How to make a bracelet in the colors of spring

To hasten the spring, try to make a bracelet in her colors. Such creativity is sure to lift your mood.

Браслет в цветах весны

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For DIY you will need:

— close chain silver color;

— beads of green color (plastic, glass, or semiprecious stones);

— small transparent colored glass seed beads;

— metallicheskie pendants and small rings for attaching them to the bracelet (the color of the chain);

lock for jewelry (also the color of the chain);

— small pliers;

— pins for hanging the beads.

Useful advice

All of the above materials can be bought in the shop for creativity. Choose color chains, pendants, lock, pins in the color of your wardrobe. Usually in the sale you can find not only silver and copper-colored, gold, bronze. It is recommended to pay attention to the «aged» options, because this jewelry looks more solid.

The process

On a piece of chain the right size (typically from 16 to 22 cm, but the exact value of the length of bracelet depends on the girth of the wrist of the future owner of the product), attach a clasp for jewelry. If the chain is large enough then mate (rings) may not be necessary.

Mentally spread the beads and charms evenly throughout the bracelet’s length. After that you can hang colored beads on the pins and attach them to the bracelet.

After major suspension of beads is fixed, decorate bracelet, metal pendants and glass beads.

Optionally together with the beads on the pin can be strung 1-2 beads or small beads of a suitable colour.

Tip: to make the bracelet easier to fasten, on the end also secure the bead.

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