How to make bulk numbers of birthday

For a festive party thrown in honor of a birthday, and the subsequent photo shoot will be the right props. Perfect decor for a holiday can become voluminous figures made with your own hands. Figures decorated with flowers from napkins and crepe paper, look light, airy and incredibly beautiful, so no doubt will become the main decoration of any holiday.

объемные цифры на день рождения

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The process of creation of three-dimensional figures for a festive photo session can be divided into two stages: making the basis and decor of the structure.

Step 1 – making the basis

To create bulk numbers of birthday you must first make a base out of cardboard, and then decorate it with crepe paper, tissue paper, POM-poms or wool threads. If you plan to do a figure of large dimensions, it is necessary beforehand to stock up on boxes from under large household appliances (refrigerator, gas stove, TV etc). The box needs to be divided into leaves and spread them on the floor. On a cardboard sheet you want to draw a silhouette of the necessary numbers and cut it along the contour. The size of the numbers depends on your desire and the dimensions of the cardboard sheet.

The cut template is applied to another sheet of cardboard and drawing an outline of its contour, and then also cut out. In the end we will get two identical numbers. In addition to these two blanks we will need strips of cardboard (the width of the strips will determine the thickness of the product), which are the side walls of the figures. After all the blanks of cardboard are done, you can start to build volume numbers, gluing parts with masking tape.изготовление цифры из картона

Also the basis for three-dimensional figures can be made out of foam. Purchase foam sheets at any hardware store. If you want to make a thicker figure, two panels of foam can be glued together with glue for ceiling tile. However, this material is quite Moody at work: when cutting the foam crumbles and the granules stick to the tools and hands.

Step 2 – decoration of figures

Ornament figures paper flowers

From papyrus or corrugated paper can make beautiful and lush flowers. For a stack of 6 sheets of paper folded small like an accordion and cut into three equal parts. Each accordion tied thread in the middle, rounded the ends and wrenched the paper to make petals. When it is done a sufficient number of colors, glue them to cardboard or foam.цветы из бумагицифра с цветами из бумаги

No less lush and festive look of the figures, decorated with flowers out of paper napkins. To create this decor will need 100-150 packages of plain napkins depending on the size of the numbers. Each napkin folded in half two times and fix the design of the stapler in the middle. From the resulting square cut out a circle. Then all the layers of the circle alternately raised up slightly Prilukov fingers. The bottom layer of the circle should be left straightened, as with it, the flower will be attached to the base of cardboard. цветы из бумажных салфетокцифра из бумажных салфеток

The figures are decorated with rosettes made of corrugated paper, look delicate and airy. The creation of such decoration is quite time-consuming process, but the result is worth it. This corrugated paper cut into long strips. The width of the strips will depend on the size of the next flower. Strip of paper lightly crushed with your hands, then begin to twist slightly by bending the edges to make petals. The rest of the tape folded at the base of the resulting flower. In the same way produce the desired number of roses, then glue them on the cardboard using hot glue.розочки из гофрированной бумагицифра с розочками из гофрированной бумаги

цифра из розочек

Decoration of figures in the technique of paper facing

Figures, decorated in the technique of the facing, look lush and elegant. To make such decoration, corrugated paper must be cut into squares of the same size. In the middle of the square insert the pencil and wrap around the paper. Then dip the tip of a pencil in glue and attach the paper to the piece of cardboard. Fill thus the entire surface of the voluminous figures and carefully straighten the ornament by hand. No less impressive it will look in the decor, made of tulle or organza. The material is also cut into squares and fastened to the base with hot glue.

цифра из гофрированной бумаги

If used as the basis of a billet of foam that the glue is not used. The paper in this case, wound on a toothpick, which easily pierces the foam and it leaves the trimming. In the technique of the facing is very convenient to create different patterns inside the shape, it is enough to outline the pattern-based and use different colors of paper in his path.

цифра из бумаги

Decoration figures fringe

Fringe the crepe paper is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of decorating volumetric figures. Paper cut into long and wide stripes. Each strip folded into a rectangle and cut it into fringe, and then straighten and glue to the base using double sided tape.цифра с бахромойцифра с бахромой

Decoration figures, POM-POM

First we need to make a lot of POM-poms from wool yarn. For their production you will need two equal-size rings cut out of cardboard. Rings superimposed on each other and wrapped their wool until then, until you close the hole of the ring. Then cut the thread with scissors on the edge, a little sliding rings and bandages dry. Remove the blanks from the cardboard and shake the pompom. On the same principle produce the required amount of POM-poms. The finished decor is glued to the cardboard figure onto the hot glue. как делать помпоныцифра с помпонами

Decoration figures yarn

It will take a large skein of yarn and PVA glue. At the sides the figures of cardboard, apply a small amount of adhesive and begin to tightly wrap the blank wool. First, wrap the yarn across and then lengthways.

Volume numbers are suitable for both small and adult birthday. The size of the numbers depends on your desires and design ideas. Figures of large size are used for photo shoots and small number plates for the decoration of the dining area and the Kandy bar. For decoration of children’s holiday better to make the figure the size of a child or a little above it.

Decor volumetric figures can be monochromatic or multicolored. To figure look more voluminous, the front part should be decorated in light colours and the side in the dark. For birthday girls figure, you can make paper flowers pink, red, orange, lilac and purple. When you create figures for the birthday boy it is better to use blue, light blue, white and green colors, and instead of flowers out of paper, it should be decorated with fringe or POM-poms.

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