.

5. Complement the decor of the greeting card, drawing on it with hearts, greetings, glued rhinestones.

By the way, I want to note that the idea of creating this card is good because it can be given not only on Valentine’s Day, but on the day of birth, February 23 or March 8, to the wedding and just.

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