5 decoration ideas Christmas candles sweets

Decorating candles with edible items will give your holiday table the originality, and the whole house cozy and warm atmosphere.

Пять идей украшения новогодних свечей вкусняшками

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1. Candles and cinnamon

The smell of cinnamon invigorates and improves the mood, so I advise you to impose a few thick candles with cinnamon sticks and light them for a couple of hours before the celebration. During this time, the cinnamon warms up a bit and give a unique flavor to your living room. Add this bowknot decor slim Vologda lace or satin ribbon.

By the way, the cinnamon sticks should be used not only for decoration of candles, but the table setting.

2. Candles and oranges

A few days before the holiday, slice the orange or lemon into thin slices and zaschite them (it is best to use the dryer for vegetables). When you’re decorating the house for Christmas, use slices as decor — for example, let’s pack a few candles in them (fix dry slices drops of hot wax). Lemon or orange can and should be combined with cinnamon, cloves, and other seasonings to taste, as well as coffee.

Пять идей украшения новогодних свечей вкусняшками

By the way, small thin candles oranges or apples can be used as candlesticks. To «submit» so the candles on the table, cut small holes for candles in the fruit, insert a candle and place the fruit with candles on a tray or dish.

3. Candles and coffee

Interesting and, perhaps, traditional decor candles will work if you use coffee beans. The simplest option is to glue the bottom of the candle with a bean (hot wax). You can complement this decor other items, edible or inedible.

Пять идей украшения новогодних свечей вкусняшками

4. Candles and nuts

Nuts along with tangerines, another sign of the Christmas holidays. Place a candle in a glass or Cup (pre-drop into the glass a few drops of hot wax), and then fill around the candle a few small nuts (ideal unpeeled hazelnuts, but the good will and walnuts, peanuts).

Пять идей украшения новогодних свечей вкусняшками

5. Candles and candy

And, of course, it is impossible to ignore ideas to decorate a candle with candy (of course, not chocolate!). According to Chesterton colorful gems like precious stones and create a fabulous atmosphere!

Пять идей украшения новогодних свечей вкусняшками

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